Some Fashion Trends That I've been Loving Recently

Hey guys I'm back with another post. And today I will be partnering with Zaful to tell you guys about some fashion trends that I've been loving recently. Also how do you guys like my illustration? I tried to create my little image above with an illustrating website, and I think it turned out decent. Anyways let's get into it. 

Items in the picture above:

I have been loving all of these fashion trends listed below. And I still have to try out a couple of these trends. So in the near future you may see me wearing some of these trends to try it out. 

Rope embellished beret hats-Oh my gosh guys I have been seeing these beret hats everywhere, and a lot of the people I get inspired by have been wearing these beret hats. I think they are so adorable, and they give off a causal yet sophisticated look, and a little bit of vintage vibe, or is that just me thinking it looks kind of vintage? I don't know, but I love the vibe of these rope beret hats. 

Tassel Earrings-I've been seeing tassel earrings being worn by some fashion bloggers, and other people in the fashion industry. They are really cute, and I feel like they would be heavy on the ear, but I have never tried them. But I've totally been obsessing over how cute they look on some people, and they really add a nice bold touch to your outfit that makes you stand out. 

Loafers-Okay let's come out and say it straight up-you can't go wrong with loafers! Loafers are so easy to slip on and they look adorable. I'm currently dying over Gucci Loafers even through I know I'll never be able to afford them probably. I mean let's be real I have to buy my 1st car before I can worry about buying Gucci loafers. So I can keep dreaming on, and in the meantime I will just look at other people's cute outfits of them with loafers. But seriously they are a classic, and never go out of style because they are such a simple, and cute style of shoe. 

Leopard print-If you were to tell me a couple of years ago that I like leopard print now-I would have thought my future self was nuts. Back in my childhood I despised leopard print because I thought it looked like a third grader who just shopped at Justice for looking like a tiger. But now that I'm older I've come out of my fashion shell, and really expanded my style. And leopard print is one of those things that I love now. Leopard print looks so chic, and gives off a wild but classy kind of vibe depending on how you style it. And it's one of those prints that just look so cute, and girly. And it's kind of empowering in a way because when you wear leopard print it shows that you aren't afraid to take on the world, and be a #boss. 

Blazers-Blazers are one of those fashion pieces that look so cute, and professional. They also keep you warm which is a plus. I've been seeing a lot of fashion bloggers wearing plaid blazers specifically, which is so cute for fall. I really like a solid color blazer because it creates a simple vibe, and you can pretty much wear it with anything. So it's an effortless professional look. 

These were all of my fashion trends that I've been loving recently. I hope you guys enjoyed, and I will see you on Wednesday with another post. 

A Rainy Day Look

Hey guys I'm back with another lookbook today. And I wanted to do a rainy day look today so let's get into it. 

I shot these photos with Gabby over summer break at a pond near my house. I look back now and I remember how hot it was, but we bared it out for these cute fall pictures. Let me tell you I was sweating but you can't even tell that I was sweating by looking at these pictures so aye! But enough about how I was sweating, these pictures turned out pretty decent. This look is perfect for a rainy day because it's cozy yet still practical at the same time. I really like this rain jacket because it's warm on the inside, but then has the anti rain outside material. Not to mention the cute buttons. 

Speaking of this lake, I've grown up with this pond because it has been here since when my family first moved to our neighborhood. Before everything became developed there was a walking path that you could walk around the pond with. I remember walking around the pond, and my dad and my little brother would cast out their fishing poles while I would just chill there. But now it's all developed and there is a neighborhood and everything. So it's just weird how time goes by like that. 

Outfit Details: The jacket is from LLbean, my jeans are from Kohl's, my glasses are from Coach, and my boots are from Nautica. 

That's all for today's post I'll see you guys on Friday with a new post!

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My Fall Essentials

Fall is here! I'm so excited because fall is my favorite season. I just love the cool mornings, pumpkin spice everything, fall scents, fall fashion, and best of all, the scenery! To kick it off for fall I thought I would share my fall essentials with you guys. So let's get into the post!

My first fall essential is a cozy candle that smells like fall. I just love when you can smell fall in the air with cozy pumpkin scents. It's just so awesome! I've really been enjoying the number 69 candle from Candlefish. It smells like really good breakfast, and it's kind of like a maple kind of scent. I've almost burnt through the whole candle which sucks, but I've also been using a pumpkin gingerbread one that smells like heaven!

My next fall essential is pumpkin smelling beauty products. There is just something about using pumpkin smelling lotion in the fall that gets me in the fall mood. Honestly I would say fall and winter smelling beauty products are the best out of all seasons when it comes to smells. There is just something about a nice cozy scent that I love. Lately I've been using a sweet cinnamon pumpkin body spray in the morning before school, and then I also reach for my salted caramel pumpkin body lotion too. (They are both in the picture above). 

My next essential is orange clothing items. I haven't been wearing orange like crazy yet, but it will happen once fall actually starts to get in bloom where I live. Last year I wore the striped long sleeve tee(in the picture) at least once a week last fall. That's how obsessed I am with wearing orange for the fall. 

And my last favorite are flannel tops. Guys I think I over wore flannels last fall, and I plan on doing it again because they are just so cute!! Flannels are seriously so cozy and effect-less, yet cute at the same time. You just can't go wrong with a good flannel. I usually wear flannels with leggings, some boots, and some cozy socks. It makes a really effortless cute fall look that I love. 

These are all my fall essentials. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I'll see you guys on Wednesday with another post. 

