My Favorite Pool Floaties for Summer!


There is no doubt that I love pool floaties once it's summer time. All of my friends would know that I bring my swan pool inflatable everywhere with me once it's summer, and they all think it's kind of funny. I know pool floaties sound kind of silly since I'm not a kid anymore but they are the best for relaxing in the pool over the summer!! Lately I've been going to the pool a ton, and it is really nice. I am just so ready for summer break, and it will be here soon enough. Once it is summer I want to post a lot more on my instagram, and blog, I want to spend lots of time with my friends, and I want to start working more since I'll have nothing else to do. 

This pool floatie is actually not mine, it's my friend Kat's but when I was at her house last summer we took this photo, and I thought it fit this post pretty well. Inter tubes are a good idea if you like something that is easily transportable, and easy. 

Next is my beloved swan! I take this swan pool floatie literally everywhere with me over summer. I'll just stuff it in anyone's car and then off we go to the pool. This swan looks really instagrammable, and I feel that's why I like it so much because I can take nice photos with it. 

That was all of my favorite pool floaties, I hope lots of you guys get outside, and have some fun over summer. I can't wait to share more summery posts with you guys, and I can't wait to post a lot more! Until next week, take care. 

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