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April favorites

1)Biking to Downtown Wake Forest I really enjoy biking into town during the weekend. For example I will go to the library, look at the historical homes, or browse the galleries. It's great because It's fun and I can get exercise at the same time. Okay and if you go to the Wake Forest coffee shop you gotta get the Coffee Toffee frappuccino. It's amazing!
2)Flowers Flowers really enlighten the home, and it fits the mood for spring. I got these flowers from a bush near my house. I have a vase in my room with these same type of flowers except three little bundles of them. I saw the same type of flowers as these on my bike ride today in the historical area of Wake Forest. You don't see these type of flowers around the area a lot so it's cool to spot them.
3)Going on the rope swing My brother Cal built a rope swing at a bridge on the green way and I go there almost everyday. There is two ropes tied to the bridge, one of them is just a rope and the other one is a rope wi…

How do you view yourself?

I was talking to my friend Aryan and he suggested that I write an article on self esteem. So here I am.
 Self esteem is how you view yourself. Your self esteem can either be high or low. A person's self esteem is affected by many things, some examples include appearance, status, relationships, how others treat us, media, etc. Having a high self esteem is what we all want right? Feeling great about yourself is important.

 I have a beauty mark above my belly button and I used to not want to wear two piece swimsuits because I was embarrassed of it. I'm not embarrassed of it anymore I mean I felt pretty good when I wore my two piece swimsuit yesterday. I was like damn why was I so embarrassed over it.

If you have low self esteem I would advise you to read the numbered list but if not you can skip over it.
1-Know what your strengths are-make a list of what you are good at(this can be a mental list or physical list)Review your list whenever you are feeling stuck or if you are feelin…

Things I've learned from being a minimalist

I've been a minimalist for five months now and I've learned a lot from minimalism and I'm still learning. I thought I would share what I learned from being a minimalist. 
1)Less is more-If you get rid of the excess that is not adding value or joy to your life you will live a more meaningful life. By owning less I am happier. I have more freedom. I live in the moment. I'm contributing beyond myself. I'm focusing on my health. I'm setting an example. I'm focusing on my passions. My space is cleaner. I'm not attached to my stuff. I can find things easier. I'm getting more out of life by living with less.
2)Going shopping is a waste of time-Getting new items is nice but most of the time you don't need it and you're wasting your money. If you have clothing already why do you need more? because it's just too cute? No if you have clothing already that you enjoy don't go get more. I'm not being sexist or anything but woman are usually t…

How to deal with your dog

Dogs are dogs. They will chew at everything. They will want to play. They will misbehave. That is just how dogs are. 
Tips *Close the doors to some areas that would be dangerous for your dog and close the door if they could chew on something that you don't want chewed. *Make sure you close the toilet seat thing because they will want to go in there and drink/eat the stuff in the toilet. *Take them on multiple walks a day if they have lots of energy because then they can calm down and it's like a weight off your shoulders. *You gotta play with your dog, be a good dog owner people. *Don't underfeed or overfeed your dog you just need the right amount for your dog to be healthy and to grow. *If they start being aggressive try to eliminate the person/thing that is causing the aggression *Teach your dog stuff man(I taught snookerdoddle right shake, also she chewed up that stuffed animal in the picture) *Take your dog to regular vet visits, you need to make your your dog is healt…

A trip to the North Carolina museum of art

Today we went to the North Carolina museum of art because I've been wanting to go and look around a bit. We quickly looked around the older building and spent lots of time in the newer building that is more modern. I gotta say, I loved the design of the new building. I have not been there in a few years so this was my first time going in the newer building. They had a gift store(didn't buy anything), a cafe, and the permanent collection. I enjoyed the modern pieces of art and a few other paintings from artists that I know of. I took a few pictures of the paintings I liked a lot. I don't know the names of them because I didn't look at the names, but they are really cool. I like the swan and the dog painting because it reminds me of snookerdoddle, my puppy. I liked the Claude Monet sea painting with the moon. I also liked a few others but I didn't photograph them. They also had sculptures and the work on the sculptures was really detailed. 
I know there is two post…

March Favorites

1)Myrtle beach Myrtle beach was really fun and this deserves to go on my favorites list. I wrote a whole post about Myrtle beach so if you want to check that out click on the travel label and then boom it will pop up. So we went there for the weekend for my brother's soccer tournament. Our hotel was a penthouse view right on the ocean so it was great. Yeah it was kinda stressful at times but it was fun. The food was good, we ate at a few cool places.  2)The little red writing book This writing book is great for learning how to write better. I've been reading two chapters a day and it's really great to learn new writing techniques. It made me think of things in a new perspective. I also really enjoy how cute the imagery in this book is. There is exercises in the book too to help you practice. 3)Painting I really have been enjoying painting over spring break. It fills my time and it's really fun. My dad is a painter and he has some of his work hung up around Wake Forest…