The Camel Jacket

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post. Today's look will be a casual outfit that is perfect for a fall day out. 

I took these photos while I was hanging out with my beloved friend Gabby. I swear she's the bestest friend I've ever had. I'm very thankful for her, and our friendship. But to talk about the outfit I am wearing my mom's jacket(hence why it looks a tad big on me), some casual jeans, and again with my white Dansko's that I practically live in. We were walking around a neighborhood right near my house, and we actually saw a baby snake, and it was fun to see it barely crawling because it's so tiny. It wasn't harmful or anything through so we were good. 

I'm giving a serious face in this picture. I've been experimenting with different poses, and facial expressions lately for my blog. I think I have gotten some good pictures from trying to do some different poses. I'm pretty thrilled with changing things up a bit, and I'm thinking about what type of posts I should start doing on my blog. I am primarily a fashion blogger but I'm thinking of other content I could do. I really want to publish another magazine issue soon but I haven't had the time to create one, so bear with me on the magazine issue. One will be out soon. I'm also going to do another at home with sugarcoatedbears post soon. 

Outfit details: The jacket is from LLbean, my jeans are from Kohls, my shoes are from Dankso, my shirt is from Target, and my glasses are from Coach. 

That's all for this look. I'll see you guys on Friday with another post. 

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Black Friday Deals: His and Her Holiday Gift Guide

Hey guy's I'm back with another blog post. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Today I'll be sharing a his and her gift guide. All of the items listed are at least 30% off or higher on black Friday special. 

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1)Steve Madden Belted Waffle Woven Coat(40% off)
You can never go wrong with a winter coat. The colder weather is starting to kick in, and everyone could use a nice coat. I wear the same one practically everyday, but having different styles or variety can always be fun. Coats also have different kinds of heaviness, so when choosing a coat you should consider what climate you live in, and how much warmth you'll need. 

Guys Kate Spade is having some amazing sales for black friday!! I'm so excited because Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers, and this monkey keychain is so cute! Keychains are always a nice addition to add to bags to add a little bit of style to the bag, and to spice things up.

3)Tarte Golden Day Dreams Eye & Cheek Palette(50% off )
A lot of girls love makeup, and it's a really easy stocking stuffier kind of gift. I would say just know what type of makeup she wears, what colors she likes, and then decide from there what would work the best. 

4)Arianna Boots The Original Duck Boot(50% off)
Duck Boots are really good if you like hiking, and this could be a versatile kind of gift. This gift could work for men or woman, but I just put it on the woman's list because these boots I linked are woman's boots. But duck boots are really comfy, and a classic style of boots that really never go out of style, and you can get a lot of wear from them. 

5)BP. Bar Pendant Necklace(50% off)
A statement necklace can really make a big difference to an outfit especially if it's a simple top. It's just one of those staples that are in almost every woman's wardrobe, and they can really make an outfit pop. 

6)Kate Spade Nylon Cosmetic Pouch(60% off)
I feel like girls can never really have enough cosmetic pouches because usually we are crazy about our skincare, and beauty products. I personally need a new cosmetic bag because my other one got destroyed because foundation leaked all over it. So stuff happens, you never know when you need a new one haha. 

Baker Boy hats have really been in trend lately, and they are just the cutest trend. Baker boy hats look so chic, and kind of vintagy, and it can really add a cool element to an outfit. Like if you mix modern pieces with a baker boy hat it can look really sophisticated, and quite stylish. They would be a great present for the sophisticated kind of woman who enjoys going out of their comfort zone with style.

8)Max Studio Pleated Georgette Off-the-Shoulder Blouse(70% off)
So this is like a high school trend. Literally at my high school everyone wears off-the-shoulder-blouses. I have a couple myself but I only wear them in the warmer weather. This would be a good gift for a teenage girl, or someone that enjoys the look of off-the-shoulder tops. I have seen other older aged fashion bloggers wearing off-the-shoulder tops too, so maybe this is a universal trend for woman. I'm not sure but they do look pretty cute. 

