How to Become More In Touch With the Planet

It's the truth that a lot of people in this day and age are connected through technology and mostly social media. We just stare endlessly at our screens most of the day and we never really think to go spend time outdoors. We are too wrapped up in a lot of things to even think of spending time outside. Most of us are out of touch with the planet and there are some simple ways to be more in touch. Here are some of them. 

1)Go outside-Going outside is the number one way of feeling more in touch with the planet. When you simply go on a hike or head to the lake you will be more in touch with the planet. When you also go outside your stress and anxiety decreases which is great if you had a stressful day at work or something else is bothering you. By being in nature you are connecting with the outside surroundings in that moment. You can hear the birds chirping, or the rain falling, or the sun setting, you can experience all of those wonders of nature when you are outside. You will be aware of your surroundings and inevitably more connected with nature when you are outside. 

2)Going barefoot-This is where I usually lose people and people think I'm nuts about walking barefoot but going barefoot can make you more in touch with the planet. By walking barefoot you are touching the earth with your bare feet and you are actually absorbing the earth's negative electrons. We need those electrons to balance out the energy in our bodies and so by walking barefoot we are getting the electrons we need. Walking barefoot also reduces disease, and pain in your body. It also makes you more aware of your environment. I have recently started walking barefoot a whole lot more and it makes me feel very connected to the planet. You are for sure more aware of your surroundings because you don't want to step on anything sharp or something that would hurt your foot. It has made me more intentional about the way I walk and I really like it. I want to make a whole blog post on it soon because I've been practicing it a lot but this is just a short description on the concept of it. 

3)Do yoga-Doing yoga is a practice of movement and a little bit of meditation all in one. It really helps you connect to your spiritual self and also the planet too. I used to do yoga two years ago and then I stopped doing it but I really want to get back into it again. It really relaxed my mind and I felt really zen after I would do yoga. While you are doing yoga you really feel a whole connection to the earth and to really everything. You could feel every movement you would do and it was all very present and in touch with your environment. 

4)Go off grid and technology free!-It pays off to spend some time offline and be checked out. When you are disconnected from social media and all the other distractions from your devices you can spend more time outdoors connecting with nature. You will also feel more relaxed because you won't be overwhelmed with all the distractions that come with being connected to your devices. A camping trip is a good example of going off grid and technology free. Maybe try to go camping once or twice a year to disconnect. Or if you don't like camping you can disconnect in another way. Just do what works for you. 

5)Prioritize connecting with nature-When you prioritize your connection with nature you will be more connected because you are going out of your way to make sure you have a good connection. A lot of it is about the effort you put into it. So just make it a priority to disconnect and get outside! 

I hope this inspired some of you guys! I will see you soon with another post. 

A Talk About Happiness

Long time no see guys! I am still trying to figure out where exactly I want to go with this blog but for the most part I want it to be an outdoors and positivity blog because I'm very passionate about those two things. So today I wanted to talk about happiness and what it means to me.

So to me happiness is the most important thing in life. You can find happiness in little things or you can find it with big things. It doesn't matter where you find your happiness but happiness is a key essential to enjoyment and fulfillment in life. Without happiness life is full of sorrow, doubt, and feeling like you're not enjoying life. Life is too short to be unhappy and truly you will get more out of life when you are happy. Now I know for some people it doesn't come easy so small steps are important if you aren't feeling very happy with your life at the moment. Even if happiness is something you need to work on you CAN be happy if you want to be happy. Happiness is not limited and anyone can achieve it with positive life changes. So never feel like you can't be happy because you can do it!!

Now you may be wondering what are the steps to be happy? There is not one set plan on how to be happy but do what works for you. So let's say if you are stuck in a miserable job and you can't seem to get out of it. Try to think of how you can leave your job and what job you can move on to next. Sometimes it's worth it to do what makes you more passionate and happier even if it makes you less money. So whatever the situation is think of what is in your way and eliminate the thing that is in your way, that way you can be happy or closer to happiness.

Once you eliminate everything in your way of happiness you can truly be happy. True happiness is blissful and it's something that cannot be replaced with anything else because it's simply everything. Chase happiness and when you are happy just embrace it and let it shine from within you. Let it radiate from you when you smile, when you laugh, when you talk. Just let it shine!

Now to talk about my story with happiness, personally I have always been a happy girl but it seems like as time goes on I just keep getting more and more happy. Right now I feel so fulfilled with life and I know that it will only get better from here. I have really found my love for nature and the outdoors so I have been going outside a lot. I have been doing a lot of hiking, hammocking, tubing, swimming, and exploring. I am also really glad I have this blog because I really want to inspire people and make a positive impact in people's lives. I feel like even if I'm only making a small impact it is still worth it in the end because I could add value to someone's life. I feel truly radiantly happy and I'm really glad I have reached this point in my life. I will keep sharing and keep moving forward with my life and I'm so excited for this journey.

Sorry if this post is kind of all over the place I haven't written in a while. I hope this inspired you guys, and I will see you soon with a new post!!