How to Kick Start Your Dream Life

I feel like everyone has dreams about how they would like their life to be. Whether it be traveling or finding a soul mate, everyone has dreams or goals in life. There may be things holding us down from achieving our dreams through like money, people, or fear. You can start living your dream life once you make an action plan on how you will achieve what you want to achieve. I will say if you are here reading this because I want a six million dollar mansion or something than I can't really help you because your dream is out of reach most likely. I am here writing this for the everyday kind of person who is looking for more passion and fulfillment in life. Now here I'm going to explain the types of steps you need to take and what mindset you need to have when it comes to achieving your dream life. I also want to describe to you guys my dream life. So let's get into it.
If you want to achieve your dreams you have to try to be optimistic about life. When you are optimistic about life you can get more out of life and your chances of achieving your dreams are higher if you develop a more optimistic mindset. Now I do understand for some people it's easier said than done but try your best to always stay positive even when life gets hard. You also have to motivate yourself to have a good day everyday even when you are having a bad day. You can always turn a bad day around to make it better if you try hard enough. Just make the most out of everyday to your best ability and you will notice that you will be happier if you live everyday to the fullest. Your chances of achieving your dreams will be higher since you are putting more effort into having a good day. And what I like to say is that when you have a good day everyday you will have a good life. 
You can only start living the life you love once you let go of what is holding you back. Really think about what you want to get out of life and think about what is in your way of you getting to your dream life. You have to be realistic with yourself too to see if your goals are even possible. Now whatever is holding you back from living the life you want to live, let go of it. Letting go is the hard part but once you let go of whatever is in your way you will feel absolute bliss. Once you let go you can finally be close to achieving your dreams. 
Taking action is the key way for you to achieve your dream life and if you don't take action nothing will ever happen for you. Think about how you will achieve your goals and put together an action plan for that goal. Once you have your plan together take action on it and if you are really determined you will likely succeed. 
Now I want to talk about what my dream life is. I would want a simple and happy life. I want to live minimally and work to sustain myself instead of living to work. I want to see things and have new experiences everyday. I want to be connected to earth and always be surrounded by nature. I want to be spontaneous and adventurous but not dumb. I want to be somewhat of a globe trotter and travel the world. I may only travel for a little due to finances but while I'm not traveling I want to live in a nice shack by the lake. I would rather chase waterfalls than chase materialistic things in life. To me experiences are always better than stuff. I for sure want to live by the water too because I love water. I want to have a good day everyday and I never want to regret anything in life. I don't see myself having an ordinary life and working 9-5 chasing the American dream. I want to work as much as I need to to support my minimal lifestyle and I want to go do cool stuff everyday. I don't want a lot of stuff in life I just want to have a lot of good experiences. While it's nice having money it's not everything in life, your happiness is always number one in life. 

I feel like I have achieved my dream life emotional wise but travel wise I have not achieved my goal because I am only a high school student and school is my life as of now. I can't travel right now because I live with my parents and I got a lot of stuff going on but the travel thing will come at a later time in my life. I do live a simple and happy life with no regrets and I am proud of that. I always surround myself with nature because it makes me feel good, and I am always doing some cool stuff. I feel like I have achieved my dream life somewhat and the only part that is missing is the travel part of it. But the cool thing is that It's not missing that much because I went to the Outer Banks this year already and I will be going to the Mountains on Sunday for cross country camp. I usually go somewhere every year so travel is still in my life y'all and I like traveling a lot. 

Recently I've been inspired by people who live in a van or a tiny house because they don't have much holding them down and they can just go wherever they want and see the world. To me that would be really cool just to do that for a year or something. I feel like there would be challenges of living that small but I feel like it would be very liberating at the same time. But anyways I feel like I have talked enough so we will end the post!! I'll see you guys on Friday with another blog post. Take care! 

The Boho Floral Top

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to share a super cute and casual outfit for summer. I am wearing a royal blue floral top, some pink shorts, some Birkenstocks, and my favorite necklace. The bold colors of the look make the outfit more playful, but then having simple prints make the outfit more chill. To talk about the shirt I got it for only 10 bucks from Target which is a really good deal. My mom picked it out for me and I was like that is literally my style right there so I'm glad we found the top! I do have to say she has a good eye for what my style is. 