9)Kenneth Cole Rose Gold-Tone Crackled Crystal Drop Earrings(70% off)
Earrings are an easy kind of present to get if you have no idea what the person wants and they have pierced ears. It's hard to go wrong with earrings unless you get ones that are super ugly, and that they will never wear. But ladies have good fashion sense, so it's hard to go wrong with a nice pair of earrings. Just think of the style that they might like, and if they are a casual dresser get them something casual. Just base the choice of earrings off of their style, and then you should be good. 

10)Vince Camuto Crossbody Satchel(70% off)
Girls love purses, let's be real. They are super cute, and they are a great gift if you want to splurge a little bit. But at this time of the year designers are marketing those prices down, so now would be the best time to buy a designer bag. A little off topic but two years ago I got a limited edition Kate Spade crossbody(it's the bow crossbody that you guy's always see in Instagram pictures, and in looks). It was a little over one hundred dollars, which actually was not bad at all for limited edition considering some people are buying one thousand dollar Gucci purses. But normally I bet it would be two times the price because Kate Spade bags don't go on sale too much for that kind of price, if anything you'd be lucky to get a purse for two hundred dollars in the non holiday season. So I highly recommend if you want to invest in a bag I would do it in the holiday season because it's at it's cheapest price. 

11)ALALA Edge Ankle Leggings(70% off)
Okay does anyone else love getting new working gear or is it just me? Literally when I get new workout gear I run on the sidewalk of the busy road that's near my house just to show off my new gear to everyone, and be like "look at these nikes!!" Even through no one cares but it's fun. But anyways if you're trying to get a gift for a woman that is athletic, you can pretty much guarantee that they will like some new workout gear. 

12)Saks Fifth Avenue Wine Not Slippers(70% off)
I thought these slippers were funny because they are perfect for someone that loves wine. But slippers in general woman like because they keep our feet warm. We get cold s easily, so it's the perfect gift if you know someone that always has to be warm, and cozy.

Shop Items

1)Champion Men's logo graphic T-shirt(50 % off)
Men always need a basic t shirt, and it's one of those wardrobe staples that every man reaches to over and over again. It's an easy thing to get a guy if he isn't picky about clothes, and wears everyday kind of things.

2)Fred Perry Kingston Leather Sneakers(59% off)
If you need some new shoes black Friday is the perfect time to get them. I actually am getting some duck boots because they were an epic deal, they are actually the same duck boots listed in the woman's gift guide above .

3)Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs Pack of 3(49% off)
Underwear is a good gift for guys just because guys always need underwear.

4)Tommy Hilfiger Emmett Canvas Backpack(59% off)
Backpacks are always good for athletic people because we always have to lug around all of our gear, so a backpack is a must for either men or woman because we need to carry stuff. Me being an athlete myself I don't know what I would do without a backpack at cross country or track meets because I need to carry a blanket for the bus, my uniform, and other clothes.

5)Gilt Wireless Box Speaker(63% off)
Speakers!!! You can't go wrong with a speaker. Whatever music you're listening to speakers can make the sound quality better, and amplify the music.

6)Polo Ralph Lauren Signature Baseball Cap(60% off)
Boys always like hats, just choose a style that they would wear and boom, you got an easy stocking stuffer.

7)Abercrombie and Fitch Serpa-Lined Hoodie(50% off)
Hoodies are good for the colder weather because they keep you warm, and they are an easy thing to throw on.

8)Giant Whoopee Cushion Pool Float(30 % off)
I threw this in there as a gag gift. I think it's always funny to throw in a gag. I loved this one.

9)Lalique Fragrances Pour Homme Lion Shower Gel Tube(60% off)
Shower gel is always one of those things you need. So hey minus well get it at Black Friday for cheaper.

10)Sunny Rebel Aspen Wayfarer Frame(61% off)
Sunglasses look really stylish and are good for bright days.

11)Berge Leather Square Buckle Belt(85 % off)
Belts are good if you always have loose pants. They are a wardrobe staple for both men and woman, and are quite useful.

