5 Simple Motivational Statements That You Need To Live By

Hey guys, I was thinking about my blog, and I would really enjoy posting more often, I bet you guys would like it too. Let me know what you think about this idea. Now let's get into the post. 

1)Don't wait on things to happen, you have to take action on them now.
Stop waiting around your whole life for things to happen, because they will never happen if you don't take action towards what you want immediately. You can only get what you want if you put in the work. Nothing comes easy in life, so work hard to achieve your goals.  

2)Don't stress yourself out over something stupid, It's not worth it. 
All the stupid things in life that anger or frustrate us are most likely all temporary since they are stupid things. Just take a breather, and think to yourself that it doesn't matter in the long run, because usually it doesn't 95% of the time. 

3)You don't have to be perfect, it's okay to mess up sometimes.
We are only human, we can't be perfect, so if you're pushing yourself too hard, take some relax time for yourself. You deserve it. 

4)Going the extra mile is always worth it.
Putting in your best effort, and blowing everyone out of their socks is worth it. Because most of the time it really brightens someone's day, or has some other positive effect. 

5)Nothing is impossible
Cultivate your passions, and follow your dreams, even if you think it's unreachable. Because if you are really set on something, you will find a way to make it workout. You just have to take action on it. 

That's all for my motivational statements. Thanks for viewing my post, I really appreciate it. I'll see you guys soon with another post. 

June Favorites

1)Still going to the pool
I still love going to the pool, I go practically everyday. It's so fun! I've been having to wash my hair more which is the only downside of going to the pool at lot, but it's totally worth it!

2)Spoonfuls of peanut butter
I don't know why this is becoming my thing, but I'm starting to get obsessed with peanut butter for some reason. It just smells and tastes so good. I usually get a spoon out, and eat it from the spoonful. I also eat it in other ways too through.

3)The trip to Charleston
Our course the Charleston trip made it to my favorites, It was just so fun. If you haven't checked out my Charleston post, go read it. Just scroll a little bit down on my home page, and you will find it.

I got on Netflix guys, and now it's awesome. My friend Gabby told me about how I should be on her account, and now I'm on. We both are under the same person, that way we can both see what each other watch, and we talk about it sometimes. It's funny because we can both see what the other person is watching. #howyouknowyou'rebestfriends. Also guys I have to recommend a show, it's called Riverdale. It's really good, and will surprise you, and have you on edge the whole time. I'm not going to be giving out too many details, that way I don't spoil it, but it's about a murder case. 

5)Cheesy pasta
Every time that I make pasta I always have to make this cheesy pasta. Basically you boil the pasta, and then once it's done you add some mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese. Then some butter, and salt. Then you mix it all together, and it makes the best tasting pasta ever.

I've really been enjoying skateboarding, it's really fun. There is a new greenway that is being connected to the greenway right by my house, so I've been going on both greenways. I love the new greenway because the pavement is really smooth, and it makes it a smoother ride. The new greenway is actually right behind my high school too, so in the future when I have cross country practice I could just take the greenway to get there if I want.

A trip to Charleston

Hey guys, I'm back with another post. I went to Charleston with my mom for two nights, and I gotta say it was one of the best vacations ever! Normally I can't enjoy vacations because my brother will complain the whole time about something stupid, but this vacation was just a girl's trip, so it was so nice, and relaxing. So anyways I'm going to document my trip, and basically say what we did, and all that. 

Me and my mom woke up early and went for a run together. We both just do a three mile course with a couple hills. So after we went running, we showered, and got ready. Then we headed out on the road. From our house to Charleston, it's about a four hour drive. So we drove up there, and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Ansonborough Inn. The hotel is really old, and has character. I think it was built in 1910 or something like that. When we checked in they upgraded our room at no cost, so we were excited, and we were just expecting it to be a tiny upgrade. But they surprised us a lot. They put us in a suite!! My mom walked in and said "holy shit", because this is the best room we both have ever stayed in. The room was so nice, and we loved the architecture.  

The sitting area. I loved sitting here, and watching HGTV. 

This room had it's own fireplace. I loved having this fireplace on, it made it so cozy. 

This bed seriously made me, and my mom feel like queens. I mean I'm tiny, I only take up about 1/3 of my twin size bed, and yet I got all this space. Like dang. 

It had it's own bar area too, which is nice if you want to sit down. 

This old chandelier hung over the bed, and it's very pretty, especially during the night because it dims. 

After we got settled in the hotel, we went to go get lunch. We went to Ted's Butcherblock. I had the Italian sandwich with a side of mac and cheese. The Italian sandwich is pretty good, and it's a good affordable place to go in Charleston to eat. 

