The setup that I use to paint

I'm a painter if you didn't know already. I have a certain setup for my artwork and I thought I would share it. 
So I have a giant canvas that is really like a mat that I lay out on my floor. It is great because it gets really messy when I paint and it feels great to know I got coverage for the mess. 
This is an example of how my brushes are layed out. Usually there is a couple of brushes in my paint water and then I have other brushes scattered around. 
This is where I mix my paints. I use wax paper to mix my paint. I use this as a palette for all the paint that I'm using. I use both sides and recycle it afterwards. 
I lean my canvas up against the wall when I paint. I hang up sheets of paper to protect the wall from paint. It is really great. I like how I can just move the hanging paper back in my closet after I'm done using it. 
This is how the papers look without the canvas leaning on it. I do adjust the papers based on the canvas size. 

That is pretty much my setup. I like painting on the floor because it helps me focus better and this setup works for me. I'm glad you guys got an inside look to how I create my art. 

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