Cute Swimsuits for Spring, and Summer

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With the weather warming up, and pools starting to open, I thought I would share some cute swimsuits that can spark some ideas for what you could be wearing this spring/summer. I totally live in swimsuits during spring, and summer, and I also wanted to share some of the swimsuits that I've been wearing recently, and some I wore last summer. So to start out this post I would say that choosing a swimsuit can be hard because it has to be comfortable. When I choose a swimsuit it can be hard because I'm really petite, and I wear a double zero, so some companies don't have sizes that small. Some places that I have had luck at are Target, Zaful, Walmart, and Rose Gal. I feel like you should always try it on before you buy it, but if buying online be sure that the measurements match up to your body before you buy. Personally I am a bikini person, and I love a floral or striped swimsuit, and even plain colors I like to wear too.

This is a photo from last summer. I got the top from Target, and I got the bottoms from Walmart. I am usually not a Walmart girl but when I was there with Gab last year Walmart actually pulled through with cute bikini bottoms that fit. I would not recommend Walmart for cute swimsuits because not a lot of them are cute, but if you are looking for a variety of cute swimsuits I would go to Target.  

I am wearing the same Walmart bottoms in this photo, and my top is from Rose Gal. I like these paired together because the bottoms have the same color pink in them as the top. This is too funny because I had a partnership with Rose Gal a little back in the winter, and I got credit to their site, and I stocked up on summer swim suits. I was literally so ready for warm weather when it was winter, and now i can finally wear my swimsuits. 

I love this striped swimsuit from Gamiss. I also had a partnership with them so I bought this striped bikini with my credit. I really love this one because it's off the shoulder, and I could totally see myself strutting the beach wearing this. I'm so excited because I'm going to the Outer Banks in June, and I will totally be rocking this bikini for sure.

Lastly I paired the pink bikini top from Rose Gal with the bikini bottoms from Gamiss. I feel like I look really fashionable in this photo, and definitely looking like a statue I feel like. But hey I love the combo! I can't wait to wear all of my swimsuits in the pool once Gabs pool opens. I literally went to the pool with her everyday last summer, and I plan on doing the same thing once it's summer break. Anyways guys I hope you guys got some inspo, and I will be back next week with another post.  

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