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The Basket

Hello guys today I'm back with another look. I'm really soaking up these summer looks before fall comes. This look is just so cute, and summery. I love it. But guys get ready for fall posts. I'm not going to start fall on my blog too early, but once it hits near the end of August, and the beginning of September, get ready for the fall posts!!! So anyways lets get into this look. 

I just think this is the cutest look for the summer. I've been noticing that polka dots, and basket bags have been really trendy for the summer in the blogging community. I'm not one to follow the trends, but I will say that basket bags and polka dots are just adorable. Especially the basket bags!!! I feel like it has a picnic chic kind of vibe, which is cute. 

Outfit details: The top is from H & M, the shorts are from White House Black Market, I don't know where the basket is from, and my glasses are from coach.

Also guys I curled my hair for this look, and I just love the way my…

What I eat in a day

Hello guys. I thought I would share what I eat in a day because I always find other people's posts about this so interesting, so I thought I would share what I eat in a day. So let's get into it!

So today I had a brunch kind of deal going on. In the morning I like to eat something light, so today I'm going in for a smoothie bowl. The ingredients are listed down below. So to make this all you have to do is mix up all the ingredients in a blender, and then you're set to go! I added the second banana on top of the bowl for decoration because I'm just that kind of girl.

As a snack between brunch, and dinner I had some dark chocolate flavored almonds. These are so good, and still a little healthy. I just had a small bowl of these because I got hungry.

Now onto dinner, my biggest meal of the day. So for dinner I decided to do a bowl of pasta. I've been eating a lot of pasta lately since my cross country season started, and pasta is always a good thing for runners si…

It's Bright

Hello guys, I'm back with another post. I decided to call this look "It's Bright" because these photos look very bright, and a little bit hazy. I shot these photos a while back so they have the old black border that I used to do so yeah. So let's get into the look. 

I just love these photos, they just look so cute. I'll see you guys on Friday with another post. 
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Everything Seems Perfect In the Blogging World

Hey guys today I'm going to be talking about how the blogging world is always portrayed as perfect.

I started thinking about this topic when my personal photographer Gabby went on vacation again, so that leaves me with more self timer photos that don't look so good. With almost all of my photos I feel like they are not good enough, or that I need a better camera or whatever it may be. I feel this way because I compare myself to other bloggers, and I think "their photos look amazing". In the blogging world we constantly see high quality, perfectly lit photos with the blurriness in the background. It looks like it was out of a magazine, and I get jealous of those kind of photos because I know mine will never look that good. I will never have the highest quality camera in the whole world. I'm going to be real here, I take all my pictures on my iPhone. 

I'm just a high school student who is trying to manage school, cross country, and blogging. And currently I…

July Favorites

1)These Sunglasses Guys I am officially obsessed with these sunglasses. They are so cute, and they are actually my only pair of sunglasses. #i'malowkeyminimalist. I've been wearing these almost everyday, and they are super adorable.

2)Castle Crush I may sound really nerdy, but for real this game is so entertaining. So the story behind this game was that I was just browsing through the app store, and then I came across castle crush, and then I was like "that sounds fun", so then a downloaded it, and now I love it. Basically you battle other people, and try to upgrade yourself as much possible so you can have more victories. If you guys are looking for an entertaining game, you have to download this game.

3)My birthday I turned 16 this month!! I literally already thought of myself as 16 a year ago, I just didn't feel 15 my sophomore year of high school, I felt 16. But now I'm officially 16. I had a birthday party sleepover with my friends last Saturday, and it…