My Summer Room Tour

Hey guys it is a tradition for me to post a summer room tour every summer on my blog so to continue with the tradition I am here to share with you guys my summer room tour. Now my room isn't the most pinteresty room or anything but to me it's awesome. To start out with I have my bed which you can see in the image above. I have a queen bed and white duvet covers. I always keep two blankets underneath my covers because I love blankets even in the summer. I am such a pillow girl too so I have lots of pillows on my bed. 

Next we have my dresser. I just have a DIY garland that I made strung across the dresser. On my dresser I have my blue tooth speaker as well as two candles, some seashells, a container to put my chapstick and essential oils in, my water bottle, and a plant. I like to keep it pretty minimal because I love the clean look of it. Then inside the drawer I have basic stuff like socks, and clothes. 

Now on to my mirror area. I have a mirror that I use to check my outfit every time I go out. I also have a bamboo laptop desk from and I have been loving it! It is totally my style and I love the color of the bamboo. I use it in bed when I'm on my laptop, or if my friends are over I use it as a little dropping point where they can put their stuff, and I also use it for drinks when I'm in bed watching stuff. 

This is a closeup of the bamboo laptop desk. What is also really cool about it is that it can fold up and you can take it anywhere with you. 

It also has a pull out drawer that you could use to put your keys in or some gum, whatever small items you can find! 

Now on to the left side of my room. I have my "nightstand". It's not really a nightstand but I think it's really cool. I just put two wooden blocks together, added a lamp, and a picture of me and my best friend and the "night stand" was completed. I like the natural vibe that it gives off. Next to the night stand I have my magazine bin where I throw all the magazines that I get from the mail in. I honestly don't know why I get so many fashion magazines in the mail but I just chuck them all in that little bin. Then next to the bin I have my boogie board! Your girl is kind of a water junkie so I have to always have a boogie board on hand, plus it looks really cool in my room too! 

Now I know this is crazy but I have a trampoline in my room. I like to bounce on it from time to time and I really have it there just to have it there. I mean who doesn't want a trampoline in their room? For real guys it's fun to have in my room just in case I want to bounce on it while I listen to some good music. 

Now this is the right side of my room. I have a plant and a comfy bean bag. I always find myself sitting on the floor because of the bean bag. In the picture the bean bag looks big but it's really not that big. I just have a kid sized bean bag and then I covered it with my comforter so then there is more plush to it. 

Also on the right side of my room I have two windows that I always keep open because I love the natural light. Between those windows I have some wall space and I hung this fish that I got from the Outer Banks. This fish is adorable and I love the little pattern on it. This fish was also only six bucks which is a really good deal for a wall hanging thing like this. 

Now on to my closet!! This is the outside of my closet. I have some of my favorite hats hanging from the knobs of the door. I also made this beachy styled collage and I just hung everything on the left side of my closet. This collage will probably change soon through because I want to create a collage of all of my friends, and all the good times this summer that I took pictures of. My plan for the collage I want to create is to have little quotes and sayings that describe me, photos of me and my friends together, cool nature photos I've taken, and photos of me and my boyfriend! I'm still trying to plan out the collage but I will see if I end up doing it on my closet. 

Lastly this is the inside of my closet. It looks a bit messy but that's because there is a lot of stuff I throw in this closet to make the rest of my room look clean lol. To briefly go into it I have my workout clothes on the left side of my closet, and my regular clothing on the right side of my closet. I have all of my shoes in here, and all of my bags. On the top of my bookshelf I keep all my running awards for cross country, and track. I keep my cold weather clothes in the white bin at the top shelf, and pretty much with that I just change out the clothing based on season. So all my warm weather clothes are hanging in my closet, and all my cold weather clothes are in the basket right now but once it's cold out I will change it so the warm weather clothing are in the basket. If you also didn't notice I color code everything for a cleaner look, and it makes it easier to pick out what you want to wear. In the nightstand I keep all of my beauty products like lotions, perfume, all of that. I like having that kind of stuff in my closet because the bathroom is already jammed full of products, and it makes it easier to get ready in the morning. Now this closet could be a whole other blog post but I'll wrap it up now. I think you guys get the general idea of it, and I will see you guys on Tuesday with another blog post. 

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