Spring Break Moodboard

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post. It will be on spring break on Friday, and i just wanted to share a little mood board of what's been making me inspired for the break. I have been feeling totally inspired by brighter colors, and lots of tropical stuff. I really hope it's warm over spring break so i can crack out my bikini, and get a nice tan. I also want to rock some cute outfits while i hangout with my friends. I'm not really doing anything special over spring break, but i will probably just be hanging out, and working a lot. I really feel overdue for a break because i work my butt off everyday, and i really can't wait to get time to relax a little bit! I hope you guys understand why i can't post as much as i would like to, it's just a really tough semester right now, but I'm pushing through. Also all of the photos in the mood board are an idea of what i want to wear over spring break, and also what i want to do over the break. I totally wish it were warm enough for the pool, but we will save that one for summer break! I hope all of y'all have a wonderful week, and i will share some spring break outfit ideas later. I might also be posting on Friday of this week since i will be on spring break on Friday but it depends on how busy i am this week. Anyways thanks for tuning in, and i will see you guys soon!

Styling a High Waisted Floral Skirt

Hey guys I'm back with another lookbook after a very busy week last week. Your girl is going to fill you in on track real quick because i would like to say a couple things. So if you didn't know i run track, and cross country, i do. So I had a track meet over the weekend, and i got sun burnt so my face might look red in these pictures. I ran the two mile, and i ended up getting 12:50, so that was a good time because my personal record is 12:47. My team has also been doing a fundraiser, and I'm so thankful for everyone that supported my team by donating. I have raised 190 dollars, and my team has raised 2,909 dollars so far! We are doing great, and I'm so thankful to have lots of support for my team. 

Now to speak of the outfit, I am seriously loving floral printed things for the spring. I cracked out this floral skirt that is usually a late spring/summer staple but I'm rocking it in the middle of March. I just can't wait for it to get warm for real because the weather right now is bipolar. This skirt is a vibrant floral skirt so i usually style it by tucking in a basic tee. It creates a cute, causal, and a tiny bit dressy look that i love. For accessorizing i wore this look with my Coach glasses because otherwise i would not be able to see, and i put in some white tassel earrings. I also topped it off with my beloved white Danskos because these are the perfect sandal. 

Outfit Details: My top is from Target, my skirt is from Forever 21, my shoes are from Dansko, my earrings are from Rose Gal, my watch is from Garmin, and my glasses are from Coach. 

I hope you guys got inspired for spring. I'll see you guys next week with more inspo, and i hope all of y'all have a great rest of your week. 

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Peplum and Leggings For Spring

Hi guys welcome back to another blog post. I am totally writing about spring even through it just snowed yesterday, but so be it. Can it just be spring already!!! Anyways today i wanted to share a look for spring that is super cute. It's just a simple casual outfit that is totally effortless, but yet still looks put together at the same time. 

Me and Gabby actually took these photos at public when we were grocery shopping together. The wall at publix is seriously aesthetically pleasing so we had to do a photo shoot haha. I have been totally loving leggings lately because they are so comfy, and they also are super cute. I always style leggings with a more baggier top that way the look balances itself out. To talk about the weather while shooting these photos, it was actually not bad at all outside. It was not warm, but it wasn't cold either, so i was fine. I just can't wait for the warmer weather through. 

Outfit details: My top is from Kohl's, my leggings are from Aerie, my boots are from Macy's. my watch is from Garmin, and my glasses are from Coach.

That is all for today's look. I hope you guys got some inspo from it, and I'll see you guys next Tuesday with another post. 

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Some Of My Spring Wardrobe Staples

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Spring is just around the corner, and that means it's time to start cracking out the shorts, and short sleeved tops. It is warming up a little bit where i live, but it's not close to being warm yet. But in the meantime i can dream of what i will be wearing once it's spring for real.

1)Gingham Print-Gingham print is such a perfect spring, and summer print, specifically spring. I wore it a lot last year, and i plan on doing the same thing this year. Gingham can pretty much look great with anything, but i style it with a more basic piece of clothing that way the gingham kind of pops out at you a little bit.

2)Sandals-You will always catch me in sandals once it's warmer. I love the Dansko ones that you can see in this photo. Sandals are just the bomb in general, they make you look good, and they are also comfy. 

3)Floral Print-I have to love a good floral print for the spring. If you have not noticed already from my Instagram, i am already bringing out the florals.

4)Off the shoulder tops-These were so trendy last year for spring, but there is not doubt this year that they will be in again. They are really cute for showing off your shoulders in a sophisticated classy way, but they don't look skanky or anything, so they are good.

5)Spaghetti Strap Top-I usually break out the spaghetti strap tops near the middle of spring. They are perfect for really warm days, and they also look cute.

6)Sunglasses-I love sunglasses because they add a cool vibe to a look, and they are good if you don't feel like putting on makeup. Sunglasses can make any outfit look chic, and i love pairing sunnies with swimwear.

7)Leggings-These are always my staple no matter what season. Leggings are just so comfy, and they also make my legs look thinner even through I'm already skinny haha. I wear leggings at least three days a week, so they are my total staple. The key to wearing leggings is to wear a long shirt that way your butt isn't in everyone's face, and then you just pulled it off!

8)Peplum tops-Peplum tops are a good kind of top to wear in the spring because it's kind of flirty, and shows off your waist a little bit. Peplum tops are also girly, and spring would be a good time to dress more girly because everything is flourishing, and there is flowers everywhere. I don't know if that made sense but i hope you know what i mean.

9)Cross body bags-Cross body bags are good if you don't like carrying your purse in your hand. Cross body bags work for any season, but i love cross body's for spring, and summer because that means my hands are free, and i can enjoy the world. For example if I'm getting ice cream i don't have to worry about holding a purse while i eat it because my purse is on my shoulder. It just makes my life easier, and when it's warmer outside i like to enjoy everything without carrying my purse with my hand.

That's all for today's post. I hope i inspired some of you guys to start thinking of what you are going to wear for spring. I will see you guys soon with another post! Have a good rest of your week. 

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