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Review on Korean beauty products

Hello everyone today I'm going to review two of Tony Molly's products. Tony Molly is a Korean skincare brand. I love their products and the packaging is adorable. I bought two of their products for Christmas last year. I haven't done a review of the products yet so I thought I would do that.

The first product is the Hello bunny perfume bar. I got this product in the Dodo rose scent. When you pop off the cap of the bunny there is a cap on top of the perfume bar. I like this feature because the product is clean and it's very convenient.  The scent of this is floral and smells like a sweet rose. The scent lasts long and it's very feminine. There is a lot of  perfume bar that comes in the container. It is worth buying if you love floral scents. 
The next product is the Panda's dream so cool eye stick. This product is meant to moisturize your under eyes. this is great when you wake up because it wakes your eyes up.  This product does have a cap on it too. I love ho…