June favorites

1) New haircut
I was combing through my shoulder length hair a few weeks ago. It was really tangled so I decided to cut a few inches off by myself so I wouldn't have to brush it. Then afterwards my mom said it was uneven and nagged me(a lot) to cut it even. So we made a deal. That if  I got my hair cut by a actual hair trimmer I would get batteries. I needed batteries for my camera because my batteries were running low so I just said yes. So when I went to the hair trimmer I found out that I really cut it uneven. So my only option to even it out was to do a bob haircut. So I did a bob haircut. At first 
I didn't like it but the more I looked at it the more I started liking it. I really like it now because it's cute, stylish, easy, and I don't even have to brush it. 

After I workout I always put on crap to smell good and this deodorant is awesome. It smells great and it's longlasting. Sometimes I'll be chillin in my house and then I'm like "what smells so good" and then I realize it's my deodorant. 

3)Trip to Atlantic beach
We went to Atlantic beach for a day and it was really fun. We went to fort macon and the beach and that was about it. I liked relaxing at the beach and going in the waves. I really enjoyed going on the pier at sunset time, it was really pretty. 

4)The Danish Girl
This is one of my favorite movies. I really liked the artistry of the movie. The movie is about a male artist(Einar Wegener) who tries to change his sex because he feels like he is a woman named Lili. Lili was created when his wife's(Gerda Wegener)model was absent and she used him as a model. He then dressed up as Lili and abandoned painting. The couple go through a hard time in the movie but Gerda's success came from painting Lili. This is a really great movie and I liked the way it was filmed. There is some symbolism in the movie too which I find very cool. I would suggest watching it.

I love painting and I have been enjoying painting for a couple of months. I'm sure I will keep painting for a long time. This is literally something that could be on my monthly favorites every month but I just thought I would mention it again. 

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