A Little Boho Chic

Hey guys i know this is kind of a late post because normally i post right in the morning, but i have been so busy with work, school, and track that i don't really have any posts pre-written. It's been hard with managing everything lately, and i hope you guys can understand my struggle. #reallife. I asked for less hours so then i can still manage everything, and i only have 18 and a half hours of work this week, so not too bad. But anyways here is a cute winter to spring transition look. 

I totally love this top from Target! It is super cute, and Target is seriously awesome because all of their stuff is so cute. To speak about these photos, i took them a while back when it was literally 20 degrees out. My face looks kind of weird in these pictures, but i think it's just the angle haha. There is this greenway near my house, and i took these photos on the greenway because i wanted to change up the setting a bit. I love the simple but boho vibe of this outfit. The top is what makes it a bit boho, and i  actually quite like it even through i don't have boho style. 

Outfit details: My top is from Target, my jeans are from Gap, my heels are from Kohl's, and my glasses are from Coach. 

I hope you enjoyed this look, and i will actually be posting on Friday this week because i will have Friday, and Saturday off from work. I also have state championships this Saturday for track, and i'm so excited but nervous. I'm literally going to book it as fast as i can go, and if i throw up after, or cause my legs to give out it's okay just as long as we win. I'm going to try to vlog at the meet maybe, and add a little clip of me booking it. I've also been working on a spring look book video lately, and it will be out once i have all the clips put together. I can't wait to see how it will turn out. Stay tuned, and i just wanted to update you guys a little bit about what's going on, and such. I will see you guys on Friday with some valentines day inspo! Have a good one. 

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