Lots of Love For Flamingos

Happy first day of May! I can't believe that it is already May, this year has just flown by so fast. It's been pretty warm for the most part, but the nights, and mornings are still a little chilly. With summer around the corner I wanted to share this super cute flamingo outfit that my grandma Rhonda got me when we went shopping together, and then I also want to share some of my favorite flamingo items on shop style collective. So to start out with the look I got everything except the sunglasses, and the watch from Old Navy. They are currently having their 40% off sale on the whole store, and they had lots of cute stuff. Also this post is not sponsored by Old Navy, I wish I was sponsored through haha. 

For this outfit I'm sure the first thing you notice is the shorts, and they are sleep shorts I'm pretty sure, but you cold honestly just wear them as regular shorts. The material of them is like a bed linen material, so they are soft but still have a normal short vibe to them if you get what I mean. I think the shorts are just adorable for spring, and summer. To match the shorts we found a tank top that perfectly matches the flamingos on the shorts. When I was trying on this outfit I tucked the tank top into the shorts, and I was like wallah! The tank looks really good tucked in, so I will be wearing it as pictured for sure. 

Now onto accessories! I of course had to include this cute flamingo clutch. I love how the two flamingos are kissing kind of, it's so cute. This clutch looks super good with this look, but you could even wear a clutch like this for a tropical vacay. I also wore pink sunglasses to add to the all the pink in this outfit, and make the look more fun. I am also wearing my Garmin running watch because I am a runner, and I like to keep track of my daily step count using this watch. You probably see this watch in all my photos, and that is because of the daily step count thing. 

To speak about running too, my 4 by 8 relay team qualified for regionals over the weekend, and set a new school record of 10.03 for the 4 by 8 relay. Basically if you don't know what the 4 by 8 relay is, it is basically when you run a half mile all out, and then you hand off the baton to your other teammate, and you basically go down a line of handing it off once you are done with your 800 meters, and in total four people run on the team. It's a pretty fun event, and everyone always jokes around and says that I'm the most competitive, fierce one in the group, and I will agree with that because I don't let anyone win but us. Let's just say I'm really competitive, and I'll sprint the whole last lap, and I'll purposely sprint when I hear footsteps coming up behind me, so you can say I'm gone. It was pretty funny because when I was at state championships I stayed in fourth place on pace with these other girls for the first 1 and a half laps, and then I took off on that last 200 meters, and I won the race by like almost a half lap. I seriously went flying, and no one could even remotely catch up. I don't want to rub it in or anything, I just like to talk about it because you can do it too, and not let anything stand in your way. I want to do a blog post soon about running to talk about my track season, and everything because I don't want to ramble too much on here, so a post will be out soon about it.  

Outfit details: The top is from Old Navy, the shorts are from Old Navy, the Clutch is from Old Navy, the watch is from Garmin, and the sunglasses are from Amazon. 

Now let's get into my flamingo picks!


All of these things are so cute!! The pool floatie is my favorite because just look how cute it is!! You know what's funny is when it was winter I was telling all my friends that I want a pink flamingo pool floatie for summer, and that for the instagram picture on the flamingo I would wear a pink bikini to match the flamingo. Like that is literally picture goals, so I might do it this summer, I just have to get a flamingo floatie first. But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I hope you got some ideas from it. I will see you guys next week with another post. Have a good one!

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