What I'm Packing for the Outer Banks

As you guys may or may not know already I am going to the Outer Banks next week, and specifically we are staying in Nags Head Island. We are staying there for two nights, and I can't wait!! I thought I would share with you guys what I'm packing, and I'm pretty sure this is all I'm packing but if I forgot something then I will be sure to pack it. I might bring another pair of sunglasses just for photo reasons maybe, but we will see. Speaking of the Outer Banks I guess there is two great white sharks that are lurking near the NC coast as of right now, so that was almost perfect timing for the beach trip haha. So since there are two great white sharks on the loose I think I will only go in the water where I can see the bottom because I am not trying to get eaten. 

Now on to what clothing I am packing for the Outer Banks! So I am packing two beachy dresses, two pairs of shorts, two tops, cozy socks for night time, pajamas, two pairs of shoes, two hats, and some sunglasses. I am so excited to take some cute photos at the Outer Banks while wearing beachy outfits. I am hoping to relax, and get a lot of good content for my blog, and Instagram. 

Now on to swim suits I'm bringing. I am bringing these three bikinis and I may end up mix matching them or something. I am bringing three that way I always have a dry bikini to wear, and I can also wear different styles! 

Lastly these are the beauty products I am going to bring. I am bringing the basics pretty much that way I can save some space in my bag. One thing that is a total must for every beach trip is sunscreen and after sun because it's so easy to get burnt while you are at the beach. 

Alright guys that is what I'm packing for the Outer Banks!! I can't wait to post all about it once I get there. On Tuesday there will be a blog post about beach vacation outfit ideas so be sure to check it out once it gets posted on Tuesday. 

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