12)Hue Roll Top Socks(72% off)
I hate when I get holes in my socks guys. But I'm glad it's black Friday because now I can stock up on socks. Socks are always a good idea.

That's all for my black Friday deals!! Happy shopping, and I'll see you guys on Tuesday with another post.

Penguins are pretty cute.

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post. Today I'll be sharing a look that is inspired by penguins. Also guys Thanksgiving is on Thursday!! I'm so excited. Every year my family makes a turkey, with mashed potatoes, bread, and some gravy. It literally tastes so good. The stuffing is the best part with gravy all over it, but anyways enough about food let's get into the look. 

I love tons of pink in an outfit so I'm wearing my pink pants, and my pink sunnies to tie in the pink. To make it have a little more of a girly vibe I added the penguin shirt, and my beloved white Danskos. This outfit would be good if you're going somewhere casual like for example the mall, or to  hang out with friends. Somewhere that's not too casual or not too dressy. 

By the way guys if you're wondering why you're seeing all these warmer weather looks in November it's because it has not gotten that cold where I live. It's not short sleeves weather but's also not heavy winter coat weather either. So I'm enjoying the not so bad weather. 

Outfit details: My top is from forever 21, my pants are from Loft, my shoes are from Dansko, my hat is from Rose Gal, my sunglasses are from Amazon, and my watch is from Garmin. 

That's all for today's look. I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving, and try not to be too busy on Thanksgiving. I know a lot of people that read my blog are bloggers, and it can be hard to take a day off. But on Thanksgiving take a day off because it's Thanksgiving for crying out loud!! So yeah remember that, and I'll see you guy's on Black Friday with a holiday guide. 

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Styling Jewelry For The Fall

Hello everyone! Today I'm teaming up with AUrate to show you some ways that you can style jewelry for the fall. This is also not sponsored but they wanted me to be apart of their fall project and I was like yes!! But anyways It can sometimes be hard to style jewelry in the colder months because of all the layering that takes place, but you can still look cute if you style it right. I'll be sharing two looks I put together that keep me warm during the colder season, and look great styled with jewelry. 

The first look is a casual look that has a little bit of a fun element because of the tassel earrings, and the bird pattern on the top. It would be an outfit that you would wear on a day out running errands, or going out to eat with your friends. To tie in the jewelry I wore a rectangle necklace with my name engraved on it, I wore the tassel earrings which add a fun pop of color and texture to the outfit, and lastly I wore a simple bracelet to tie the whole look together.

Outfit details: My top is from H & M, my pants are from White House Black Market,  I don't know where my bracelet is from, my earrings are from Zaful, I don't know where my necklace is from, and my glasses are from Coach. 

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Now onto the second look. The second look is something that you would wear on a colder kind of day. The jewelry is not as noticeable so it does not give a very formal or fancy look to the outfit. But I tied in a just a little difference with my pearl earrings from Pearl Paradise. Adding a little simple touch of style to an outfit can make a huge difference, even if it's just adding some earrings. 

Outfit Details: My jacket is from Forever 21, my leggings are from Kohls, my boots are from Kohls(and yes they are beaten to the ground, I need some new ones soon), my earrings are from Pearl Paradise, I don't know where my top is from, and my glasses are from Coach. 

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 I really enjoyed being apart of AUrate's project. If you didn't know they are a gold company located in New York, and they have really cute styles. So a big thanks to them for having me be in this project, and I'll see you guy's next week with another outfit post, and a holiday gift guide. 

The Glass Slipper

Hey guy's I'm back with another post. Today I'll be sharing a look that is inspired by Cinderella (hence the top), and yes I know it's November but shirt sleeve tops are always a must. So let's get into it!

This is an easy casual outfit that is pretty easy to throw on and be out the door. You know what's funny is when I was taking these pictures I was actually in a mall with my friends, and I saw a white wall, and I was like photo shoot time!! Like does anyone else appreciate a nice looking wall for Instagram photos or is that just me? There was also a couple people walking by who saw the photo shoot, and where I live there is no bloggers that I know of so people were probably like "why on earth is this girl posing up against a white wall". But the photos turned out good so hey!!

