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Having A Hard Time Finding The Perfect Mascara?

Hey guys, I'm sure a lot of you or all of you have had a hard time finding the perfect mascara. Do you know that feeling when you're just looking for new mascara, but you don't really know which one is good, so you just choose a random one? Because that is literally the definition of me. When I need to change out my mascara I find myself strolling down the mascara aisle not knowing which one to choose. Then I just kind of choose whatever one sounds good. So that's why I'm here to tell you about an awesome mascara guide that can help you out the next time you need mascara. And I also want to tell you what mascaras I've been using. emailed me, and told me about their mascara guide. I checked it out, and now I have a better ideas of what mascara to buy next time I need new mascara. I thought I would help all of us out by doing a post about their guide. Basically they did the ultimate research on the best mascara. They put in 45 hou…
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5 Easy Things That You Can Do To Stay Motivated

Hey guys I'm back with another post. I got a rhetorical question for you, do you find it hard to stay motivated sometimes? I'm guessing your answer is yes because let's be real it can be hard to stay motivated sometimes. 
I find myself struggling to stay motivated when it comes to summer break because it's lazy, I'm off from school, and I pretty much just want to relax. This summer I've really been focusing on my blog, and let me tell you I have not been slacking off on my blog. This summer I've really been putting a lot of energy into my blog, but sometimes it makes it so I lose motivation in other areas. So I thought I would gather information from my best friend google, and make this dittly darn post. 
1)Be Positive Being positive will benefit you when trying to stay motivated, because what person is going to stay motivated when they are being negative. So try to stay positive, and think of what positive things will come out of working hard for your out…

My Favorite Summer Look

Hey guys, I thought today I would share my favorite summer look. I'm collaborating with another blogger named Chrisa for this post. I love all her looks, she puts together the cutest outfits. She's a fashion and lifestyle blogger, a youtuber, and a model. She's doing her favorite summer look on her blog too. So if you guys want to check out what shes got, I'll link all her stuff at the end. So let's get into this look. 

I just love denim paired with white, in my opinion it's just the best combination ever. It creates the perfect summery vibe. It's also airy because it does not attract the sun. Also guys since my personal photographer (Gabs) is in Bermuda right now, I've had the funniest setup for how I take my pictures. I literally have been setting up a chair, and putting my phone on a self timer. I think these pictures turned out great through. It looks like someone took them for me. So aye I can't complain. 
Thanks for viewing my post, get ready…

The Power Of No Makeup

No makeup. It's every girl's biggest fear it seems. But it's really not as bad as you may think. Lately I've been rocking the no makeup look because it's summer break, and it's like who am I trying to impress? In school I feel social pressure to fit in, and look good because everyone is so quick to judge it seems. But when it's summer break I feel like I can detox from trying to be perfectly presentable. Honestly with or without makeup, I look pretty good. I think all of us deserve to be comfortable in our own skin. We all deserve to feel like we don't have to put on a whole face of makeup, and completely change our appearance to impress society or make us feel better about our insecurities. Because no matter how many times you powder your face, you're the same person underneath. So I say for all you beauty guru's out there, try wearing no makeup for one day and see how it made you feel. I'm sure you felt more natural, or maybe even comfort…

Pre Swim Look

Hey guys I'm back with another post. I go to the pool almost everyday, so I was thinking that I should do a pool lookbook, so here it is.

Of course photo credits go to my dear friend Gabby.
Be sure to follow all my social media if you haven't already, and I'll see you guys next Wednesday with another post.

Mid year review

We are about halfway over with 2017. That is so weird, I'm just sitting here thinking, how is it already July. But it is. So in today's post I would like to reflect on this year, and tell my upcoming goals for the rest of the year. This post is coming out late because my day just flew by, and making a blog post was the last thing I was thinking of, so I'm sure some of you guys won't see this till tomorrow. 

This year has been pretty good so far. I've gotten into running which I'm very proud of. I've gotten better through time, and I'll only get better because I'm going to be running on the cross country team for my high school. My season starts in August, so I think I'll really be in shape by that point. I just feel like my glowup happened this year, and I'm still glowing up. I'm very happy with myself right now, and I've made lots of good memories this year, and met some good people. I'm just so thankful to be blessed with a gr…

4th of July look

Hey guys, so I wanted to put together a 4th of July look so then it can give you guys inspiration for what to wear for 4th of July. I'm really excited because I'm going to the pool with my friends, and seeing fireworks with them on 4th of July. So I'm very excited. I also decided that since I have been wanting to post more, I should revert my posting schedule to every Wednesday, and Friday. So that's the new schedule. Anyway enough talking, let's get into this look. 

I really like this look. I'm actually going to wear this exact outfit for 4th of July. The blue, and white really make it look like a 4th of July outfit, and it's very cute. My tips for choosing a 4th of July outfit would be to wear some sort of stripes, or stars if you want to wear a pattern. And then for the colors wear some red, white, or blue. 

Photo credits go to my friend Gabby. And I edited the pictures. I think the pictures turned out really good, I've been trying to improve my pho…