October favorites

1)Trip to the Asheville
I'm loving my trip to Asheville so far. It has been really fun and such a good experience. I will have a whole other blog post about Asheville next week, but I want to briefly talk about it now and tell you what we did so far. So we drove up today and it was about a three and a half hour drive. When we got here, we got settled into the cabin, and chilled for an hour. We then decided to eat lunch at twelve bones(they have the best ribs ever). Then we went to all the artist studios that were in that little area. There was some really good painters there. Then we went to the grove park to walk around(we didn't do the spa there-I wish man). We drove back to the cabin on a scenic road, and it was fun because the road was twisty. And now we are just chilling in the cabin. We had a campfire and made some smores. So that is pretty much all that is going on so far. And tomorrow we are going to chimney state park, and whatever else we want to do.

Halloween hasn't even happened yet but I already know it's going to be great. I'm going trick or treating with my friend Jordan and I'm so excited to stuff my face full of candy. You are probably wondering why I'm posting about Halloween when it hasn't even happened yet. But every year on Halloween it's always amazing so It does not even have to happen yet for me to post it on here.
I have been getting back into photography this month. I used to enjoy photography a lot and then that faded away and now it's back. You know the thing about when I get back into photography is that once I get back into it, I go outside more and want to see the world more. It's very exciting!

4)Going on walks
This month I have really been enjoying going on walks. Walks make all my stress go away and I love being out in nature. Walks also give me the opportunity to take cool photos.

5)Leaves changing colors
This month is really the month of all the trees changing colors. It is so beautiful. Fall is my favorite season because it's so cozy and I love the colors. I am writing this is Asheville right now and the colors here are so pretty. I feel like it's the peak of the colors but really its the end of the peak. I love looking at the orange, red, and yellow mountains, it's very stunning.

The beauty of life

Life. We all live life. Lots of people choose to live with little to no meaning. Imagine a life filled with passion, meaning, and contentment. Now picture your life right now. Is it waking up, going to work/school, coming home, and going to sleep. That is how most people's lives go. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you end up working an unfulfilled, crappy job to try to make ends meat. Unfulfillment is common in how we are as people. So to get fulfilled we look for more. More money, more success, more stuff. So we work longer hours to achieve more, and the whole reason why we keep wanting more is because we are unfulfilled with what we have now. 

But what if I told you that you could be fulfilled. You can. If you appreciate the things you have now, you don't always have to be looking for more. Because less is more. If you take the simple concept of less, the more you will get out of life. The less stuff you have, the less space you need to live in. And by having less stuff you save money on living arrangements, since you will be in a smaller space. By also having a small space with less stuff, you can have more free time because you won't have to work all day to stay where you live and you won't be consuming as much since you're in a small space. By having more free time, you will have more time focus on your passion. What are you passionate about?

By having more free time, you can focus on the beauty of life. I think the beauty of life is truly appreciating every small thing in life, having time to think, and living with lots of contentment and passion. It's staring at a flower and thinking about how pretty it looks, and taking a photo of it because it's that pretty. And waking up with a smile because you know you will have time to go on a walk. I think everything about life is beautiful, but I think natural things are the prettiest. Like the sunset or a warm smile on someones face. What does the beauty of life mean to you? 

Honestly life itself is a gift, a lot of people take life for granted because they don't struggle with a life threatening thing. A lot of cancer patients live everyday like it's their last, and they will still put a smile on their face even know they know it could be the end. I think we should all live everyday like it's our last because we as people, will get a lot out of life from that. We only get a short amount of time on this earth, so the time that we are here, we should enjoy it, and live with lots of contentment. 

You know what makes me realize the beauty of life the most? It's going outside on a walk. Going on a walk gets to me the most when it comes to beauty. I live near a big field, and a small pond. I love going around that area because it's so pretty to stand on the dock and stare out at the lake while the sun is setting. I also stand on top of a medium-size, dirt mountain and look at the field or pond from above. The dirt mountain is probably thirty feet high and it's really cool to look at everything from a higher elevation. I've been getting back into photography, and I just love taking photos of nature, and just the simple things in life. It makes me appreciate everything more. So I encourage all of you reading this to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. And to also look around at your surroundings and find the beauty in it. 

