April favorites

1)Biking to Downtown Wake Forest
I really enjoy biking into town during the weekend. For example I will go to the library, look at the historical homes, or browse the galleries. It's great because It's fun and I can get exercise at the same time. Okay and if you go to the Wake Forest coffee shop you gotta get the Coffee Toffee frappuccino. It's amazing!

Flowers really enlighten the home, and it fits the mood for spring. I got these flowers from a bush near my house. I have a vase in my room with these same type of flowers except three little bundles of them. I saw the same type of flowers as these on my bike ride today in the historical area of Wake Forest. You don't see these type of flowers around the area a lot so it's cool to spot them.

3)Going on the rope swing
My brother Cal built a rope swing at a bridge on the green way and I go there almost everyday. There is two ropes tied to the bridge, one of them is just a rope and the other one is a rope with a board attached to it. I sit on the one with the board and to get navigation and speed I control the other rope when I'm swinging. It's really fun to go on the rope swing because your swinging right over the creek and it's relaxing to go on it. 

4)Jesus shoes
Literally I wear these shoes everyday. I just obsessed with them and I just got these a few weeks ago. There is always mud on them. I think these shoes represent me a lot and I enjoy the vibe of them. My friends also pray to my shoes.

I love listening to U2, specifically the Songs of Innocence album. I like how the music sounds and I enjoy listening to them in my everyday life. My favorite songs are Iris, Raised By Wolves, California, Cedarwood Road, Sleep Like a Baby Tonight, and The Troubles. I discovered U2 from my mom's itunes account and I've only heard a few songs from them so I'm sure there is a lot more songs from them that I can look into. 

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