Custom Cards For Valentines Day

Valentines day is just around the corner, and that means spending time with your loved one, or being forever alone and eating ice cream by yourself in the corner. Which ever persona you are now is the time to start thinking of gift ideas, and if you guys didn't already check out my His and Hers Valentines Day Guide you can check it out here. I know not everyone is into Valentines day, but Valentines day would be a good time to show some love, even if you don't have a significant other. I came across Basic Invite, and they actually do custom invitations, and custom cards for pretty much any event. They actually have over 180 different color options to choose from, and lots of different designs too. Whether it be announcements, or sweet sixteen invitations, they got you covered. Their designs are absolutely gorgeous!! This will be my new go-to place for cards now because they have good service, lots of design options, and all of their stuff is customizable. Basic Invite is not expensive either, and they are good if you like to personalize your cards a lot, and if you're looking for a gorgeous design. 

When i first ordered the cards i thought they were going to be pretty, but when i got them in the mail i was really impressed because they were stunning. I'm not even a stationary person either but i was impressed. I love how they turned out, and i will gladly be giving these away on valentines day to my family, and friends. The photos don't do justice, you would just have to see them in real life because the cards i received were so pretty.  

I made one for my best friend Gabby, and i custom wrote on it, "girl you're an awesome friend, and i seriously don't know what i would do without you as my friend. I wish you a happy Valentines day, and we can both twin with the #singlelife. And we will probably accidentally twin on Tuesday or something because that's just how we are. But i appreciate spending time with you, and you are the bestest friend anyone could ask for. I remember when i first met you i was like "i have to become friends with her", and now we are so aye. -Courtney" I love the message that i wrote on her card because we always accidentally twin, and now i can empathize it on a card. 

This next card is so cute because i have my dog on it! With basic invite you can customize pretty much everything, so on this design i changed the colors around, added photos of my dog, and changed the text. I love how customizable their cards are, and customizing a card is a great way to add a personal touch to a card, and make the receiver of the card feel awesome. Basic Invite has raised, or flat text, 180 different colors, customizable foil, over 40 different colors of envelopes, and 7 types of paper to print it on. I think they are the best option for customizing a card because they have tons of designs, and lots of design elements that you could use on the cards. For my 17th birthday this year, or any other events I'm going to go to basic invite because their stuff is awesome, and there are so many different ways you could design something. Another thing to note about them is that they have an address capturing service where you can share a link on social media to request to have your friends and families addresses captured in your account so then you can send the cards out to them easier. 

I made a little card for my pantry that is in my room just to make my pantry prettier. So even if you aren't getting a card for someone you can personalize something that you would use yourself. I love the little phrase i put on there, it's kind of funny. This pantry card was actually one of their holiday designs, and i revamped it, so you can pretty much take any of their designs and revamp it to be something you would like. 

I also loved their little stationary cards, they are so cute if you want to write a little note to someone, or write a little phase. I hope you enjoyed this post, and got some inspiration from it. Thanks so much to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post, and i highly recommend using them for personalizing cards, or invitations. They are having a 15% off sale right now with the coupon 15FF51 if you want to go make your custom stuff. I'll see you guys on Tuesday with another blog post, and i hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week. 

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