Hammocking 101-How to Get Started

Hey guys long time no see but I am back with another post. Today I want to talk about hammocking and everything you need to know when you get started with hammocking. So I've been hammocking for a couple of months now and I love it. It's a good way to relax your mind by being in nature, plus it's comfy. 
So all you need to start hammocking is straps, and the hammock itself. For straps I recommend the eno atlas suspension system. I have been using the suspension system since I've started hammocking and I don't have any problems with the straps. They are very durable and you can also hang other things on the straps because the straps have slits in them. The suspension system has held the weight of me and one other person as well as other stuff in the hammock at the same time, so the straps can hold a lot of weight. The straps are around thirty dollars but it is worth the investment because you can trust that you won't fall down unsuspectingly in the middle of hammocking. Now for the hammock itself you can really buy any kind of hammock and it would work. You don't necessarily need to buy an eno right off the bat, I actually use an equip double nested blue hammock and that works perfectly fine as well. I also have another singular hammock that is called hammock in a bag and it's from Bliss hammocks. I use that when I hammock by myself. It's a Brazilian Eco-friendly beachy hammock and it's made out of cotton and polyester and that hammock works perfectly fine for me too. What I recommend is that you think of where you want to use your hammock and for what purpose. So if you camp a lot I would recommend a more durable hammock like an eno. Or if you just want to lay in your backyard for example I would recommend the beachy Brazilian hammock. So just think of what kind of hammock would best suit your purpose and buy a hammock based off that. 

Now once you get the hammock and straps now it's time to set it up. When you first set up at hammock you tie the straps first. There is no absolute correct way to tie your straps but you want your straps to support the weight of your hammock. What I like to do is tie my straps around the tree and knot it three or four times or I use a clip and wrap the straps around one time and then clip the wrapped around part into the remaining part of the strap. I hope that made sense but that is how I secure my straps to the tree. There is also other ways to tie the straps but those ways involve complex knots and everything else so I haven't tried those methods yet. Now once the straps are set up you clip your hammock onto your straps using the little holes on the straps. If your straps don't have holes then simply tie your hammock to your straps and that holds it up too. 

Now the cool thing about hammocking is that you can pretty much hammock anywhere where there are trees. Just to name a few places where I've hammocked, I've hammocked at the lake, in the woods, at a river, and I've hammocked in my backyard. Hammocking is a great way to experience the nature around you without the biggest hike or the effort that other activities take to experience nature. So basically you can sit back, relax, be lazy, and enjoy every second of it. So basically that is hammocking in a nutshell. It's great when you just want to relax in nature and just listen to your surroundings. I love hammocking and I probably do it anywhere from two to four times a week. I usually like hammocking at the river or lake. Those are my two favorite spots to go to hammock because it's pretty and it's peaceful. 

That wraps it up for this post. I hope to post more on my blog soon. Lately I've been more into Instagram and I've been posting around three times a week on Instagram. You can check out my insta @sugarcoatedbears. I post nature photos with lots of motivational captions to go along with the photo. So check me out there if you're interested and I'll see you guys soon with another blog post. Bye! 

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