A minimalistic aproach to buying things

So as you guys know I'm a minimalist. Or you may not know. But anyways today I'm going to be talking about a minimalist approach to buying things. So let's refresh on minimalism real quick. Minimalism is living a more rich life with less. It's having time to focus on the important things. You can focus on the important things by getting rid of the stuff/relationships that don't give you joy or that you don't use.

Understanding what you need and what you don't need
A lot of people make the excuse that they "need" something when it's actually just a want, and they will buy it. It's okay to want things, everyone wants things. But we have to be able to distinguish wants vs needs. This will help you make better decisions when it comes to how you spend your money. We all know pretty much what we need and don't need so when it comes to buying things focus on only the things that you need. But if you find something else it's okay to treat yourself if you haven't treated yourself in a while. But don't start using treating yourself as an excuse, because there is a difference between treating yourself too much and treating yourself just the right amount.

What to think about when you do treat yourself
When treating yourself think about these two things.Will you use it, and will it bring you joy? If it does then it's good to go through with buying it. But if not then rethink your decision. But let's say for example if you think it will only bring part-time joy then rethink your decision too. By eliminating the things that don't bring us joy or the things we don't use, it will bring us freedom. Freedom isn't easy for those who love to splurge, but if you change your mindset then freedom will come easier. Spending less money=Freedom, now do you want freedom?

Quality over quantity
When you do have to buy something new, think quality over quantity. You want what you buy to last a while, right? Paying extra for a nice quality item that you know is going to last years is well worth your money. Now I'm going to tell the wallet story about why you should buy quality over quantity. So I got this wallet from Target and it lasted about half a year and then the coin purse zippy part of it broke on me, and I lost all my coins that I had in there, I was mad. But I understood why it broke because it was a cheap wallet. Then for Christmas 2016, I decided to get a Kate Spade wallet and I knew that this wallet would last me years because it's made from leather and it's designer. And I've been using it ever since Christmas and it's still not broken in yet. It's great! So sometimes it's better to go for quality over quantity.

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