New Years Outfit Ideas If You're Feeling Stuck

New years can be hard because you're supposed to dress up if you're going out, and you may not have dressy clothing, or if you do you have dressy clothes don't know how to pair stuff with it. So here I am today to help all of you guys out. In today's post I'll be sharing three casual new years looks, and of course I will be sharing some clothing items that would be good to take ideas from. 

To to start off with the clothing items they are linked below. I would recommend wearing anything that is a bit glitsy, and glam, so a sparkly dress would be perfect for new years. I feel like you could wear a normal night out dress but sparkle it up with some jewelry, and you could get away with it. Really my best piece of advice for dressing for New Years would be to wear some sparkles, or sequins, and dress it up with some heels. 


Here is the first look. This outfit does not look too dressy but it also does not look too casual either. I dressed up the outfit with my tassel earrings from Zaful, and my my pretty silver bracelet, and I don't know where my bracelet is from but I love it. 

If you notice the dress has a silky kind of material and that is a good kind of material for dressy occasions like new years. I love the pink, and black combination of this outfit because it looks classy but not overdone. 

For shoes I am wearing ones that kind of lace up, and these kind of shoes would be a good option if you don't feel like dying in heels. 

Outfit details: The dress is from wish wish wish but I'm not sure of what store sells that brand, my shoes are from Tjmaxx, my bag is from Coach, my keychain is from Laduree Paris, my earrings are from Zaful, my glasses are from Coach, and I'm not sure where my bracelet is from. 

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Now onto the second look. I am wearing a casual floral dress with a fur vest, and a my Kate Spade bow bag that I turned into a clutch. I would have to say that this is the most casual New Years outfit on here, but it's good if you're just hanging out with your family, or just going out for a tiny bit and then heading back in. The fur vest dresses up the outfit a lot, and without the vest it probably would not look as dressy. 

Guys do you notice my running watch? I forgot to take it off for these photos so the running watch is now a part of the outfit even through it was not intentional. If you guys didn't know already I wear my running watch everyday and it keeps track of my daily step count, and my runs. It's quite useful and I wear it everyday even if it does not suit the outfit too well because I need to know my step count. 

Outfit Details: My dress is from Ruufe, my bag is from Kate Spade, my heels are from Kohls, my vest is from Target, my glasses are from Coach, and my watch is from Garmin. 

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Now my last look is one that I posted on my blog a couple of months ago. You can check out the full post here. I actually wore this outfit to homecoming, and I thought of the outfit and I was like, "this would suit my new years post". So here we are with another New Years outfit idea. The sparkles on the dress make it great for new years, and you pair it with some heels and accessories, and boom you got a good outfit. 

Outfit Details: My dress and shoes are from Kohl's, my glasses are from Coach, my bag is from Kate Spade, my earrings are from Pearl Paradise, and i don't know where my bracelet is from.

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That was all for today's post. I hope it helped some of ya'll with deciding on what to wear for New Years. Do you guy's have any big plans for new years? I'm not really doing anything, and I'll probably just be hanging out in my house. I'll see you guy's on Tuesday with another post. Take care.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Hey guys I'm back with another look. How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was really good, and we went to my grandparents house to celebrate. Did you guys also notice that I have a new blog theme? I decided to get one for Christmas, and now my blog looks really good, and more like my style. I got my theme from 17th Avenue designs if you want to know where I got it from. It was very easy to customize, and they give good instructions on how to download the theme so I recommend them if you're looking for a theme. Now to go onto the look, this one is my last Christmas themed holiday look. It's crazy how fast time goes by, and it's weird that it's almost the new year. There will be a new years outfit guide out on my blog on Friday to help all of you guys out if you're struggling to find inspiration. I love new years outfits because it's the one time you get to dress up, and be extra. 

I wore this outfit when I visited Brevard in October, and it just put me in such the holiday spirit even though it was far away from the holidays when I wore this there. But hey you can never get in the spirit too early! I really love how I took these photos at the cabin there too because these pictures look so cute for fall and winter. The cozy log cabin just creates the best vibe for wearing these kinds of things. 

