How to cozy up for the cold seasons

It is the season of cozy! Now you don't want to be that one person who is always cold right? So here in this guide I will tell you step by step on how you can cozy up for the colder seasons

Step 1: Make sure you have enough warmth in your house
Houses can get freezing during the colder seasons, especially if  the heat is not always on. You can cozy up and get warm by having extra blankets laying around, and also wearing a robe or super cozy PJ's. Honestly being warm under a blanket is the definition of fall and winter(at least it is to me).

Step 2: Wear cute fall and winter clothes
I find myself feeling more cozy when I'm wearing a cute fall or winter outfit. Maybe It's just because I'm a girl but like aye I get cold so easily so I need to wear those extra layers.

Step 3: Listen to Holiday music 
Let me tell you I'm obsessed with Christmas music and it puts me in that cozy mood that I love. But it also leaves me with getting hype for Christmas on November 1st. I'm literally almost done decorating my room for Christmas, and my parents are letting me decorate the house on Thanksgiving. So I'm hype for decorating, it seems like I'm a Christmas elf because I just love Christmas and I'm always thinking of new ideas for Christmas in general.

Step 4: Cuddle with your loved ones
This may be your dog, or whoever. I love cuddling my puppy, she's my sweet little baby. Cuddling puts you in the cozy mood, and yo like who doesn't like being all cozy and warm.

Step 5: Make it smell like the Holidays
Thanksgiving is like 1 millimeter away and Christmas is like 5 centimeters away, so making your home smell like the holidays is a must. Honestly to me Thanksgiving isn't that big of a deal, but Christmas is a huge deal. I'm a crazy Christmas person. So anyways you can get a candle if you want an easy way to make your home smell good, but there is many other ways. So let's start with thanksgiving, honestly all you need to do is bake a turkey and boom you got your cozy turkey smell, or if you don't want to cook a turkey you could go for whatever food smell that you love, so just cook food and boom. Now onto Christmas, so all you need for this is yard clippings(preferably pine, evergreen, or Christmas tree clippings). Then you just use the clippings in your Christmas decorations to make it smell good, and the cool thing about doing this is that It is a long lasting smell. For example if you have garland, you just put the clippings in the garland to make the garland look more full and smell good. I'm probably going to do a whole post on Christmas greenery(garland, trees, etc) because there is many amazing secrets to Christmas greenery. I've been using this method in my Christmas decorating and my mom walked in my room and said "it smells like Christmas in here", it is really funny how this simple technique works.

So that was all my steps, I'm probably going to be doing a Christmas greenery post on my blog next week, or it will be about thanksgiving. I'm not sure, You'll just have to see. 

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