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February favorites

1) Watching the sunset  I really enjoy biking everyday to go watch the sunset, even if there is no sunset. At least I'm getting out of the house. I love seeing the beautiful colors and seeing the texture of the clouds. Also watching the cute geesies.   2) Drinking tea  I really enjoy drinking tea because it really relaxes me and helps a sore throat out very much. It's awesome to have a nice cup of tea throughout the day. Like literally on the weekends I use the same tea bag all day and then just heat up the water over and over again and keep drinking tea.  3)Rainy days  I love the rain so much, well I've always liked the rain. It's so relaxing and it cleans the earth. It's nice just snuggling up inside with tons of blankets when it's raining. Rain during nighttime is just the best because it helps you sleep a lot better. I went on a rain walk a few days ago and it was really awesome.  4)Coldplay I've loved listening to Colplay ever since I was back in firs…

Tips on saving money

Hey guys I made a youtube video on my tips for saving money. I thought I would make a Youtube video to show my personality more. This is my first Youtube video on my channel, and mostly I'm going to be using Youtube for videos to put here on my blog. So occasionally I will have a new Youtube video. 
You can see my channel here

January favorites

Hello! I thought I would start saying my favorite things of each month at the end of each month. I have watched many of these monthly favorites on Youtube and I thought I would encourporate it into my blog.  1)My camera I love taking photographs on this camera. Grandma gave this camera to me for Christmas and I'm very thankful to take such lovely, high quality photos. I've been using it multiple times a day and it's just spectacular.  2)Snowfall It snowed this month and we had two days off from school along with the weekend. It was fun to play in the snow and to get beautiful photos. I went on a few walks on the green way and everything just looked so gorgeous. Afterall it's not winter without the snow! 3)This perfume It makes you smell so sophisticated and it's a romantic scent. I use this perfume everyday for school and sometimes on the weekend.  4)This photo  I love how the street looks in the early morning with the glow of the streetlights and light rain. It&#…