Trip to Asheville, NC

 As you guys may or may not know, I went to Asheville this month! And now it's time to share the vacation with everyone. This vacation was so fun, and I just love being in the mountains. I've always wanted to live in the mountains, and go to college in the mountains(Appalachian State), so being there for three days was pretty fun. We stayed in a cute little log cabin in the woods, and it was so cozy. The vacation was really relaxing and it was awesome seeing the beautiful sights.

Day 1
We drove up to Asheville, and got there around eleven o'clock. Once we got there we settled into our cabin for an hour or so. Then we decided to go get some lunch at twelve bones. Let me tell you guys, twelve bones is to die for. I ate six ribs, some mac and cheese, and some green beans. I was packed once I finished eating. After we were done eating we realized that twelve bones is in the same area as the artist studios there. So we decided to check out the art studios, there was some really good artwork there. We went in multiple art studios and it was really cool seeing other people's work. After that we drove over to the grove park inn to see it. We just walked around and saw the view that it had to offer. It was very beautiful and we got free apples too! After that we drove back to the cabin to settle in for the night. It was so cozy, and warm in the cabin. We had our little wood burning fireplace inside going, and we made some smores. And that was about all the happened on the first day.

Day 2-

We woke up around seven o'clock and hit the road to go to chimney rock state park. It was such a nice drive to go to chimney rock state park, we were literally driving on a mountain to get there. It was very pretty. When we got there we hiked up the mountain to go to the chimney rock. It was very beautiful when we got to the top of the rock. We stayed up on the rock for a few minutes and we then hiked to go see the waterfall. The waterfall was not an actual kind of waterfall, it was just some water running off of the mountain, but it was still very cool. after that he hiked some more and decided to go to chimney rock town. My parents wanted to check out a brewery in the town and so we went there. It was very scenic because the brewery was on a river and it was relaxing to look at the river. After that we walked around the town just looking in the gift shops. I found a really cute shirt and my mom bought it for me. Thank you again mom(if you're reading this). Then we decided to go to downtown Asheville to grab some lunch, but we couldn't find parking so we drove near the Biltmore area to look for food. We then found Moe's and ate there. I ate a nice burrito stuffed with chicken, rice, lettuce, and cheese.  After that we went back to the cabin to relax. We watched a ton of scary movies at the cabin.We watched Halloween 1 and 2, and Friday the 13. It was fun to relax and watch all of those movies, we were all up late that night watching those movies. Then we fell asleep around eleven o'clock.

Day 3-

This was the last day in the mountains, the most saddest day, because I never wanted to leave. So anyways Cal woke all of us up around 7 o'clock. Then we basically packed up all of our stuff and hit the road. I also went on a little walk before leaving just to say goodbye to everything. Basically we drove home, unpacked, and I did my homework when we got home.

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