Appreciating life is important, even if you got a busy schedule. Try to find time to think and to witness your surroundings. And to most of all live contented, passionate lives. 

Sharing some things that I wrote in creative writing class

I talked about my creative writing class on my blog a couple of weeks ago. So now is the time that I'm going to share what I'm working on in that class. Creative writing is my favorite class and I have discovered that I really enjoy writing. I will just insert a few short stories or poems that all you guys can read. 

You are from
You are from fox eyed
To chalkboard nails
To the pungent taste of the morning sun

You are from ridges of a deranged land
To the depths of melancholy and asinine
To the esoteric valley where you dwell

You are from soaring words
To the overgrown meadow that germinate
To the exasperate conversations with the scarecrow

What's below
(not done yet but it's the story I'm currently working on, this is what I have so far.)

It was a overbearing, bright autumn day. It was cheery, and the wind was as calm as an old lady on cookie making day. Not once would you think something out of the ordinary could of happened. Since it was a nice day outside I decided to go on a walk. I opened my red, wooden door and stepped outside. The crumbly autumn air filled my lungs as I headed to the forest in my backyard.  It was a very imperturbable morning, and all you could hear was the birds chirping way high up in the tall, oak trees that surround my house like a python. As I stepped into the forest the sun was covered by the trees. It became a little dim, but you could still visibly see your surroundings. All of a sudden I got a eerie feeling all throughout my body, it was the strangest feeling in the world. I kept walking forward not thinking weirdly about the situation. The more I kept walking the more my mind was drifting more farther away from my home.

I’m a very imaginative person so it was normal of me to drift and daydream a bit.  I started to think about an upcoming interview that was on my mind. Abruptly a high pitch, almost clown-like laugh comes from about a two hundred meters in the distance. I turn my head towards where the sound came from and I see a person-almost as tall as a skyscraper, wearing a dark, grey mask grining irregularity at me. I stood there in consternation just staring blankly back at the masked person. I didn’t quite know what to do. Then the masked figure cleared their throat and and snickered “I want to take you the place where I’m from”. I shivered and responded, “Why would I go with you”. The masked person chuckled and divulged “I sense some fear in you right now, you should follow me and I’ll show you how unfearful you should be of me”. “How do you know that I’m in fear”, I asked with alarm. “Because I can sense it”, the figure giggled in a low pitch-almost roller coaster sounding voice. “Are you associated of any groups “, I inquired. “Yes I work for the loch ness monster”, he beamed. “Well that makes sense because this is Scotland”, I stated. “I have told you too much information, I will see you later”, the masked figure cooed. Once the figure finished what they had to say they ran off in the opposite direction of mine. “Is the loch ness monster even real”, I thought to myself. I brushed it off and kept walking forward, hoping to not run into more weird stuff.

I looked down at my watch to check the time, the clock was as frozen as an iceberg. I shivered and got another achy feeling in my stomach. “Something is off”. I contemplated. “There was no point in turning back home because I’m already halfway through my walk”, I thought again. I continued walking and eventually I came across an underground cave of some sort. The cave looked atramentous, and the more I peered into the cave, the more it was starting to look opaque. I shivered and glared into it, I swear, am I magnet because I want to go check this cave out. My shaky legs stepped forward into the pitch black sheet. Suddenly I started feeling the ground collapse under my feet and I felt like I was falling but floating. I couldn’t see anything because it was so dark. I screamed in terror, not knowing what was going on. I glanced below me and saw a flickering, faint light. “What is that”, I hollered in my thoughts. My body started to shake even more as the light of some sort became closer. Ten seconds later I had reached the light, and the feeling had paused, or maybe even stopped. I felt the ground beneath me again and the flickering lamp was right beside me. The lamp looked as if no one touched it in ages, it was very dilapidated. I  trudge forward, very fearful for my life, and very fearful of why my clock started to tick again.

