February Favorites

I know it's kinda late for this but here's my February favorites. The reason why I haven't been posting for 2 weeks is because I honestly forgot to make a post. I want to make it a good habit to post from here on out every week. I really want to do that. So today I'm going to post 2 things to make up for my absence. I also want to start adding more health related stuff on my blog, because I'm really into that. Also, I might change the design of my blog maybe. Now let's get into it!
1)Working out
Gosh I love working out! We renewed the gym membership and I've been going there almost everyday since. I really enjoy it because it makes me feel good physically and mentally. By the way my workout routine usually consists of 30 minutes on the arc trainer and then 20 minutes doing weights.

2)Turmeric and black pepper eggs
I eat turmeric and black pepper eggs everyday. And let me tell you, I'm obsessed with turmeric and black pepper eggs. You would think it would taste gross but it actually tastes good. The benefits of turmeric and black pepper are that it improves liver function, anti-inflammatory, detoxifies your body, fights against cancer, promotes weight loss, and improves memory performance.
The black pepper makes the turmeric work 2X as much so I suggest using the black pepper when you use the turmeric to make the benefits more effective.

3)The sorta warm weather
I love how it's been sorta warm. North Carolina is so weird because the weather has been off and on and it's actually suppose to snow on Sunday but it's just so weird because all the flowers are blooming outside. But when it is warm, I have been enjoying it. But when it's cold, I get annoyed. Also look at my stinks in that photo!! So cute!

So this is kinda nerdy but quizlet has helped me study so much better and get good grades on my tests. If you didn't know quizlet is an online website that you can create digital flashcards on and then you can study with the flashcards. For me this works really well because I'd rather save the paper and have my flashcards be digital. 

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