The impact that technology has on you that you don't realize

Technology is everywhere, it's in your home, it's in your work, it's in your school, it's pretty much anywhere where you can think of. 
Now think about how it's effecting your life. Is it enriching your life? Are you learning something? 
Analyze how you use technology.

If you're just surfing from one social media to another and back to the first one, you're not being enriched. If you are doing that I think you're lost in the glow of your screen. You don't have to get caught up on the latest gossip or whatever it may be. All that social media won't matter in a couple of days, you will just forget about it. Try spending less time on social media because you really don't realize how much time it takes up. 

Urgency is a major thing in technology that people don't really realize. The average person checks their phone one hundred sixty times a day. Now isn't that a little obsessive? I see kids all over my school that get a Snapchat  in Thier inbox and reply to it immediately. You know a lot of the time it's just a picture of a wall or something. Is it really that urgent that you need to see that wall immediately? Come on people. It's not like someone is dying or something so therefore you don't need to check it immediately. But if someone is dieing then I can understand the urgency. 

Laziness is another thing that people don't realize about technology. You can do a lot online by just sitting on your butt. My dad used to work at A & B Store Fixtures and he worked with some lazy people. They were lazy because they were playing games on thier Iphone instead of working. Now in days people always feel like they need to be entertained so they spend lots of time using technology. The average person spends five hours a day watching TV. That's a crazy number and I'm sure the number will just keep growing. People sure love the entertainment but it definitely makes us lazy. 

I hope this article made you think about how you use technolgy. You choose how you want to use technology. But I hope I helped you become more aware of certain things. 

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