The Denim Dress

Hey guys! So I just wanted to fill you in on life lately, and why I haven't been posting on social media as much. I am feeling over worked, and tired due to school, work, and my blog. I am so ready for this school year to end, and I really only have a little over a week left in school. I keep getting scheduled for five days a week at work, and it's honestly too much for me right now because I'm trying to wrap it up with school, and everything. The days that I do get off I always try to have fun, and I regret it later sometimes because I'm a workaholic, and when I take one day off I get behind on everything. For example I went to the pool yesterday with Gabby, and later got pizza with my friend Hannah, and went to the pool again. Now I'm behind on my blog work, but I for sure will never trade in friendship for blog work, and my blog can be put back for a week or so until I finish my junior year of high school. So for this last week or so I'm really going to be focusing on finishing up the semester, and working my butt off! It will be officially summer break for me on June 3rd, and I am really looking forward to it! For now if you only see me posing once a week on Instagram, it's only because I'm really trying to focus on school, and work right now. But once it's summer break I'll be posting a whole lot more, and I'm planning on posting twice a week on my blog, as well as posting more on Instagram. 

Now to talk about the dress, I got this dress from my Grandma Rhonda when she visited here in North Carolina. It is super cute for spring, and summer because of how lightweight it is, and because of the floral embroidery at the bottom of the dress. Now in these photos it looks a little dreary due to the rainy weather, but in reality this dress is a very bright, and summery dress. I will be wearing this dress a lot this summer for sure. 

Outfit Details: My dress is from Old Navy, my watch is from Garmin, and my glasses are from Coach.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look, and I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week. Next week I will be posting my favorite pool floaties for summer, so I will see you guys then. 

How to Live Up to your Potential in Life

Are you living day to day, and never really getting any fun out of life? If so you are with the many people that are living day to day, and are in a miserable job, or just going through a hard time in general. That is really no way to live, and I think everyone should have a content, and happy life. Now I know I am just a fashion blogger but I also love spreading positive vibes, and since I have a little bit of a following I want to use it to benefit others, and inspire others. Now to start off, there is no answer key to a fulfilling life, it is simply how you want to live your life, and what you want to do while you are here on this earth. Now to escape from the negative life I believe you have to be determined, and you have to believe in yourself. Living up to your potential is possible, but it takes steps of action, and a positive mindset. There are so many of us out there that are not living up to our potential, and we go through life not being fully content. Now I'm going to get into the key things that may help you live up to your potential.

Your viewpoint of success may be stopping you from living up to your potential. Lots of people always strive to be successful, and they see success as a big house, or a nice car, or expensive clothing. Success is really none of those things, and it is simply how much you you have achieved for yourself in a non material way. Success should really be based on your health, relationships, and whether or not you're doing what you want to do with your life. We can have all the clothing in the world, and we can still be miserable. I think we should stop putting our success in what we have, and more in how we are living our lives. You will never live up to your potential if you let social, and economical pressure get in the way. Just try to be your best self, and focus on the things that are important to you, and then you will have a high chance of living up to your potential.

Having a positive attitude will take you very far. You will never live up to your potential if you are always negative, and dwelling on stuff. You can have a better life if you always vibe in a positive state of mind, and yeah sometimes life isn't always happy and hunky dory, and that's okay. Keeping a positive attitude will make you live up to your potential because you are waking up and being ready for the day, and trying to make the best out of life even if you're not having a good day. If you have a more positive attitude I believe that you will live up to your potential, and enjoy life so much more. 

We are not here to live a mediocre life. Always strive to be your best self, and I can promise you that you will live up to your potential. Never settle for anything when you know it can be better. Now I don't want to brag, but I am a three season athlete. I do spring track, winter track, and cross country for my high school. My mindset is that I'm going to be the best, or I'm thinking why am I here really here. I strive to be the best runner I can be, and I am the fourth best on varsity. Now it takes hard work to do what I do, and I don't want to brag, but I want to tell you guys that you can do it too. Think about life in the way that I think about running. We are here to do the best we can do, and really it's not about where you start, it's where you finish. Anyone can be mediocre so be different!

