October favorites

1)Trip to the Asheville
I'm loving my trip to Asheville so far. It has been really fun and such a good experience. I will have a whole other blog post about Asheville next week, but I want to briefly talk about it now and tell you what we did so far. So we drove up today and it was about a three and a half hour drive. When we got here, we got settled into the cabin, and chilled for an hour. We then decided to eat lunch at twelve bones(they have the best ribs ever). Then we went to all the artist studios that were in that little area. There was some really good painters there. Then we went to the grove park to walk around(we didn't do the spa there-I wish man). We drove back to the cabin on a scenic road, and it was fun because the road was twisty. And now we are just chilling in the cabin. We had a campfire and made some smores. So that is pretty much all that is going on so far. And tomorrow we are going to chimney state park, and whatever else we want to do.

Halloween hasn't even happened yet but I already know it's going to be great. I'm going trick or treating with my friend Jordan and I'm so excited to stuff my face full of candy. You are probably wondering why I'm posting about Halloween when it hasn't even happened yet. But every year on Halloween it's always amazing so It does not even have to happen yet for me to post it on here.
I have been getting back into photography this month. I used to enjoy photography a lot and then that faded away and now it's back. You know the thing about when I get back into photography is that once I get back into it, I go outside more and want to see the world more. It's very exciting!

4)Going on walks
This month I have really been enjoying going on walks. Walks make all my stress go away and I love being out in nature. Walks also give me the opportunity to take cool photos.

5)Leaves changing colors
This month is really the month of all the trees changing colors. It is so beautiful. Fall is my favorite season because it's so cozy and I love the colors. I am writing this is Asheville right now and the colors here are so pretty. I feel like it's the peak of the colors but really its the end of the peak. I love looking at the orange, red, and yellow mountains, it's very stunning.

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