Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! What is everyone doing for Halloween? I'm going trick or treating despite my age, I mean hey who does not love free candy?! So today I thought I would share my Halloween costume with everyone. So i decided to be a leopard because I like leopards, and it was just kind of a last minute thing. Also if you notice my face looking weird in these pictures it was because it was super bright outside and I had to squint. So excuse the weird looking face.

You know what was funny about this dress was that when it came in the mail my mom was like "are you sure this isn't a nightgown"? She thought it was a nightgown because of the material of it, and I was like nope it's a dress. But hey this could be a night gown if you wanted it to be but I feel like it would wrinkle easily because it's silky material. 

To talk about Halloween, I'm so excited for trick or treating because I love getting lots of candy! I would have to say Swedish fish, kit kats, sour patch kids, 3 musketeers, and laffy taffy's are my favorite candy to get. My entire neighborhood is a good place to trick or treat because people leave out bins everywhere instead of handing it out, so you can take more than one basically(even through I'm not supposed to but i keep it real on my blog). 

When I wear this outfit tonight I hope I don't get too cold since the dress is spaghetti straps, but I'm wearing it with that black jacket, so who knows if I'll change my costume last minute to be a person in their pajamas. Literally I was planning on being a grandma for Halloween at first but then I was like no I want to be a leopard, but maybe I might change to be a person in my pajamas later that way I can be cozy. So a lot of costume changes going on haha!

Outfit details: My dress is from Zaful, my shoes are from Dansko, my earrings are from Zaful, my glasses are from Coach, and I don't know where my jacket is from. 

That's all for today's post. I hope you guys all have a good Halloween, and remember to stay safe. I'll see you on Friday with another blog post. 

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A Weekend in Brevard, NC

Hey guys I'm back with another post. So if you didn't know already my family went to the mountains over the weekend specifically in Brevard. Brevard is such a charming small town in the mountains, and it's stunning there! Brevard is also known for their white squirrels that are present only in that area. I didn't see any there though, but there's always next time. I'm such a mountain girl and I would love to live up in the mountains one day, and I definitely want to go to school in the mountains after I do community college in my area. I'm planning on Wake Tech, and then I want to transfer to Appalachian State, or Western Carolina. But anyways back to talking about mountains, it was so lovely there, and it was nice to relax a little bit and enjoy the fall vibes.

Day one:
We drove up on a Friday so then we could get a lot of time out of the weekend, and one day of not being in school can't hurt. I got a lot of my school work done on the drive up to the mountains, and once we got up to Brevard we settled in. We actually stayed at a log cabin that had lots of land and our own private pond. My brother and my dad were disappointed about the pond through because the guy who owns the land told us that there was trout in that pond, but there was not. So that, and a non working coffee maker were the only issues of the place, but the rest was great. So once we were all settled into the cabin me and my mom went out to Ingles to pick up some lunch, and some groceries. Then after that we just chilled at the cabin, and enjoy all the lovely scenery.

Day two:
We decided to visit Gorges National Park because they had two waterfalls there, and it was good hiking. It was absolutely stunning there, and it was the first time I saw an actual waterfall. So it was pretty great, and we got some good exercise from the hike. This is kind of off topic but you know what's awesome about traveling is you see different culture, and all kinds of cool things. Going to the mountains is awesome because everyone is so nice up there, and I love how there are a lot of outdoors kind of things. It's just different then where I live, and I really like it. But anyways back on topic-after we went to Gorges national park we headed back to the cabin to relax because we were all tired from the hike. I layed down in the eno for a bit, and worked on my history unit sheet. I also got some blog work done, so i felt pretty productive for being on holiday.

Day three:
We woke up and headed into town before we started the ride home. Me and my mom went into the White Squirrel Shoppe, and I picked up a cute mug that has the iconic white squirrel on it, and two stickers that say Brevard on it. Then we started the long ride home. So I'm a real person, and I'll always give you guys the real side of me, so we got stuck on the freeway for an hour and a half because someone got in an accident and they closed the freeway. So we, and a lot of other people were stuck parked on the freeway waiting for the accident to be moved. It was annoying, but we made it home nicely after we started moving again.

I really enjoyed the mountains a lot, and I would defiantly recommend staying in Brevard because it's really nice if you like a small town kind of vibe. Anyways I'll see you guys on Tuesday with another post.

Pastel Casual

Hey guys I'm back with another post. Today's look will be a pastel colored causal look. I actually wore this when it was spirit week at my school, and I wore this outfit for tacky tourist day(hence the Russia shirt). These photos were also taken at my school near the baseball fields, it was quite funny because people were looking at me weird while my best friend Gabby was taking these pictures. But you do what you have to do to get the shot right!?

This outfit was quite cozy, and I dressed it up with a pair of my favorite wedges from Dankso. This kind of an outfit would be good if you felt like going outside of the box a bit and being colorful yet comfortable at the same time. 