Taking action on what you want to change will create a better chance for you to live up to your potential. Actually taking action will cause you to do better in life, and be your best self. You can sit around and say you will change, but you have to actually change if you want to make a difference in your life. Once you start forming better habits, and once you stick to them you will see a change in your life. You just have to take action. 

Those were all of my tips. I hope you guy's enjoyed this motivational kind of post, and I for sure want to start doing more posts like these in the future. I am all about spreading positivity, and awareness about certain things. Anyways I will see you guy's next week, and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Cute Swimsuits for Spring, and Summer

#1 top#1 bottoms#2 one piece#3 top#3 bottoms#4 one piece#5 bottoms#5 bikini top#6 bikini top#6 bottoms

With the weather warming up, and pools starting to open, I thought I would share some cute swimsuits that can spark some ideas for what you could be wearing this spring/summer. I totally live in swimsuits during spring, and summer, and I also wanted to share some of the swimsuits that I've been wearing recently, and some I wore last summer. So to start out this post I would say that choosing a swimsuit can be hard because it has to be comfortable. When I choose a swimsuit it can be hard because I'm really petite, and I wear a double zero, so some companies don't have sizes that small. Some places that I have had luck at are Target, Zaful, Walmart, and Rose Gal. I feel like you should always try it on before you buy it, but if buying online be sure that the measurements match up to your body before you buy. Personally I am a bikini person, and I love a floral or striped swimsuit, and even plain colors I like to wear too.

This is a photo from last summer. I got the top from Target, and I got the bottoms from Walmart. I am usually not a Walmart girl but when I was there with Gab last year Walmart actually pulled through with cute bikini bottoms that fit. I would not recommend Walmart for cute swimsuits because not a lot of them are cute, but if you are looking for a variety of cute swimsuits I would go to Target.  

I am wearing the same Walmart bottoms in this photo, and my top is from Rose Gal. I like these paired together because the bottoms have the same color pink in them as the top. This is too funny because I had a partnership with Rose Gal a little back in the winter, and I got credit to their site, and I stocked up on summer swim suits. I was literally so ready for warm weather when it was winter, and now i can finally wear my swimsuits. 

I love this striped swimsuit from Gamiss. I also had a partnership with them so I bought this striped bikini with my credit. I really love this one because it's off the shoulder, and I could totally see myself strutting the beach wearing this. I'm so excited because I'm going to the Outer Banks in June, and I will totally be rocking this bikini for sure.

Lastly I paired the pink bikini top from Rose Gal with the bikini bottoms from Gamiss. I feel like I look really fashionable in this photo, and definitely looking like a statue I feel like. But hey I love the combo! I can't wait to wear all of my swimsuits in the pool once Gabs pool opens. I literally went to the pool with her everyday last summer, and I plan on doing the same thing once it's summer break. Anyways guys I hope you guys got some inspo, and I will be back next week with another post.  

Lots of Love For Flamingos

Happy first day of May! I can't believe that it is already May, this year has just flown by so fast. It's been pretty warm for the most part, but the nights, and mornings are still a little chilly. With summer around the corner I wanted to share this super cute flamingo outfit that my grandma Rhonda got me when we went shopping together, and then I also want to share some of my favorite flamingo items on shop style collective. So to start out with the look I got everything except the sunglasses, and the watch from Old Navy. They are currently having their 40% off sale on the whole store, and they had lots of cute stuff. Also this post is not sponsored by Old Navy, I wish I was sponsored through haha. 

For this outfit I'm sure the first thing you notice is the shorts, and they are sleep shorts I'm pretty sure, but you cold honestly just wear them as regular shorts. The material of them is like a bed linen material, so they are soft but still have a normal short vibe to them if you get what I mean. I think the shorts are just adorable for spring, and summer. To match the shorts we found a tank top that perfectly matches the flamingos on the shorts. When I was trying on this outfit I tucked the tank top into the shorts, and I was like wallah! The tank looks really good tucked in, so I will be wearing it as pictured for sure. 