To also mention why I'm looking away in all of these pictures it's because it was so bright outside and I couldn't see! I also wanted to try out some new poses because it seems like I always do the same pose in all of my outfit photos. Okay and is it just me or does my hair look like it's getting longer and blonder. I would really like that because I love long blonde hair. I've had short hair for the longest time and I'm trying to grow it out to change it up and to also be able to do more hairstyles with it. 

Outfit details: My top is from Target, my shorts are from Target, my shoes are from Kohl's, my necklace is from the beach, and my glasses are from Coach. 

That's all for today's post. I just wanted to share this outfit that I'm loving! I want to do a more motivational or inspirational post on Friday so we will see what I come up with. Until next time have a good one! 

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My Summer Room Tour

Hey guys it is a tradition for me to post a summer room tour every summer on my blog so to continue with the tradition I am here to share with you guys my summer room tour. Now my room isn't the most pinteresty room or anything but to me it's awesome. To start out with I have my bed which you can see in the image above. I have a queen bed and white duvet covers. I always keep two blankets underneath my covers because I love blankets even in the summer. I am such a pillow girl too so I have lots of pillows on my bed. 

Next we have my dresser. I just have a DIY garland that I made strung across the dresser. On my dresser I have my blue tooth speaker as well as two candles, some seashells, a container to put my chapstick and essential oils in, my water bottle, and a plant. I like to keep it pretty minimal because I love the clean look of it. Then inside the drawer I have basic stuff like socks, and clothes. 

Now on to my mirror area. I have a mirror that I use to check my outfit every time I go out. I also have a bamboo laptop desk from and I have been loving it! It is totally my style and I love the color of the bamboo. I use it in bed when I'm on my laptop, or if my friends are over I use it as a little dropping point where they can put their stuff, and I also use it for drinks when I'm in bed watching stuff. 

This is a closeup of the bamboo laptop desk. What is also really cool about it is that it can fold up and you can take it anywhere with you. 

It also has a pull out drawer that you could use to put your keys in or some gum, whatever small items you can find! 

Now on to the left side of my room. I have my "nightstand". It's not really a nightstand but I think it's really cool. I just put two wooden blocks together, added a lamp, and a picture of me and my best friend and the "night stand" was completed. I like the natural vibe that it gives off. Next to the night stand I have my magazine bin where I throw all the magazines that I get from the mail in. I honestly don't know why I get so many fashion magazines in the mail but I just chuck them all in that little bin. Then next to the bin I have my boogie board! Your girl is kind of a water junkie so I have to always have a boogie board on hand, plus it looks really cool in my room too! 

Now I know this is crazy but I have a trampoline in my room. I like to bounce on it from time to time and I really have it there just to have it there. I mean who doesn't want a trampoline in their room? For real guys it's fun to have in my room just in case I want to bounce on it while I listen to some good music. 

Now this is the right side of my room. I have a plant and a comfy bean bag. I always find myself sitting on the floor because of the bean bag. In the picture the bean bag looks big but it's really not that big. I just have a kid sized bean bag and then I covered it with my comforter so then there is more plush to it. 

Also on the right side of my room I have two windows that I always keep open because I love the natural light. Between those windows I have some wall space and I hung this fish that I got from the Outer Banks. This fish is adorable and I love the little pattern on it. This fish was also only six bucks which is a really good deal for a wall hanging thing like this. 

Now on to my closet!! This is the outside of my closet. I have some of my favorite hats hanging from the knobs of the door. I also made this beachy styled collage and I just hung everything on the left side of my closet. This collage will probably change soon through because I want to create a collage of all of my friends, and all the good times this summer that I took pictures of. My plan for the collage I want to create is to have little quotes and sayings that describe me, photos of me and my friends together, cool nature photos I've taken, and photos of me and my boyfriend! I'm still trying to plan out the collage but I will see if I end up doing it on my closet. 

Lastly this is the inside of my closet. It looks a bit messy but that's because there is a lot of stuff I throw in this closet to make the rest of my room look clean lol. To briefly go into it I have my workout clothes on the left side of my closet, and my regular clothing on the right side of my closet. I have all of my shoes in here, and all of my bags. On the top of my bookshelf I keep all my running awards for cross country, and track. I keep my cold weather clothes in the white bin at the top shelf, and pretty much with that I just change out the clothing based on season. So all my warm weather clothes are hanging in my closet, and all my cold weather clothes are in the basket right now but once it's cold out I will change it so the warm weather clothing are in the basket. If you also didn't notice I color code everything for a cleaner look, and it makes it easier to pick out what you want to wear. In the nightstand I keep all of my beauty products like lotions, perfume, all of that. I like having that kind of stuff in my closet because the bathroom is already jammed full of products, and it makes it easier to get ready in the morning. Now this closet could be a whole other blog post but I'll wrap it up now. I think you guys get the general idea of it, and I will see you guys on Tuesday with another blog post. 

