The downside of makeup

I know so many girls that will put on five pounds of makeup and spend forever getting ready. All that time adds up, all that wasted time. Now think, does it really matter that much? It's really unnecessary to put on a mask that does not even look like you. You're just pouring bad chemicals all over your skin when you do that. You are beautiful the way you are, don't change yourself drastically. If you want longer eyelashes go and put on a coat of mascara, but please try to keep it minimal. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural features not change your features completely. 

If you get in the habit of putting on a mask you might feel ugly without that mask. You won't even have the confidence to step out of your house without makeup because you feel like you are too ugly. All the commercials tell you that if you want to feel beautiful then you can put on a foundation and get flawless skin. But that's not the truth. Don't fall for it! It's not a way to improve your skin it's just hiding the skin that your in and wearing a mask. It's a pacifier to feel pretty. It's like you don't even think about it's impact, woman just put it on and don't even think about it. Question yourself on why you feel you need makeup. For example: Is it really worth my time? Is it really worth my money? How is makeup effecting my self confidence when I don't have it on?

For girls that don't feel confident without makeup I got some tips to help boost your confidence. But remember if you want good change you have to take action.

-Try wearing less makeup and just slowly decrease the amount you wear.
-Start drinking more water because water will repair your skin. For example; my skin used to have lots more pimples but then I started drinking lots more water and now my skin is clearing up.
-Question your makeup usage
-Keep the negative thoughts away and think positivity

You need to feel comfortable with the skin that you are in, that's very important. That is why I underlined it okay. If you enjoy makeup and you feel just as confident without makeup then that is totally okay. I just thought I would write this article to make more people think about it's impact on them. 

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