I love the shirt! My mom actually gave it to me, and I love it! I'm going to be wearing it nonstop when it's the holiday season. As for the leggings, I am always in leggings. On my blog I really only show my fashionable outfits, but about three to four times a week I wearing leggings because they're so comfy! 

Outfit Details: the shirt is from Nordstrom, my leggings are from Kohl's, my watch is from Garmin, and my glasses are from Coach. 

That's all for today's post! I'll see you guys on Friday with my new years outfit guide. 

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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Her

There is so doubt that Christmas time is the most hectic time of the year. You have to put together everyone's presents, and get stuff done before you go on break. It can sometimes be super overwhelming, and you may be trying to get everyone's gift last minute because you simply don't have much time to get gifts for people. So here I am with a last minute stocking stuffer gift guide for the people out there needing some assistance with stockings. All of these items I linked are quite small and inexpensive, and these are great ideas for stocking stuffers because they are little things that you can throw in a stocking pretty easily. Also Ya'll can you believe that there is only four more days till Christmas?! That is so insane. This year really went by fast, and it's just crazy how it's almost 2018. But enough rambling let's talk about the gifts. 

1)Anthropologie Splash Tunes Dual Wireless Speaker-Speakers are great gifts because you never know when you want to jam out to some awesome music, or listen to a podcast or video at a better volume. Speakers are so useful and great for social gatherings and entertainment in general. 

2)Loft Star & Plaid No Show Sock Set-Socks are such a great gift. I remember when I was a kid I would be mad to get socks in my stocking, but now I love getting socks. They are always what I ask for as a stocking stuffer. They are good as a practical kind of gift, and for being cozy in general. 

3)Maybelline® Lash Sensational™ Mascara-Ya'll I'm going to be real here, a girl always needs mascara. I barely refresh my mascara, I'll legit use the same one for half a year, and it's gross. Stocking up on mascara can never hurt. 

4)ShopBop Triple Tier Drop Earrings-Earrings are always a good gift because it's hard to not like earrings. I've been loving tassel earrings and drop down earrings in general. They look so good, and can spice up any outfit. 

5)Anthropologie Golden Heart Portable Charger-Guys you don't even know how useful portable chargers are. I can't even tell you how many times I have been at a track meet and then my phone is about to die. 

6)Kate Spade Take Note Medium Leatherette-Bound Notebook-Notebooks are great for planning, and for school or work. You can never go wrong with a good notebook. 

7)Urban Outfitters UO Emoji Nail Polish-Nail polish is good for girls who love to paint their nails. Nail polish is an easy gift that can can throw in a stocking pretty easily. It's also very useful for making your nails look good. 

8)Merkury Innovations Anglz Aluminum Wireless Earbuds-Wireless earbuds. They are the new future thing, and they are very useful. Me being a runner myself I want to get wireless earbuds so then I don't have to worry about the cord. They also look really cool too. 

9)DSW Kitty Scuff Slipper-Slippers are always a good gift because they are so cozy. You can get some cute ones for a good price, and you never have to worry about cold feet again. 

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These are all of my stocking stuffer ideas. I hope you enjoyed this week's mini series of last minute Christmas ideas. I will see you guys next week with some lookbooks, and more inspiration!

Christmas Sales from Rose Gal

Are you guys doing your Christmas presents last minute? I know I am. This week I am going to be giving you guys some last minute gift ideas. Today I'm doing a post going on Holiday sales from Rose Gal, and on Friday I'm going to do a last minute stocking stuffer gift guide. To start off with Rose Gal, they are doing a huge 12 days of Christmas sale. You can check out the Christmas deals if you're interested. They have some really cute holiday items, and I'm super excited to share some of their cute things. 

1)Glitter Flare Sequin Cocktail Dress-This dress would be really cute for a new years dress or a simple night out dress. The sequins at the top make it look perfect for a night out, and they add a fancy element. 