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Seeing Sunflowers

Hey guys today I wanted to share some photos from when I visited Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh. They currently have five acres of sunflowers there right now and it is open to the public. I went around midday so that might be why these photos look very bright and shadowy but I got a couple of good photos so it was all good. 

I tried getting a close up photo of me and it turned out a little shadowy but I still like it. To also talk about my outfit I am wearing a patterned dress from T.J Maxx, my necklace is from the beach, and my glasses are from Coach. I decided to wear the dress to the sunflower field because of the cool criss cross back detailing on the dress, and the print is really cute for summer. 

I love the way these sunflowers look! They are really pretty and it was very worth the drive to go see them. To also speak about my content lately I have really been spending time outdoors this summer so you guys might see more of that kind of thing on this blog but there will always still be fashion. I'm just getting a little bored of having it be only fashion so I want to change it up a little bit. If you guys have any suggestions on what you guys want to see from me you can always send me a dm on Instagram or leave a comment below. 

That was all for this post! I hope you guys liked this post and I will see you guys with an updated room tour! Until then take care. 

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post. Today I wanted to share some fourth of July outfit ideas since the fourth of July is coming up. Also if you notice that the camera quality of these photos are a little different it's because my phone stopped charging and I'm going into apple on Tuesday to see what the problem is with it but I used my old phone to take these photos in the meantime. 

This is the first look. I wanted this one to be comfortable and cute at the same time. I styled some denim shorts with a blue top and a white vest. To add a little bit of a pop I added two of my favorite necklaces.  

Outfit details: my top is from LuLaRoe, my shorts are from Target, my vest is from Old Navy, my pearl necklace is from the beach, I'm not sure where my bar necklace is from, and my glasses are from Coach. 

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This is the second look. I decided to keep this look basic and casual. I am wearing a striped red top, and some denim shorts, and the pearl necklace from the first look. This is a good basic outfit and would be good for going out in the evening if it gets colder outside. 

I love the bell sleeve detail on this top because it adds a fun element to the look and it makes the outfit look more sophisticated. 

Outfit details: My top is from Anthropologie, my shorts are from Lucky Brand, my necklace is from the beach, and my glasses are from Coach.

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Now this last look is a really fun look if want to look cute but a little bit sporty at the same time. I am wearing a striped off the shoulder top with some basic white shorts, and I topped it off with a USA hat, and some pink sunglasses. 

This outfit would be so cute for a fourth of July party or an outing. The off the shoulder ruffle detail makes the look more fun and the white shorts really mix well with the top because they both match. 

Outfit details: my top is from Tjmaxx, my shorts are from Target, my hat is from my best friend, my sunglasses are from Tjmaxx, and the necklace is from the beach.

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That is all for this post! I hope you guys got some good ideas for this fourth of July!! I will see you guys on Tuesday with another post. Take care!

What I've Been Doing Over Summer Break

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post! Today I want to talk a little bit about my summer break, and how fun it has been so far. I have really started spending more time outdoors, and it has made me realize how pretty this planet is that we live on. It's also made me realize that we are only on this planet for a short amount of time, and we should make the most out of it and live it up. I have been doing exactly that with some awesome people!!

While being on summer break I feel like I have developed a love for water and I am a huge fan of the pond, lake, ocean, and pool, and pretty much any body of water. I don't even know why I like being around water so much it just excites me and I can float in my pool floaties.

 I have also been hanging out with my friends almost every day of summer break and it makes me so happy. To me this is my ideal life. I want to enjoy the nice warm weather outside and spend my time with people I'm close with, and really just have a good time everyday. I feel like since this is a fashion blog I should only post about fashion but spending time with friends and spending time outdoors has been a huge part of my life this summer so I just have to share this with all of y'all.

