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How minimalism has impacted my life

Minimalism has changed my whole outlook on life in a positive way. I noticed that I feel a lot happier, lightweight, and stress free. My room looks a lot more visually appealing and everything is very convenient to find. When Snookie escapes the house and runs down the street, I don't get mad, I just laugh at her running. Just a month and a half ago I would get mad at small things like that. When I go out shopping, I notice that I ask myself if I really need it. I'm getting to be a smarter shopper and I've been saving money. I used to just buy things because I felt like I had to spend my money. But it's completely my choice. I don't have to do anything if I don't want to do it. 
Finding out about minimalism has made me realize that less is more.
I'm not against having materialistic items and consumerism. I love going shopping, but I don't buy much, only the stuff I need or will use on the regular. You can treat yourself to items, but just don't let…

Day in my life: Holiday break

I wake up around 5:45 am.Then I usually go hangout downstairs for a bit and check snapchat and instagram. I also work on my blog and go on tumblr. You guys can check out my tumblr. It's just made up of photos I love to look at. I also play with Cherry in the morning. I've been playing a tug game with her lately. It's where she bites onto the end of the stuffed animal and I hold the other side and we both try to get the stuffed animal out of each other's grip. It's funny how she will put all of her strength into getting the stuffed animal.  Then I wash my face. I decided to use a face mask today. This one works really well and makes the gross stuff go away. I will probably review this face mask on here in the future. Then after that is done it's usually lunchtime and I eat. I've been enjoying smoothies and rice lately.  After lunch is when my day really starts. I go out and take photos and explore. I love going on bike rid…

The meaning of life

Life is a gift. We should be delighted for everyday that we are still breathing. We never know when our live may end, so I believe we should live our lives to the fullest. Life, it goes by in a blink of an eye. Life is too short to be dejected. What's the point of living an unhappy life? If your unhappy, try to take action on what you need to do to make your life happier. Get off your ass and take action, it's the only way to achieve your goals. Taking action can be strenuous but I can help you out with that. Plan out what you want to take action on. Next is changing your mindset. You will find yourself doubting what you need to do and you will want to put off your task. Don't put off your task. 
Now, try to have an open mind. Start saying yes to more things, try new things. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. People fear stepping out of their comfort zone. But what is there to be afraid of? What are you scared of? Face your fears, it's the only way to get ov…

How minimalism can improve your life

What is minimalism?Minimalism is about living a meaningful life with less. It's getting rid of the stuff that is cluttering your life. It's living with the things you actually use. It's living with fewer material possessions. It's a way to free yourself from the stress that is building up in our lives. It's focusing on what is really important. Now ask yourself,  What is really important?

You may be thinking, "What is the benefit of living with fewer materialistic items"?  *It eliminates our disconnect  *Have more time *live in the moment
*More freedom
*Your space looks more appealing *Pursue your passions
*More confidence
*Easier to clean your place *You're happier *Grow as individuals
*Spend less money
*Less greedy *Focus on our health *Contribute beyond ourselves
*Set an example *Not tied to the past *Find things easier
*Less stress *Discover the purpose in our lives
People have grown too attached to their stuff. It's getting in the way of our …

Auntie Marilynn visits North Carolina

Hey everyone! Auntie Marilynn came to visit us for Thanksgiving. On Wedesday, we went to see the new hunger games movie. It was really good, and I'm glad it was a happy ending. The next day I got to hangout with Auntie Marilynn was on Friday. We went to the mall for some black friday deals. I found some cute boots for 20 dollars! I don't get them till Christmas through. Then on Saturday we visited downtown Wake Forest. I love going in the antique shops there. We hit the coffee shop too, I ate the best chocolate muffin there. It was so awesome to see Auntie Marilynn.