August favorites

1)Working out and being healthy
I have really been enjoying working out and just being as healthy as possible. I feel so great because of  being healthy. I will continue to keep being healthy because I just love it. I look my best and I have gotten stronger and more toned. It's just awesome all around. 

2)My Nike tennis shoes
I have been wearing my tennis shoes everyday since I got them at the beginning of August. I have not had a pair of tennis shoes in what seems like forever and I forgot how comfortable they are. I wear my tennis shoes while I'm working out or just going out and about.

 I get a lot of my nutrients by making smoothies. You can get all your nutrients and vitamins and it would taste almost as good as ice cream. That's why I love smoothies.The things I put in my smoothie is berry medley mix, one banana, wheat germ, and some orange juice.

4)Watching Youtube
Summer break is coming to an end and I'm going back to school on monday. But over summer break I had to fill the time because I'm not old enough to work. So I watched a lot of Youtube. I enjoyed watching home, health, food, and fashion videos. It filled the time and it was entertaining.

5)My hat
I bought this hat yesterday and I love it so much. I have been wanting a baseball hat forever and I finally got one! It's awesome because this one goes with my whole wardrobe. 

Ways to relax

I made another youtube video on my channel. I thought I would make a video since I have not made one in a while. So here it is. In the video I bascially just talk about how you can relax. I think this video will be great for people that have a hard time relaxing.

How to make chicken alfredo pasta

-One chicken strip
-Alfredo sauce
-Mozzerella cheese
-Goat cheese
You can use any type of pasta you want but I'm using shell pasta

These are the chicken strips that I used. You can use any kind of chicken, so anything works. 

Goat cheese is really good but you only need to use a little amount because it's so rich. 

The Alfredo sauce makes it the pasta so don't be afraid to put lots of Alfredo in the pasta

For the mozzarella cheese you can use whatever one you have, it really does not have to be specific. I'm using a little bit of this mozzarella cheese ball thing.

-Pop a chicken strip in the oven at 400 degrees
-Cook until it looks done(usually takes around 20 minutes)

-Put a decent amount of pasta in a pan with water and put it on the stove. 
-Put the cooking setting on high, 9, 8, or 7
-Boil the pasta

-Once everything is done cooking, drain the pasta and take the chicken strip out of the oven. 
-Put the pasta in a bowl and put the chicken on a cutting board
-Cut up the chicken into tiny pieces then put it in the bowl
-Throw in your Alfredo sauce and then all the cheese
-and then boom your done

This pasta tasted so good!

This is a closeup of the pasta just so you can see how great it looks. It tastes just as good as it looks. 

How a day during summer break goes

I wake up at around 7-8 am, so I'm an early bird. I go to bed early so that is probably why I wake up so early. I sometimes eat breakfast and other days I don't,so It depends. The image above is how my bed looks after I wake up.

Usually around 9 am I go out to play Pokemon Go. I like going at this time that way I avoid the heat. I usually just stay in areas around my neighborhood but sometimes I venture more out. I really like to stick to the soccer field and the church because that is near my house. Hitting the poke stops is top priority when I play Pokemon because I run out of items in my bag really quickly.

I'll come home around lunchtime and eat lunch.

After lunch I'll either take a nap or do whatever. I like to stay inside when it's the early afternoon because it's way to hot to go outside. Today I cuddled Snookie doodles and worked on this blogpost that you're reading right now.
Then I eat dinner after the afternoon is over

I like to play Pokemon Go after dinner because that is the time when it really cools down and the sun goes away a little bit.

After I'm done playing Pokemon Go I'll come home and relax a bit and then go to bed.

Since it is summer break I try to find things to fill my time since I'm not old enough to work yet. I literally just turned fifteen on July 27th.