While writing this I have realized that I wear my Dansko shoes a lot. I feel like they are in every outfit post but they are just so cute, and comfy. So there is my excuse for over wearing them haha. Also guys this is not related to the outfit but I am currently looking for jobs because while blogging is my job I don't make much money with it because I have not invested in it yet, but I'm investing in my blog this Christmas because I'll have money from Christmas. But I still want a job as a side hustle kind of thing. So over to past week I have been applying to a lot of places, and hopefully I can get a job as soon as possible. Speaking of the application process, does it always take a week or so for the hiring managers to get back to you? Because I'm getting a bit worried about whether or not I'm getting a call. But soon I will be doing lots of follow up calls. I'm just so used to working for myself that I have a hard time relying on other people, and this is a whole other blog post but I have a very entrepreneurial kind of mindset, and I really want to start my own social media consulting business. But guy's I already have to balance school, being a three season athlete, my blog, and soon a job(hopefully). Either way knowing how I am I will get a job soon because I'm hungry for it, and my resume looks great. Sorry for rambling a bit about career stuff but I'm just at that point in my life where I have to start worrying about all this kind of stuff. But I will do a separate blog post about career stuff if you guy's want to know all my future goals and what on earth I want to do with my life. 

Outfit Details: My top is from Lauren Conrad, my jeans are from Kohls, my shoes are from Dansko, my bag is from Kate Spade, my watch is from Garmin, my earrings are from Forever 21, and my glasses are from Coach. 

That's all for today's post. I hope you guy's got some inspiration from it, and I'll see you guy's on Friday with another post. 

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A Morning Hike at Falls Lake

Happy Veterans day guys! I thought I would show you some pictures that I took at falls lake a couple weekends ago. Early November is the peak of the fall colors where I live so we wanted to visit falls lake because of the fall colors, and it looked so stunning. By the way if these photos are a little blurry on my face that's just because it was shady there.

We hiked down a trail that leads to a nice little lake spot. It's a really good place to visit if you live in NC because there is lots of hiking trails, fishing areas, and camping in some areas. My dog was really excited to visit falls lake, and she was so hyper when we took her there! But it was really fun. 

I really loved this photo because it really captures the lake well and it looks really cool. 

As you can see the fall colors just look incredible. This was a closeup shot of the woods, and I just love the tall pine trees mixed in with the beautiful colors. Also It's getting closer to Christmas so in the next couple of weeks you will see some Christmas content from me, and guy's I'm just going to warn you that I love Christmas a lot so the whole month of December will be filled with lots of Christmas content as well as regular content too! I also want to publish another magazine issue soon, but I have to get working on that. So yeah those are a little updates and I'll see you guy's on Tuesday with another post. 

Instagram vs. Reality

Instagram. It all seems perfect when really it's not. Being a blogger you're almost expected to have a perfectly curated feed, and have all of your photos look high quality, but there can be a certain point where it's like this is not how my life actually looks. During the weekdays I spend most of my day in school with a messy bun, and some stylish outfit, but not as stylish as what people may see on my blog or Instagram. I don't always look super fantastic, and I have bad days every now and then, I mean we all do. But even on those bad days a lot of bloggers and influencers still act perfect on Instagram because we are expected to always be happy, and in a good mood. Me personally when I'm having a bad day I talk about it on my story, and I get so much support from everyone which always feels great. But I don't have bad days that much, but when I do everyone usually makes me feel better about it. To talk about big accounts, it's almost a thing that can become hurtful because if you're a big account and people look up to you and you only show your good side, then your audience will somewhat be jealous of your lifestyle even through your lifestyle may not be all that. It's almost like showing a false image of yourself, and making yourself seem superficial to everyone else that follows you.