Now onto accessories! I of course had to include this cute flamingo clutch. I love how the two flamingos are kissing kind of, it's so cute. This clutch looks super good with this look, but you could even wear a clutch like this for a tropical vacay. I also wore pink sunglasses to add to the all the pink in this outfit, and make the look more fun. I am also wearing my Garmin running watch because I am a runner, and I like to keep track of my daily step count using this watch. You probably see this watch in all my photos, and that is because of the daily step count thing. 

To speak about running too, my 4 by 8 relay team qualified for regionals over the weekend, and set a new school record of 10.03 for the 4 by 8 relay. Basically if you don't know what the 4 by 8 relay is, it is basically when you run a half mile all out, and then you hand off the baton to your other teammate, and you basically go down a line of handing it off once you are done with your 800 meters, and in total four people run on the team. It's a pretty fun event, and everyone always jokes around and says that I'm the most competitive, fierce one in the group, and I will agree with that because I don't let anyone win but us. Let's just say I'm really competitive, and I'll sprint the whole last lap, and I'll purposely sprint when I hear footsteps coming up behind me, so you can say I'm gone. It was pretty funny because when I was at state championships I stayed in fourth place on pace with these other girls for the first 1 and a half laps, and then I took off on that last 200 meters, and I won the race by like almost a half lap. I seriously went flying, and no one could even remotely catch up. I don't want to rub it in or anything, I just like to talk about it because you can do it too, and not let anything stand in your way. I want to do a blog post soon about running to talk about my track season, and everything because I don't want to ramble too much on here, so a post will be out soon about it.  

Outfit details: The top is from Old Navy, the shorts are from Old Navy, the Clutch is from Old Navy, the watch is from Garmin, and the sunglasses are from Amazon. 

Now let's get into my flamingo picks!


All of these things are so cute!! The pool floatie is my favorite because just look how cute it is!! You know what's funny is when it was winter I was telling all my friends that I want a pink flamingo pool floatie for summer, and that for the instagram picture on the flamingo I would wear a pink bikini to match the flamingo. Like that is literally picture goals, so I might do it this summer, I just have to get a flamingo floatie first. But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I hope you got some ideas from it. I will see you guys next week with another post. Have a good one!

A Trip to the Pottery Fair!

Getting fun with fashion is always great to do every now and then, and I did exactly that for this pottery fair. A couple of weeks ago I went to a pottery fair called Cedar Creek Gallery, and they had some cool stuff there. I wore an artistic kind of outfit because I wanted to fit the event. I wore some butterfly leggings, and a blue t shirt with some sandals paired with socks. The outfit was so comfortable, but also so cute at the same time. 

There was a lot of cool pottery pieces there, but a lot of them were overpriced. That was the only downside of it, but all of the pieces are handmade so I can see how there is more value in them. There was also this really good bakery, and me and my best friend Gab split a mini pie. Now I'm not even a pottery person but some of the pottery pieces were so cool. Also the background that you see in the photos, those pieces are all glass. It's really cool what you can do with certain materials like glass, or clay, and it was fun seeing it all! 

Gabby's black, and white look that she wore to the pottery fair. I love her shoes! 

There was this one cool wall of handmade fish decor hanging things, and that was my favorite thing to see. The fish at the bottom left is my favorite! It was around one hundred and sixty dollars, and I wouldn't know what to do with it, but it's cool. 

Outfit Details: My top is from Madewell, my leggings are from LuLaRoe, my shoes are from Target, my bag is from Kate Spade, my watch is from Garmin, and my glasses are from Coach.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post! It was a lot of fun to see all of the different pottery pieces, and I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your week. 

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Is Social Media Unrealistic?

Do you guys remember last week when I told you that i wanted to write a somewhat personal post, well here it is. I really want to talk about why social media seems so unrealistic at times, and I really want to talk about showing off your real success. I have to say I'm addicted to social media, I will be in school scrolling, and watching everyone's stories. It's really fun to see all of the content, and sometimes see an inspirational quote here or there. I will say through that with me being a blogger I follow a lot of other bloggers, and I feel like some people just seem like they are perfect. I will scroll through my feed, and see beautiful fashion bloggers, models, and amazing travel bloggers. All of the people I follow inspire me but sometimes I have to wonder if they are making some sort of an impact on me as an individual.

