March Favorites

1)Eating more "vegetarian/vegan"
I've been trying to be vegetarian and a little vegan, but I'm not fully committed to it or anything. I'm really enjoying it, and I've been eating lots of fruit and it's just so good. It just feels so good to know that I'm not supporting animal cruelty. Like yeah I'll still eat some chicken and all that every now and then, but I'm just eating meat and dairy less. I noticed that everything has become easier to digest, I feel more lightweight, and I have more energy. Also guys, get excited because I want to put some vegan food recipes on my blog that are really good.

2)My planner
I love my planner!! It helps me organize all my school assignments, and I can write down what I need to do for the day. All I have to do is check my planner and then boom I know what I have to do. I like how it has a day planner and a calendar, that way I can keep up with daily and monthly things.

3)Protein shakes
Protein shakes are awesome, they are very good meal replacements and whenever I make my protein shakes, I put tons of peanut butter in it to make it taste so good. Protein shakes are very easy to make too all you gotta do is put some protein powder in a smoothie blender thing, add peanut butter, and milk and then blend. And your good to go.

4)Chilling outside on the back porch
It's been getting warmer here in North Carolina, and that means spending more time outside. I set up my little hangout spot on the back porch, I just put some cushions on the ground, and a couple pillows, and it makes for the perfect outdoor couch. I enjoy being on my laptop, or tanning out there. Being outside makes me feel stress-free too, which is great when I got lots of schoolwork.

5)Coconut omega 3 stuff
Oh my god guys this is my obsession. So there is this liquidy omega 3 stuff that I eat a spoonful of everyday, and it's so good. I'm so surprised that there is no sugar in it at all, because it tastes so sweet. You can get it at spouts market by the way. 

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