I thought I would include a couple funny pictures in here because let's be real who doesn't get sidetracked while doing a photo shoot and takes ugly front camera selfies. Or it's just what I do haha!! But on a real note bloggers are just like any other people. We aren't better than anyone else, we just have more publicity. I wish more people would grasp onto that because it can be negative sometimes to only show the good things in your life, and act like everything is perfect because nothing in life is perfect. 

So here is my feed as of right now when I'm writing this. By looking at my Instagram you can see that I like fashion, and my images all have bright lightning, and such. But let me tell you my Instagram takes planning, hard work, editing, and all kinds of marketing. So you wonder why it looks good, because hours go into this. So when you scroll through it blogger's feed it looks really good, but we spend tons of time on Instagram to make it look amazing for the people that look at our content. And you have to think about it, a lot of bloggers work with brands, and we have to have good quality images to give a good representation of that specific brand, and of ourselves. We also get paid for a specific photo, so of course it has to look good and have the right hashtags and such. 

Another example of Instagram vs reality is this one. The first image is on my Instagram, and the second one was when I was trying to take photos of this outfit but then it was too bright and the background did not look professional. So it just goes to show that we only show the best photos we get because we are expected to show our best side. I have also seen some bloggers and other big influencers being caught for using Photoshop to slim down their bodies, and remove people from their travel photos at a huge destination. And to me that's just sad because it shows that you're being fake, and making yourself seem like your life is perfect when really it's not. I understand how someone could feel insecure about their body because woman get bombarded by the media to be skinny, and have a specific body type. That may be causing some people to edit their photos to that extreme because they feel pressure in one way or another to please the media. It shouldn't get to that point where you're showing a false image to lots of people because that just adds to the negativity of being the "ideal" body type, and it will encourage others to follow in that path. 

I just wanted to post about a topic like this to spread awareness, and I really encourage everyone to be realistic on their Instagram's. You can also keep an awesome looking feed and be real at the same time with everyone on your Insta story, or in your captions. Thanks for reading and I'll see you guys on Friday with another post!

The Pink Dress

Hey guys welcome back to another post on the blog! Today I'll be sharing a look that I wore to my high school homecoming. I love the color pink, and in this look I am literally covered head to toe in pink. Me and Gabby also shot this look at a green way that is near my house, and the green way is really nice. Our town actually put in a new section of the green way, and the new section was where we shot these pictures. I think they turned out great for having it be late afternoon kind of lightning. 

I am just in love with this pink dress. It almost has polka dots on the dress but not polka dots at the same time. The little dots are circle/diamond shaped, but anyways I love how I tied in the silver on the dress with the pink, it creates a really stunning look. What dresses up this look a lot is the heels, and my sparkly bracelet. Speaking of the heels, it turns out that on the way to taking these pictures the straps of the heels fell off on our walk. Yes I said a walk, and yes I was rocking those heels! But long story short I lost the straps of my heels so I did a last minute strap kind of thing and I used black ribbon instead of straps. And it turned out just fine, but it's too bad I lost the straps, but I'll just have to be more careful next time I'm in a situation like this again. 

See in these pictures there was no straps or ribbon, but hey the photo is what counts right? The heels still look cute with or without straps or ribbons. And to talk about my makeup look, I actually did "dressy makeup" for homecoming, which would really be what the average girl would wear everyday. But for being a girl that only sports mascara, and that's it, I felt more dolled up. To sum up the makeup look, I put on some eye shadow, foundation, concealer, mascara, and lipstick. So pretty natural look, and it turned out great.

For my hair I decided to braid two strands and pin them back for a simple formal look. I also curled my hair, and brushed through the curls for a more loose and natural look. 

I pinned back my hair with this white flower hair pin that my mom gave to me when I was younger. To accessorize I wore a sparkly silver bracelet, and some light pink pearl earrings.  

Outfit Details: My dress and shoes are from Kohl's, my earrings are from pearl paradise, my glasses are from coach, my bag is from Kate Spade, and I don't know where my bracelet is from.

And that's the completed look! I hope you enjoyed this look book. If you have any cool posts that you want to see from me feel free to let me know! I'm always looking for post ideas. And as always I'll see you on Tuesday with another post. 

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