The cool thing about trip t-shirts are that they have a story behind it. Like for example this Russia t-shirt I got from my Grandparents when they went to St. Petersburg, Russia. And I have another trip t shirt from Chimney Rock, NC from last year's mountain trip, and I use that one for running. It's cool to have some tourist shirts or tourist gear I guess you could call it because it's like a representation of where you went, and it brings back memories every time it's worn. I don't wear them too often, as I only have two, but they have a cool concept behind them. 

Outfit Details: My top is from St. Petersburg, Russia(don't know what store through), my leggings are from LuLaRoe, my sandals are from Dansko, my watch is from Garmin, I don't know where my earrings are from, and my glasses are from Coach. 

That is all for today's post. I'll see you guys on Friday with my mountain trip overview post. And if have no idea what I'm talking about-I went to the mountains and you will see more about that on Friday!

Home Inspiration I'm Feeling Inspired By...

Hey guys today I'm back with another post in my series "At home with Sugarcoatedbears". So I am currently on my way up to the Appalachian mountains for the weekend, and I just thought I would show you guys some home inspiration that I've been feeling inspired by. With the fall season kicking in I'm finding myself looking up home inspiration because It's been cold in my house so I'm looking up winter bed inspiration but then I found myself seeing other cute home ideas. So here is a thread of home decor inspiration that I have actually repined on Pinterest. Also if you don't follow me already on Pinterest you can here or look up me up @sugarcoatedbears on Pinterest. Now let's get into the inspo

Picture Credit
In all of these pictures you will notice some similarities because I have a certain kind of decorating style/interest that if I were to describe it, I would say it's girly, Scandinavian, Parisian, minimal, and inspired by fashion. In this picture above I just love that Paris print on the wall. I see these styles of prints all over pinterest, and Instagram when someone posts photos of their home. It just looks awesome!

I am a total sucker for gallery walls! They look so good, and it really adds a nice sense of self expression to a space. I don't know why I am obsessed with gallery walls so much, I just think they look amazing! A gallery wall is always a good way to spruce up a boring space because a gallery wall is like a giant piece of art. 

I've also been loving the colors pink and grey paired together. It just looks so good, and I don't even know why, it's just pleasing to the eye. You know what's funny is when I upgraded to a queen bed i went straight for the pink bedding and grey pillows as accents. I like a dusty pink color and light grey paired together, but I feel like if the grey and pink shades were darker it just wouldn't look as good. But I don't know.  

I love this cute little nook because it is a good way to store stuff like the stuff shown in the picture. I feel like a lot of interior decorators/designers will have some nice room in a magazine, but then not have human elements included. Like the lived in kind of vibe in a space, that is missing in the magazines. But having stuff on the table or bench will create a more homey vibe, and it will make it look lived in. I really love setting my shoes on the table whether I want to admit it or not, but it's just our natural human instinct to throw our stuff on the table, or put stuff down. 

Here is another picture that is just bedroom goals. I love a nice airy vibe in a room, and bright light shining in through the windows. It's just the nicest feeling ever! I actually never sleep with my blinds closed, my blinds are always open, so I am defiantly a fan of keeping the shades open. But like seriously the bedroom in the picture just looks so amazing! I love the pink and white bedding paired together to give it that crisp open vibe that the space reflects. 

That's all for today's post. I hope I inspired you guys. And you will be seeing pictures of the mountain trip very soon(check my insta story this weekend if you're interested). And I'll see you guys on Tuesday with another blog post. 

The Baker Boy Hat

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post today. So today's look is something that is totally my style, and it kind of has a Parisian vibe. I love how casual yet put together and stylish this look is. Also guys I'm announcing right now that I'm changing my blog posting schedule to be every Tuesday and Friday. This will space things out a bit, and prevent the "new blog post" promotion picture on Instagram to be back to back. So check out new blog posts every Tuesday and Friday!

I took these pictures in morning lighting, and I'm quite liking it. In my opinion, the morning, and the afternoon are the best times for taking pictures because it's not to too bright outside, but not too dark. And to speak of the afternoon, golden hour is amazing in photos because it adds a nice dreamy gold element to the photo. 

The best element of this outfit is the baker boy hat for sure! I got this hat from Rose Gal for a sponsored post, and I'm loving it. I've been seeing baker boy hats all over social media, and I've been dying to get one, so now I have one. It just looks so cute, and can work with almost any casual outfit. You guys will definitely be seeing me wear this hat in the future. Maybe you will even see it as much as my beloved pink sunnies from Amazon, but we'll see. 

Outfit details: my top is from H & M, my pants are from White House Black Market, my shoes are from Dansko, my hat is from Rose Gal, my watch is from Jord Watches, and my glasses are from Coach. 

That's all for today's post! I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I loved wearing it. I'll see you guys on Friday with another blog post.