The Negative Effect of Social Media

Hey guys i'm back with another post. I thought I would write this kind of post because lately I've been struggling with the comparison game, who has better photos, and the Instagram algorithm in general. Being a blogger is not easy because there is a lot of competition out there in the blogging community. If you're a blogger I bet you feel overwhelmed sometimes because it's a 7 day a week commitment. You know we all have those moments, but I enjoy blogging so much that I keep going. I'm very passionate about it, and I consider it my part time job. You know it makes me happy, until I see my numbers go down. That sounds so stupid but it's true. I never wanted to sit here and analyze how many comments I get on Instagram, but I am guilty of doing that. 

Don't get me wrong social media is awesome, and it really connects people together, but it can sometimes have a negative effect because you can get caught up in the comparison game. You may look at someone's account and think "how on earth are they in Paris collaborating with an amazing clothing brand?" or "how does this lady have that many followers?". Recently I haven't been comparing myself too much to other people, I mostly just obsess about my numbers. Numbers do count if you're a blogger, but in the end it's just numbers, it's not your life. Hey as long as you're happy it shouldn't matter too much, but as a blogger you have to care about them a little bit because they do portray a little bit of who you are as a blogger, But they shouldn't be everything. From now on i'm going to try not to let a decrease in numbers get to me. I mean hey, I bet people get sick of me and then come back. I don't know but normally I'll just have a couple days where I see less engagement, and then it goes back up again. 

To move subjects I also want to talk about the "ideal woman" that is portrayed in not only social media, but all types of media in general. As a society, we constantly see beautiful woman everywhere in the media. We only get shown the best of the best. Working in the fashion industry can be difficult for someone who doesn't fit the "ideal body type". It seems like all the successful people are tall, skinny, and look like supermodels. The good thing is that I've been seeing a lot of posts that bloggers have done to spread awareness about this, and it's awesome. Being a short girl myself I find myself wishing I was taller sometimes so that A-I can be a better runner ,and B-So I can look like a model. I know that sounds stupid but this is what society has done to young girls nowadays. I enjoy being a short girl because short girls are seen as cute, but for real I need to grow a couple inches!! I've been 4 11" for 3 years. I think I've stopped growing, and I'm not even 5 foot yet, but aye I love myself, and if I'm going to be a short girl my whole life then aye I'm rocking it because it's what I got. 

So in conclusion, social media is great for marketing yourself and getting your name out there, but it also has it's negatives that can be frustrating sometimes. In the end it's worth it, and I'd say 50% if not more of my collab opportunities come from Instagram, so it is very powerful, but it also has it's downside. I really hope this post brought good awareness to this whole subject matter, and I hope I inspired other girls to speak out about social media and the media in general. As always, thanks for reading and I'll see you guys on Friday with another blog post. 

Hello Fall

Hey guys I'm back with another post. Today I'm going to be talking about fall because this is my first fall look on my blog for the season.

I have been noticing in my town that it has been getting colder in the morning, and the temperature is mild in the daytime. I just love it. I really can't wait for the leaves to start changing colors too. It just seems like the leaves have been green forever!! I'm hoping to get some really cute fall photos this season with some fall scenery. My family might take a trip up to the mountains like how we did last year. The mountains are just so pretty during the fall, and I really hope we go! Also if you want to see what we did last year in the mountains here is the blog post link if you're interested. Mountain trip 2016 Fall

The next thing that i'm excited for is adding cute fall elements to my room. I bought a fall candle a couple weeks ago, and i'm just waiting to burn it. I don't want to get too excited too early. Maybe since this is my first fall look on my blog I should burn my pumpkin gingerbread candle, even though it's only September 15th. Anyways, enough of me looking for an excuse to burn my fall candle too early, let's get into the rest. 

The thing i'm most excited for is fall fashion!! It's time to crank out those white girl boots, yep you heard me. I just love wearing boots with cozy socks. And i'm so excited to live in cozy leggings, flannels, jeans, and cozy sweaters. Last year I lived in leggings in the fall, and winter. They are like my go to once it starts getting cooler outside. 

Outfit Details: My top is from Belk, My pants are from my YMI usa, My hat is from ebags online, my glasses are from coach, the basket is from The Longaberger company, and my watch is from Jord watches. 

That is all for this post. I would love to hear you guy's fall favorites. I'll see you guys next Wednesday with another post. 

Night Out Dresses with Rose Gal

Hello guys. How are you doing? I'm collaborating with Rose Gal again on this post. Today I'm going to share some of Rose Gal's cute night out dresses, as well as my casual night out look. So to start out here is the link if you're interested in Rose Gal's Night out dresses . You can also look at other stuff from their website rosegal. I think their dresses are really cute, and Rose Gal has a good variety of everything. And no I did not just get paid to say that, but this post is sponsored. And as always all opinions are my own.

So for my night out look I decided to go with a casual theme, and wear a little dressier version of what I would normally wear. 

Outfit Details: My dress is from Forever 21, My jacket is from American Eagle, My sunglasses are from Amazon, and my bag is from Coach. 

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Guys can we just talk about how I wore this dress to homecoming last year. Everyone was so dressed up and I was just wearing this casual dress. But it wasn't embarrassing, this dress just brought that time back for a moment. But anyways here are the night out looks that I put together from Rose Gal. 

Outfit 1
This outfit would be really cute for a formal dinner, or a special event. I really like how it's simple, but cute. 

Outfit 2
This is my favorite of the looks I put together. It is a really sexy, and classy outfit. I really like how the dress halters, and it would be really good for a more formal look.

And if you want a little discount use code RGEN at the checkout if you want to buy some clothes from Rose Gal. 

So that is all for this post. I hope you got inspired on styling dresses for a night out. And as always I'll see you guys on Friday with another post.