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Home Inspiration I'm Feeling Inspired By...

Picture Credit Hey guys today I'm back with another post in my series "At home with Sugarcoatedbears". So I am currently on my way up to the Appalachian mountains for the weekend, and I just thought I would show you guys some home inspiration that I've been feeling inspired by. With the fall season kicking in I'm finding myself looking up home inspiration because It's been cold in my house so I'm looking up winter bed inspiration but then I found myself seeing other cute home ideas. So here is a thread of home decor inspiration that I have actually repined on Pinterest. Also if you don't follow me already on Pinterest you can here or look up me up @sugarcoatedbears on Pinterest. Now let's get into the inspo

Picture Credit
In all of these pictures you will notice some similarities because I have a certain kind of decorating style/interest that if I were to describe it, I would say it's girly, Scandinavian, Parisian, minimal, and inspired by fash…

The Baker Boy Hat

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post today. So today's look is something that is totally my style, and it kind of has a Parisian vibe. I love how casual yet put together and stylish this look is. Also guys I'm announcing right now that I'm changing my blog posting schedule to be every Tuesday and Friday. This will space things out a bit, and prevent the "new blog post" promotion picture on Instagram to be back to back. So check out new blog posts every Tuesday and Friday!

I took these pictures in morning lighting, and I'm quite liking it. In my opinion, the morning, and the afternoon are the best times for taking pictures because it's not to too bright outside, but not too dark. And to speak of the afternoon, golden hour is amazing in photos because it adds a nice dreamy gold element to the photo. 

The best element of this outfit is the baker boy hat for sure! I got this hat from Rose Gal for a sponsored post, and I'm loving it. I've been…

Life in Pink

Hey guys I'm back with another look, and another issue of my e magazine "Sugarcoatedbears". Also if you need help finding the magazine scroll to the bottom of this post, and you'll see a link that you can click on to see it. So now onto the look. To start off with this look I went for a cool girly vibe, but not over the top. Lately I've really been inspired by the colors pink, and black paired together, it just brings such a nice vibe to an average look. 

If you guys follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you have seen me rocking these sunglasses a lot. But I just can't help but to love them! They bring such a cute Breakfast at Tiffany's vibe to any outfit. And not to mention my obsession for cat eye sunnies! 

To be honest after I shot this look I wanted to lay on this couch forever because it was so cozy with my comforter on it. I can't even imagine how my future home would look. All I know is that it would be so cute! It would probably have a minimal…

A Visit To The Pumpkin Patch

Hey guys I'm back with another post. Today I will be sharing pictures of a pumpkin patch that I went to a couple weekends ago. Visiting a pumpkin patch is just the most exciting thing about fall time. So me and my mom drove to a pumpkin patch that was around 45 minutes from my house, and we picked out a lot of pumpkins!

It was a very country ride there, and if you guys don't know already I'm in the process of getting my permit, and I'm a pretty good driver, I just go fast sometimes, but not too fast. But anyways when we got there, there was a variety of pumpkins, and they were a pretty good price. So we got a ton of pumpkins. But now two of them are rotting so we have to get more pumpkins now because my mom likes pumpkins. 

I decided to match with the pumpkin patch, and wear an orange shirt. The oranges are very similar so I can say I'm matching with the pumpkins. 

Outfit Details: My top is from LLbean, my skirt is from Ellenenno, my watch is from Jord watches, my…

I Attempt To Make A Rug

Hello guys! Welcome to the 2nd post in my series "At Home With Sugarcoatedbears". So I'm going to be straight up. When I bought the supplies I needed, I was intending to make a rug, but then turns out I didn't have enough supplies. And I wasn't trying to go to the craft store and waste 20 more bucks because I was short on glue and rope. So I just ended up with a placemat. But I can't complain because now I use the placemat as a cute plant placemat in my room. So in today's tutorial I will show you how I made the "rug" and then you guys can see the epic fail at the end.

For this DIY you will need some rope, a glue gun with some glue, a drop cloth, and some scissors. 

So to start out you will make a little circle kind of wrap and hot glue gun it to your drop cloth. Then just keep wrapping your rope around and keep gluing it down. 

As you keep wrapping you will start to see it turning into a rug or in my case, a placemat. 

This was the part when I…