Holiday Guide: Christmas Greenery

Do you want to know how to transform your Christmas greenery for free? In this holiday guide I will tell you how to make your greenery look full and luxurious for little to no cost. So what you will need is some cheap garland from the dollar store, some yard clippings(preferably evergreen, pine, or Christmas tree clippings), ribbon or something like ribbon to secure the garland, and some ornaments or other decorations to put in the garland. 

So first you will lay out your cheap dollar store garland on wherever you want your garland to be. Next thing you will do is get your ribbon and tie the garland to wherever you're putting it. That way when you stick all the yard clippings in it will actually stay. Next you will stick your yard clippings in. You know what I love about using yard clippings is it makes your garland look more real, and it makes it smell good too. Not to mention it's free. You could also use those little Christmas picks that you can get at the store and stick it in, if you don't want to use yard clippings. There is not really a technique to sticking it in, other than making sure you stick all the clippings in evenly so there won't be a large lump of garland, and a small lump. Also don't be afraid to stick in pine cones or random sticks, get creative with it. Once you got your gorgeous garland all set up, decorate it. You can pretty much use anything you want. For a nice contrast you could try doing a variety between small and big ornaments. That's what I did for the garland that I did this year, and it looks great. 



The transformation is amazing! For this year's garland it was under two dollars. Isn't that amazing, and it looks great. And you could use this technique with any Christmas greenery, I just happen to use it with garland. Also warning you will have to vacuum afterwards but it's worth it for some amazing looking garland. 

Who's ready for Christmas? I am dude. On this blog every single week leading up until Christmas I'm going to have a new holiday guide post. It's going to be awesome and I'm really excited to show you guys my Christmas lookbook and Christmas room tour coming soon. So get ready!!!!! See you in next week's holiday post!

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