Me and my best friend are attached at the hip and we have made some great memories together this summer. As you can see in the photo above me and Gabby are chilling in the creek with the pool floaties. She was complaining the whole time over walking in the sand with all the rocks and we both got a good laugh. Me and her are crazy together and I love it, and I don't know what I would do without her. I am so thankful we have each other as friends because we always look out for each other, and we tell each other everything. 

I have also been hanging out with Nick this summer and he's the sweetest boyfriend ever. He knows how to treat a girl right and me and him have been together for around a month and a half I'd say. I am really glad I have him in my life right now because he makes everything so fun, and our personalities really mix well with each other. I still have to make him believe in aliens through because he's a total skeptic about it, and I tried showing him an alien abduction movie but then we ended up watching 24 hours in a tree instead which is pretty funny. 

Another highlight of my summer is going swimming!! I have been going to the pool at ton and it is so nice. I actually learned how to front flip yesterday while I was at my friend Kat's house and I felt so accomplished. Now I will be throwing front flips into the pool every second because it's so fun. 

Now I want to share some funny summer photos I took

That's all for this post! I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back on Friday with some forth of July outfit ideas. 

A Trip to Nags Head, NC

Hey guys welcome back to another blog post. Today I will be sharing all of my outer banks photos, plus I'm going to tell you guys what I did in the Outer Banks. So to start out with I stayed for two nights in the First Colony Inn. The hotel was really nice because it had a cool beachy vibe to it, and there was a pool, bikes, hammocks, and a picky hour for food and drinks. They also had free breakfast, YMCA access, and a private beach, so it was really nice. Overall it was an awesome trip, and I think I have fallen in love with the Outer Banks, and I for sure want to go back next year. I'm also glad that I didn't get eaten by great whites haha. 

Alright so on to day one!! We drove up around 8 in the morning, and we got there at around 11. We stopped at the Blue Moon grill for lunch and their food was amazing! I got a crab cake sandwich with some fries, and it was really good. They put a sauce on the side and I really liked the sauce but I'm not sure what the sauce was. After lunch we checked into our hotel, and then once we got everything settled in we headed down to the beach. It was really hot on the beach, and I got totally sunburnt but it was fun! After the beach we chilled in the hotel for a little bit waiting for the picky hour so we could get some food. Once we got our food and drinks we chilled on the porch. After that we went out on bikes and biked to the sand dunes, and it was so pretty there. It was like a whole other world, and I felt like I was in a desert or something. It was really cool, and it was something I've never seen before. After the sand dunes we biked back and then went in the pool for a little bit, and then when it was sunset time we walked on the beach to catch the sunset. I think it wasn't setting in our direction but we still tried to catch it. I do have to say that the beach is a whole lot better later in the day because it's not too hot, and the sand is cooled down. After all of that we were kind of burnt out and we crashed around 10. 

Now on to day two! We woke up around 8 am, and we hit the gym at the YMCA to workout. After that we grabbed some Starbucks, and headed back to the hotel to get ready. After we were ready we went out shopping, and I got some cute stuff. After we were done shopping we went out to Miller's Waterfront restaurant. I got the Classic Wedge salad, and it was so bomb!! My mom also got a killer lobster roll and they just piled that lobster on like it was nothing. We got a good bang for our buck for sure. After we ate lunch we did some more shopping. After shopping we went to the beach, and it was really enjoyable because it wasn't super hot. I caught some waves in my swan pool floatie, and it was really fun. I was really paranoid about being in the deeper water through because I knew that two great whites were on the loose. There was one time while I was in the ocean that I felt it get deeper and I was out of there because I don't know what could be swimming around me. After we were done at the beach we went out on bikes and we got some ice cream at Fat Boyz. The ice cream was so good because of the homemade waffle cone. After we ate the ice cream we biked back and then we headed over to the Marina to watch the sunset and there was a fair there so I ended up going on the swings. It was really fun, and once I got to the top of the thing I could see everything around me, and it was spinning really fast. I was a little dizzy when I got off the ride but it was really fun. After that we headed back to the hotel to chill, and then we went to bed at 11. 

Now on to the last day!! We woke up around 7 am and we got ready, and got packed to go home. We ate breakfast at the hotel, and then we headed to Manteo to check out the town before we left to go back home. It's a really cute harbor town, and it was so pretty there. I got some cute photos, and then after that we drove home. Then once we were back home I blew up my raft, and I went out rafting with my best friend Gab. 

That was my trip! I hope you guys liked all of the pictures, and I will see you guys next week with another post!