4th of July look

Hey guys, so I wanted to put together a 4th of July look so then it can give you guys inspiration for what to wear for 4th of July. I'm really excited because I'm going to the pool with my friends, and seeing fireworks with them on 4th of July. So I'm very excited. I also decided that since I have been wanting to post more, I should revert my posting schedule to every Wednesday, and Friday. So that's the new schedule. Anyway enough talking, let's get into this look. 

I really like this look. I'm actually going to wear this exact outfit for 4th of July. The blue, and white really make it look like a 4th of July outfit, and it's very cute. My tips for choosing a 4th of July outfit would be to wear some sort of stripes, or stars if you want to wear a pattern. And then for the colors wear some red, white, or blue. 

Photo credits go to my friend Gabby. And I edited the pictures. I think the pictures turned out really good, I've been trying to improve my photo quality, so I think this is progress. Be sure to follow Gabby's snapchat, and my Instagram. Me and Gabs are like glue, so I'm sure if you follow her, you will see lots of me. Haha anyways thanks for viewing. I hope I inspired you guys for 4th of July.  

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  1. How bout you get that American flag off the ground?? Smh.

    1. Excuse me, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I can't have people like you reading my blog. It was just for the photo shoot. Please go be mean on someone else's blog, I don't want that kind of hate on my blog.

    2. I don't think he was trying to be mean. While it is a cute photo shoot, he's just saying that it's disrespectful to have the flag touching the ground. It's customary to burn the flag if it ever touches the ground.

  2. Such a cute look, I love your top
    Happy July 4th

  3. Love the outfit you've put together!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx, Kris


  4. Everything looking great.

  5. Love the top:) If you need short formal dresses,see hoco dresses here

  6. i really love the blue blouse its so cute :) xx