An Autumn Evening At Stephanie’s Place

It was a crisp, autumn night and there was a lukewarm aura in the atmosphere. I opened my door and walked outside to the slumber of fall. I popped open my car door and placed my keys in, starting the car. I turned on the radio and flipped to my favorite station, the jazz station. I drove down the narrow road to her old, brick house. When I got there she invited me in and sat me down near the fireplace. She asked, “Did you want some hot chocolate”? “Sure”, I replied as I stared into the ashes of the fire. The fireplace crunched and crackled, sounding like pop rocks. The brumal breeze blew in from the windows as me and Stephanie sat by the fire drinking our hot chocolate. Me and Stephanie sat there talking about events in our lives and laughing at stupid jokes, Her face started turning into a smirk.

Stephanie laughed and asked if I wanted to hear a funny story, and of course I said yes. “This must be funny since it’s your story”, I remarked as I raised an eyebrow at her. she nodded in agreement. “Okay umm so, when I was about six my brothers and my sisters decided to play a prank on me”. She looked out the window as she started tapping her foot. “Oh really”, I laughed. “So during the time of this year there was bears roaming around the neighborhood”, she announced. She looked at me with a relatable facial expression as if bears roamed around my neighborhood too. Let me tell you guys there was never any bears in my neighborhood but there sure was skunks eating everyone’s trash. “Wow I bet they were causing a lot of drama in the neighborhood”, I replied with a snark. “So we had this screen door in the back of our living room. And so we had this couch that was against the wall where we could hide behind it, so that's what I did”, she informed as she looked over at the couch. “I used to hide behind my couch too”, I remarked. I sipped my hot chocolate and looked at her couch too. “So me and my brothers, and my sisters went to go hide behind it and my brother wanted to go fake fight the bear”. “How is it even possible to fake fight a bear”, I asked while watching the crackling fireplace. “And he was making very loud noises, he was like “rawr”, she grinned. “How did you not know that the whole thing was fake”, I laughed really hard and clapped my hands. “and then so ummm so my sisters went out to go help him, and I still thought this was all real because I never looked over the couch”. “Oh my god you actually believed it”, I quipped with a smirk.  “I was a weenie and so then when I actually came out they were laying on the ground and I thought they were dead. They popped up and scared the crap out of me so I started crying, the end”, she marveled as she ended her story. “Wow now that is the most stupidest story I’ve ever heard”, as I say loudly. “Well I was also six years old okay”, she admitted. “I know”, I said back with a laugh in my voice. The soft, white moonlight started peaking in through the window and the air started getting more chilly.

I reached for a blanket and curled up as we kept talking about the happenings in our lives. “It’s getting late”, I yawned as I sipped my last drop of hot chocolate. It’s prosperous, and creamy taste made my eyes droop even more. I walked over to put the mug in the sink. “I better get going”, I groaned as I headed towards the door. “Okay I’ll call you sometime this weekend or something”, she confirmed. “Okay”, I said as I walked out the door. I stepped slowly down her stairs and headed to my car that was parked on the right side of the driveway. I pulled the door open to my vintage, blue buggy and sat inside. I sat there for a few seconds and then started the car and pulled away from her driveway. The lamp of my car guided me down the narrow road back to my house. When I reached my house I got out of my car and opened my door to my house. And from this point on whatever happens next could be a completely new story but that's for another day.

My workout routine

If you guys know me, you know I love working out. I have not really talked about working out on my blog that much but now it's time to talk about it. I workout everyday and my workout routine is a little bit complex and I thought I would tell you guys how I workout and stay in shape. 

Have you guys ever heard of a workout schedule? It is basically like "on Monday I do this and on Friday I do that".  I have certain workouts on certain days.

So this is my workout "schedule"

Monday,Wednesday,Friday, Sunday
10 minute butt and leg workout video that I follow along to
50 sit-ups
50 crunches
20 squats with milk carton
 30 reps of lifting milk carton
10 pushups

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
10 minute ab workout that I follow along to
50 sit-ups
50 crunches
20 squats with milk carton
30 reps of lifting milk carton
10 pushups

You may be thinking "she works out a lot". I enjoy working out, that is why I do it so much, I also like seeing the results from me working out. When I started doing ab workouts my stomach got so much more toned. If you just put the hard work in, you will see results. This goes with anything in life, not just working out. I hope this inspires you guys to work out, and start living healthy!