2)Raglan Sleeve Double Striped Top-This top is really sporty and cute. I love the sleeves. This kind of top would be really good for a casual day out, or for going to a sports event. I love sporty tops like this, you guys just don't see me wearing sporty stuff that much because this is a fashion blog. 

3)New Ladies' Autumn Corduroy Retro Jacket-Red jackets are always good for the fall, and the holiday time because red is worn a lot in these times. This jacket would be good for a Christmas event, or as something you could throw on if you're cold.

4)Ruffled Seam Knitting Mini Dress-This dress is so cute. I've been loving pink lately. It's just such a cute color, and it can make any outfit look girly. I really want to get more pink in my wardrobe because I've been loving it a lot lately. I'm actually wearing pink pants right now while writing this haha. 

5)Ladies Rubber Sole Embroidered Star with High Heels-Oh my gosh guys when I saw these heels I fell in love!! These star heels remind me of some of the Saint Laurent fashion shows. These heels are gorgeous, and I'm totally getting them.

I hope you guys liked all the things I linked. All of these things are super cute, and they are all apart of Rose Gal's sale. I suggest you guys all do your Christmas shopping online at Rose Gal. Here is the link again to the 2017 Christmas deals. The sale is from December 14th-December 25th, so if you want any of these items you have a limited time to get them. Like guys I would for real get those heels because they are adorable. I would also like to thank Rose Gal for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own, and I look forward to showing you guys some last minute stocking stuffers on Friday. I usually don't do two gift guides, or holiday posts in one week but I had a limited time to get this post up, and I already had the stocking guide done so this week will be all about last minute gifts. But next week you guys will see some look books.

My Experience being a Competitive Runner

Being a competitive runner is hard. You go through hardships, victories, scary moments, and most of all you develop a better relationship with yourself and other people. Being a competitive runner really makes you more mentally and physically strong. It can change your life in one blink. Last Year I was an artistic kind of person, I would have never thought to join a sports team because I thought it was for all the preppy rich kids. I was really stereotyping sports, and it turns out that I have met some amazing people through cross country and track. I have grown so much over the past year, and I just keep on growing. Before I joined cross country and track my junior year of high school my mom was always trying to convince me to join cross country. She was so on me to join cross country for such a long time because it really changed her life for the better, and she still runs to this day. Competitive running really can make a difference in anyone's life no matter who you are or what your background is. All you do is go out there and run and just see what you can do.

I established more friends
Once I joined the team I didn't know anyone and I was the awkward kid trying to find their way into the group. It took a couple weeks to establish some cross country friends but when I did establish those friendships it was great. Now me and my track and cross country friends are like squad, and we have gotten to know each other very well. It just takes time to warm up to people and for other people to warm up to you. Running or getting involved in a group in general can really open you up to more friendships, and more connections. Friends have been my favorite part of joining the track and cross country team because we can all relate to each other, and it's always so much more fun to run competitively when you have people by your side.

I have become more mentally and physically strong
You constantly deal with pain if you're a runner. Whether it be a bad ankle, or you're racing in a 5k and you're absolutely dying because it's a hilly course. Running is painful, and I find the best runners are mentally strong. Being mentally strong is the concept that you can do anything, and yes it may be painful but you can get through it. Me being 4th best on the varsity cross country team with a PR of 00:21:22.417 on a 5k I know that it takes mental strength. Really it does not matter who you are, you can be better if you want to be better. If you want success that bad you can obtain it, there is nothing stopping you but yourself. If you push yourself mentally, you will also see physical results. While being a competitive runner, the more time you keep shaving off from your personal record the more you will see physical results. You see physical results from all that training. Before I started running I had cellulite on my legs, and as soon as i started getting into shape I have gotten more toned, and now I have no cellulite on my legs. Running really does build you mentally and physically.