I do really feel inspired when I see their photos, but then an element of me is like, "these people's lives seem like an unreachable dream". I mean who gets paid to travel around the world, that is just incredible. Many people end up working ordinary 9-5 jobs, some jobs they may not like, but yet there is people out here living their dream being a full time influencer. I really want to be a full time fashion blogger, but i feel like it is so unreachable. I know that in my lifetime I want to be an entrepreneur, but it feels so far away. I am working an ordinary high school job at a fast food joint, and while I enjoy my job, I want to be a #girlboss and be a full time fashion blogger, and live my dream. Being a full time fashion blogger would be amazing because i could inspire many people from around the world, all while having fun showing off my style. It just love inspiring others, and I already inspire people, and to me that is amazing. I receive direct messages, and comments all the time that are so sweet, and supportive, and it just motivates me so much. Also if you're wondering what my life plan is as of now, I am going to college to be on the safe side, and then I will find a job that correlates with my degree. I will always continue blogging through, and if I could go full time with it, I would for sure. It is a part time thing for sure because I do work with brands, and get paid, and that is great. I do always try to work with brands who correlate with my blog style, that way you guys get things shown to you that are interesting. Right now I am working with two hair companies, and a clothing company, and I'm so excited to share all of that content soon!

Now to discuss social media, I feel like it is totally unrealistic. We only share the best of the best of our content, and I even do this. I feel like we are all competing for social acceptance, and we all want to showcase this perfect life, but the truth is that nothing is perfect. What I notice a lot with big fashion bloggers is that they will flaunt their expensive wardrobe, travel around the world, and eat killer food. All while they do this, they will document it all through pretty images, and you have to wonder how they achieve all that. They may look successful, and amazing, but inside they could be miserable, and very materialistic. I'm not saying this about all big fashion bloggers, but I'm trying to tell you guys that their lives are not perfect, and you should know that sometimes it's a false allusion. You can have all the expensive clothes in the world, or the biggest house, but you may be miserable. Money will never buy happiness, or success. Real success is healthiness, happiness, relationships, and being fully content with your life. We should all document real success more because it's important. Show who you are naturally, and just let it radiate from you. Let your real success show, show how happy, and healthy you are, and really encourage others to do the same thing.

I love being a fashion blogger because I really enjoy inspiring, and encouraging others to be their best selves. In no way is my life perfect, and i want you guys to know that. We are only human, and we all have our little imperfections, and we should embrace them. Now I encourage all of you guys to show who you really are on social media, and to not be afraid to be yourself. I'm very thankful that I have this platform to express myself, and inspire all of you guys. Thanks so much for following along, and I challenge all of you guys to be natural, and show your real success. I hope all of you have a good rest of your week, and I will see you guys next week with another post.

Pairing White With Pink

There is no doubt that i love the color combination of pink, and white, and i recently put together this outfit, and i am in love. This outfit is so cute for a casual day out with friends, or even just visiting a lake or something. I love pink and white together, it's a really cute color combo for spring, and summer because it really creates a fresh look. 

I am totally loving this boho kind of shirt. The sleeve details are so cute! This shirt is see through so you could use it as a beach cover-up, or just wear it with an undershirt if you're going to be wearing it as a regular top. I also want to tell you guys that I am off of spring break, and it feels so busy now. My spring break was fun, and i also worked a lot. I was very bored too because i had so much free time, i defiantly am suited for a busy lifestyle, so it's good to be back.

Outfit details: My top is from Target, my sunglasses are from Amazon, my shoes are from Kate Spade, my shorts are from Target, and my earrings are from Rose Gal. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the look, and i will see you guys next week with another post. I really want to do a long personal post next week about something but i don't know what i want to write about yet. If you guys have any ideas you can comment below or reach out to me through Instagram. I just want to spread some positive vibes in the next post!! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week, and thanks for tuning in.

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