 This mac and cheese was really good. It was very rich, and it's served cold. You have to be sure to get the mac and cheese if you go to this restaurant. 

After lunch we decided to walk around town a little bit, and check it out. I just love the architecture of Charleston, it's very charming. 

I thought these bikes looked cute so I snapped a pic. 

We visited the waterfront park, and it was very pretty. I got some good pictures.

I just love the old oak trees. They are so beautiful. 

I took a picture in front of the pineapple fountain.

I thought this house looked cute so I took a picture with it. 

I love the flower bed of this house!

We walked around for a while, and snapped lots of pictures. I like how the streets are colorful, it made up for the uninspiring weather while we were there. 

This door is so cool. The  architecture in Charleston just makes for some really great photos. 

I love this photo, I think this is the best photo I've taken in a while. I really love the vintage sign, it really sets the scene. 

While we were walking we came across an old graveyard. It was kinda creepy. I can't imagine how it is at night, I would not go in there. 

This is another photo that I really like. I could just see this photo being a story somehow, I don't know how to describe it. It's kinda like the feeling of being able to write a whole story based off of one photo. 

After we walked for a while we headed back to the hotel, and as you can see I'm bundled up in my boyfriend's jacket of course. He gave me his old track jacket so of course I'm going to be wearing it. When it was 5 we also went downstairs for free wine and cheese hour. So we got some goodies, and then headed back up to our room. 

I just felt spoiled, so my mom snapped this photo of me eating chocolate on the bed while wearing the hotel robe.

Later on I took a bath because why not, it's on their dime. After the bath I chilled for a little bit, then went to bed. 

We woke up around 7 the next day, and went down for free breakfast. I ate a bagel with cream cheese. Then we went back up to the room to get ready to go to the Middleton place plantation. 

The scenery was so beautiful here. This is the first plantation I've ever visited, and it was well worth the admission price. It's just crazy to think that someone used to be this rich, because of all the land. 

I went crazy with pictures at the plantation.

This statue is really cool, and it adds a old element to the garden. 

The property is so pretty because it's right on the river. 

I couldn't help to take pictures in front of this beautiful scenery. 

Another shot from a different angle. 

I just love the Spanish moss trees that inhabited this plantation. We don't really have Spanish moss in North Carolina, so seeing Spanish moss trees was great. 

I thought this was a cute picture. 

Here is one of the old houses that are on this plantation. The houses have so much character, and they look really cute. 

And yet another statue that looks cool. 

There was animals that were on the plantation. They had goats, chickens, ducks, horses, a peacock, some sheep, pigs, cows, and a bull kind of thing(I don't know what it's called). I really enjoyed the sheep the most because of the noises they make. 

This was the closest I've ever gotten to a peacock before, this photo is so good. My mom actually took this picture, and I'm using it because my peacock photos were not as good as this one. 

After we left the plantation we went out to lunch. And my god if you guys go to Charleston, you have to go to Cru Cafe. I ordered the general Tao's chicken Entrée with a side of mac and cheese. I lost the picture of the general Tao's chicken Entrée somehow, but it was so good. 
At least I have a picture of the amazing mac, and cheese. This was by far the best meal of the vacation. 
After lunch we just walked around Charleston some more. 
Then later on I watched HGTV, took a bath, and went to bed.

We woke up around 6;30, and packed up our stuff to head back home. We showered, and left the hotel around 8. We stopped by Callie's Hot Little Biscuit for breakfast, and it was so good. The biscuits are like little dough balls. I ordered two buttermilk biscuits, and one bacon biscuit. These biscuits are bite size, so that's why I got three biscuits. 

These were so good. The bacon biscuit was the best, and had the most flavor. I also ordered a mint iced tea to go with it, and it was pretty good. We ate the biscuits in the car, that way we can get home at an earlier time. So we just drove home, and we got home at around 12. And for the rest of the day I was working on this blog post. 

I really enjoyed the trip, and I would for sure visit Charleston again in the near future. The food was really good. I love the character, and architecture of the city. You know what I noticed in Charleston, is that people drive crazy, so you have to watch out.  Like for example when we were going to plantation, there was a guy who was driving on the other side of the road when there was a downhill, and he was speeding. Like he could easily get injured because it's a downhill, and you can't even see who is coming. So just a warning, people are crazy. But other than that I can't complain. It was great because it was just a girl's trip, so we could relax without worrying about my brother Cal complaining. 

Thanks for tuning in on my blog. I'll see you guys next week with another post. 
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