It boosted my confidence and my health
Running and working out in general is very good for your health. You can see more about the benefits of running here. If you didn't know already you need at least thirty minutes of exercise a day. A lot of people take exercise for granted, but it really it makes such a difference. I have always been active but it was not until this year that I got serious about training and becoming fit. Working out makes you feel confident because you know that you're doing this for yourself, and you're taking care of your body. Knowing that boosts your mental state, and self esteem. When I take off days I feel like crap, and I hate it, that's why I don't take many off days. It's like once you get into the routine of working out, you feel like you absolutely need it to function everyday. But it's a good thing to get into the routine of exercise because it's good for your mind, and your body. I have always been confident but there is no doubt that this year I have been the most confident about myself.

I deepened my knowledge about running
Before I started competitive running I didn't know much about running. I thought of it as just another form of exercise, but really there is no much more to it than that. If you want to be a good runner you need to know certain techniques to use in races, you need to know what pace you are, and how to maintain that pace, and most of all you have to know that it's hard to run competitively.

I became apart of the cross country team
Coming into cross country I had no idea about all the pain that goes into running. I was new to it, and when I went to the first cross country meeting I didn't know anyone, and I was standing up against the whiteboard all by myself not really talking to anyone because everyone else in the room knew each other and no one knew me. At the time no one knew my potential, not even me. I went out there, and I started running with the team, I made friends, and I soon found out my potential. I was 4th place on Varsity from the start, and I held that position throughout the whole season. I had almost no experience with running but then I somehow was 4th best on varsity. It was incredible, and everyone always says to me, "you just came out of nowhere".  My coach was the most impressed with me, and he is still impressed with me to this day. I don't want to over toot my horn but do you really want to know how I worked my way up so fast? I took almost no off days, ran lots of miles, I always put my 100% effort into the workouts, and I trained so hard that I would cry or beat myself up over a workout. I was the most hardest working, competitive, and dedicated person on my team, and that's why I just keep getting better and better. When I was at the cross country banquet I received two plaques, one for breaking expectations, and another one for most PR's of the season. I also received my varsity letter. And I'm here to let you know that you can do it too.

I understood more about success
If you want success that badly you can achieve it. You must be willing to give it all you got to make it happen through. You have to put in the work. If you want to be a good runner you can be a good runner, really the only thing that is stopping you is your mind. My coach always tells our team, "you can do anything for five minutes", or "you can do anything for two miles". While physical aspects affect your running, it does not affect it as close to as much as your mental strength. Running has really made me realize that if you want to see results you better put in the work, and it taught me that if you want success you can achieve it.

I joined the track team
Coming from cross country I joined the track team to stay in shape, and hang out with my friends. It is very different from cross country because it's a smaller team, and the races are a lot shorter. I am a distance runner so I run the 4 by 8 relay, the 1 mile, and the two mile. Also for the 4 by 8 relay all we have to do is shave off two seconds from our overall time and then we qualify for state. We are doing it regardless today as you're reading this post, and I'm actually re scheduling my doctors appointment because I'm that determined that we will qualify today. So I will do my yearly checkup at a later time because we have to qualify for state. I'm going to be real I'm that crazy runner that takes it so seriously, and I'm a total overachiever when it comes to running. But I love it! So I will let you guys know whether we qualify. I really hope we do because then we would be the first people to qualify for the 4 by 8 relay in school history. But anyways I'm loving track, and it is very fun.

Now I want to show you guy's my times so you know how I place, and what my stats are overall.
I hope you guys liked all the photos! They are a roundup of some photos from cross country and track. I also hope I inspired some of you guys to start competitive running or to step out of your comfort zone a little bit. That's all for today's post and I'll see you guys on Tuesday with another post. 

Snow Days(Sort of)

Yes I know that it does not look like it was snowing, but I swear it was a tiny bit, it just was not sticking to the ground. So I totally epic failed on snow pictures but these photos look cozy, and good for a rainy day. 

