How to make cooked cinnamon banana slices

Hi! Today I'm going to tell you how to make yummy cinnamon banana slices. This recipe is great for the fall time. Plus it makes the house smell good after wards. 

-Vegetable oil or Olive oil

1)Cut the banana into small pieces
2)Get a small pan and put it on the stove
3)Turn the heat up to 9/high
4)Spread some oil on the inside of the pan
5)Put the banana slices inside the pan and wait a few minutes for it to cook
6)Once done cooking, put the banana slices in a bowl or plate
7)Dump some cinnamon on there and mix cinnamon around 

Boom! your done

Fall lookbook

1)Stylish mademoiselle
2) Creek Nymph 
3)Wondrous stroll outside
4)Dainty Doll

Flower's effect on your home

Flowers can be used for decorating your home in many ways. They are very pretty and delicate. If you want a girly look to your space, flowers are the way to go. You can even pick your own flowers and display them. I picked the flowers displayed in the photo below. Flowers create a soft, and cozy aura to your home. When you first get the flowers, they will make your home smell really nice, and fresh. You can display the flowers in a vase, hang them on a wall, scatter them on a table, and there is so many more ways you can incorporate them into your home. I hope I helped give you ideas, see you next week!