A Trip to Nags Head, NC

Hey guys welcome back to another blog post. Today I will be sharing all of my outer banks photos, plus I'm going to tell you guys what I did in the Outer Banks. So to start out with I stayed for two nights in the First Colony Inn. The hotel was really nice because it had a cool beachy vibe to it, and there was a pool, bikes, hammocks, and a picky hour for food and drinks. They also had free breakfast, YMCA access, and a private beach, so it was really nice. Overall it was an awesome trip, and I think I have fallen in love with the Outer Banks, and I for sure want to go back next year. I'm also glad that I didn't get eaten by great whites haha. 

Alright so on to day one!! We drove up around 8 in the morning, and we got there at around 11. We stopped at the Blue Moon grill for lunch and their food was amazing! I got a crab cake sandwich with some fries, and it was really good. They put a sauce on the side and I really liked the sauce but I'm not sure what the sauce was. After lunch we checked into our hotel, and then once we got everything settled in we headed down to the beach. It was really hot on the beach, and I got totally sunburnt but it was fun! After the beach we chilled in the hotel for a little bit waiting for the picky hour so we could get some food. Once we got our food and drinks we chilled on the porch. After that we went out on bikes and biked to the sand dunes, and it was so pretty there. It was like a whole other world, and I felt like I was in a desert or something. It was really cool, and it was something I've never seen before. After the sand dunes we biked back and then went in the pool for a little bit, and then when it was sunset time we walked on the beach to catch the sunset. I think it wasn't setting in our direction but we still tried to catch it. I do have to say that the beach is a whole lot better later in the day because it's not too hot, and the sand is cooled down. After all of that we were kind of burnt out and we crashed around 10. 

Now on to day two! We woke up around 8 am, and we hit the gym at the YMCA to workout. After that we grabbed some Starbucks, and headed back to the hotel to get ready. After we were ready we went out shopping, and I got some cute stuff. After we were done shopping we went out to Miller's Waterfront restaurant. I got the Classic Wedge salad, and it was so bomb!! My mom also got a killer lobster roll and they just piled that lobster on like it was nothing. We got a good bang for our buck for sure. After we ate lunch we did some more shopping. After shopping we went to the beach, and it was really enjoyable because it wasn't super hot. I caught some waves in my swan pool floatie, and it was really fun. I was really paranoid about being in the deeper water through because I knew that two great whites were on the loose. There was one time while I was in the ocean that I felt it get deeper and I was out of there because I don't know what could be swimming around me. After we were done at the beach we went out on bikes and we got some ice cream at Fat Boyz. The ice cream was so good because of the homemade waffle cone. After we ate the ice cream we biked back and then we headed over to the Marina to watch the sunset and there was a fair there so I ended up going on the swings. It was really fun, and once I got to the top of the thing I could see everything around me, and it was spinning really fast. I was a little dizzy when I got off the ride but it was really fun. After that we headed back to the hotel to chill, and then we went to bed at 11. 

Now on to the last day!! We woke up around 7 am and we got ready, and got packed to go home. We ate breakfast at the hotel, and then we headed to Manteo to check out the town before we left to go back home. It's a really cute harbor town, and it was so pretty there. I got some cute photos, and then after that we drove home. Then once we were back home I blew up my raft, and I went out rafting with my best friend Gab. 

That was my trip! I hope you guys liked all of the pictures, and I will see you guys next week with another post! 

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