It snowed over the weekend in my area, and it made me in such a cozy Christmas mood. I was actually at my best friend Gabby's house when it was snowing. We attempted to take snow photos but obviously there is no snow in the photos, but the photos are still cute. Gabby is going to Argentina for three weeks so I came over to hangout before she leaves. I'm going to miss hanging out with her, but I can hangout with my other friends too while she's gone. 

To talk about the outfit, I am wearing Gabby's jacket because mine was not heavy enough to wear in the freezing cold. Her jacket is so cute, and I love the fur at the top of it. Pretty much this is an all black look. Usually I wear lighter colors, and when it snowed I guess I was feeling the black because it was gloomy and rainy outside. 

A cute photo of us!! I love how we always match in some sort of way. It looks like we are wearing the same outfit but in different colors, I love it!

Outfit details: Her jacket is from Aeropostale. my leggings are from Nike, and my glasses are from Coach. 

That is all for today's post. I hope you liked the photos! I'll see you guys on Friday with an exciting post about my experience being a competitive runner. 

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Christmas Room Tour

Hey guy's welcome back to another post in my "At Home With Sugarcoatedbears" series. Today I'll be showing you how I decorated my room for Christmas. This year I decided to go with a girly/sparkly theme. Last year I did a pretty traditional Christmas theme. You can see last years Christmas room tour here. If you look back to my room last year it looks very different from this year. This year i inherited a queen bed from my Grandma, and Grandma if you're reading this thanks so much again for the bed. I also have moved my bookcase and my side table in my closet for more space.

So in the past year my room has went through a lot of changes. I love how it all turned out. Decorating for Christmas is always so fun. It is my favorite holiday, and making my room look really cute for Christmas is always fun. Also here is an overview of my room. 

I have a magazine bin right next to my DIY nightstand. It holds all of my magazines. I get a lot of fashion magazines sent to me for free. I place them in this basket so I can read them when I want to. 

This is my DIY nightstand. It is made out of wood blocks or whatever these are called, I honestly don't know what they are called. They look really good and add a natural looking vibe to a space. 

I usually set my backpack right beside my bin because I always need my backpack for school or a track meet. I like to have my backpack where it's easy to get to so then I can get to my stuff easier. My backpack is also from Vera Bradley if you're wondering. 

I have a full length mirror on my wall so then I can see my outfit in the morning. This mirror helps out a lot because sometimes my outfit does not always look good so I can make the changes I need. Also let's just appreciate me wearing my PJ's for a moment. It was cozy and I figured that no one would care if they me in my pajamas. I love those bunny slippers by the way, they are the most comfiest things ever. 

My dresser looks quite festive with this garland. I also have a couple little Christmas trinkets on my dresser as well as some candles, and some journals that I don't write in but are just on display. If you have been following me for a while you would know that I make my own garland for Christmas by using evergreen, and pine clippings. You can see how I make it here. My garland only costs a couple dollars because all I need to buy is the ornaments, and some dollar tree garland. Pretty much you wrap dollar tree garland around where you want your garland to be, and then you add in all the clippings and ornaments to make it look like nice garland. It's pretty simple and turns out good every year. 

A few closeups of some of the stuff on my dresser

I love this oh deer print. It is so cute, and kind of funny for Christmas. 

On the other side of my bed I have another DIY nightstand. I just have a plant on here, and from time to time I place drinks on here while I work on my bed. Yes i work on my bed. It is hard to stay focused on school work and my blog work on my bed, but I make it happen. 

In the right corner of my room I have this mini beanbag that I sit on while I do my Instagram posts. I also place these two pillows on there when I'm not using the bean bag. 

On my wall I hung a merry sign that I got from the Target one dollar section, but the sign was three dollars. It is pretty good for three dollars, and makes a great decoration. 

Last but not least I have my mini Christmas tree. It's so cute and I love the way I decorated it this year. The ornaments are so cute. The gifts under the tree are for my friends, and for me. I mostly have gifts for me through. You gotta treat yourself!

That's all for this room tour. I hope you guys liked it or found inspiration from it. I'll see you guys on Tuesday with another blog post!