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Snow Days(Sort of)

Yes I know that it does not look like it was snowing, but I swear it was a tiny bit, it just was not sticking to the ground. So I totally epic failed on snow pictures but these photos look cozy, and good for a rainy day. 

It snowed over the weekend in my area, and it made me in such a cozy Christmas mood. I was actually at my best friend Gabby's house when it was snowing. We attempted to take snow photos but obviously there is no snow in the photos, but the photos are still cute. Gabby is going to Argentina for three weeks so I came over to hangout before she leaves. I'm going to miss hanging out with her, but I can hangout with my other friends too while she's gone. 

To talk about the outfit, I am wearing Gabby's jacket because mine was not heavy enough to wear in the freezing cold. Her jacket is so cute, and I love the fur at the top of it. Pretty much this is an all black look. Usually I wear lighter colors, and when it snowed I guess I was feeling the black becaus…
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Christmas Room Tour

Hey guy's welcome back to another post in my "At Home With Sugarcoatedbears" series. Today I'll be showing you how I decorated my room for Christmas. This year I decided to go with a girly/sparkly theme. Last year I did a pretty traditional Christmas theme. You can see last years Christmas room tour here. If you look back to my room last year it looks very different from this year. This year i inherited a queen bed from my Grandma, and Grandma if you're reading this thanks so much again for the bed. I also have moved my bookcase and my side table in my closet for more space.

So in the past year my room has went through a lot of changes. I love how it all turned out. Decorating for Christmas is always so fun. It is my favorite holiday, and making my room look really cute for Christmas is always fun. Also here is an overview of my room. 

I have a magazine bin right next to my DIY nightstand. It holds all of my magazines. I get a lot of fashion magazines sent to me…

Can't Get enough of Camel Jackets!!

Hey guy's I'm back with another post. Today's look is the kind of outfit that would be good on a nice hike, or hanging out outside. It has an outdoorsy kind of vibe to it which I really like, and the jacket ties the whole look together. 

The outfit looks casual but then I throw in a little pop of dressiness with the shoes. The shoes look dressy but they aren't dressy enough to not walk around in. The little buckles on the jacket are what I think create the outdoorsy kind of vibe. The buckles or straps or whatever they are called are wooden, and it adds a rustic vibe to the whole look. This would be a good outfit if you were going to the mountains, or if you were visiting a park. I don't know why I didn't think to wear this outfit when I was in Brevard. You can read more about Brevard Here

Guy's I have also been sporting the messy bun a lot more. Now that my hair is long enough to put it up I almost always wear my hair up. I mostly wear it in a ponytail but…

Florals in December

Welcome back to another blog post. Y'all I can't believe it's December!! This year went by so fast I can't believe it. Today I'll be sharing a somewhat formal look that is easy to wear for dressier events. I've been wearing short sleeves in December, and I'm loving it. The weather is cold, but not super unbearable so I'm wearing some cute summery clothing. This outfit looks fallish just because of the pants, so at least I'm dressing a little bit to the season. 

I love how everything matches in this outfit pretty much. The pinks all look great together, and guys I'm such a sucker for pink. It is my favorite color, and I used to not have a favorite color actually but recently I've been loving pink. 

If you guys saw my last post you would know that I'm experimenting with different angles. I really like the side angle when wearing heels because it emphasizes my height, and being a short person looking taller is always a plus. If you guys di…

The Camel Jacket

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post. Today's look will be a casual outfit that is perfect for a fall day out. 

I took these photos while I was hanging out with my beloved friend Gabby. I swear she's the bestest friend I've ever had. I'm very thankful for her, and our friendship. But to talk about the outfit I am wearing my mom's jacket(hence why it looks a tad big on me), some casual jeans, and again with my white Dansko's that I practically live in. We were walking around a neighborhood right near my house, and we actually saw a baby snake, and it was fun to see it barely crawling because it's so tiny. It wasn't harmful or anything through so we were good. 

I'm giving a serious face in this picture. I've been experimenting with different poses, and facial expressions lately for my blog. I think I have gotten some good pictures from trying to do some different poses. I'm pretty thrilled with changing things up a bit, and I'm th…

Black Friday Deals: His and Her Holiday Gift Guide

Hey guy's I'm back with another blog post. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Today I'll be sharing a his and her gift guide. All of the items listed are at least 30% off or higher on black Friday special. 
Shop Items

1)Steve Madden Belted Waffle Woven Coat(40% off)
You can never go wrong with a winter coat. The colder weather is starting to kick in, and everyone could use a nice coat. I wear the same one practically everyday, but having different styles or variety can always be fun. Coats also have different kinds of heaviness, so when choosing a coat you should consider what climate you live in, and how much warmth you'll need. 
2)Kate Spade Pearl Monkey Keychain(40% off) Guys Kate Spade is having some amazing sales for black friday!! I'm so excited because Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers, and this monkey keychain is so cute! Keychains are always a nice addition to add to bags to add a little bit of style to the bag, and to spice things up.


Penguins are pretty cute.

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post. Today I'll be sharing a look that is inspired by penguins. Also guys Thanksgiving is on Thursday!! I'm so excited. Every year my family makes a turkey, with mashed potatoes, bread, and some gravy. It literally tastes so good. The stuffing is the best part with gravy all over it, but anyways enough about food let's get into the look. 

I love tons of pink in an outfit so I'm wearing my pink pants, and my pink sunnies to tie in the pink. To make it have a little more of a girly vibe I added the penguin shirt, and my beloved white Danskos. This outfit would be good if you're going somewhere casual like for example the mall, or to  hang out with friends. Somewhere that's not too casual or not too dressy. 

By the way guys if you're wondering why you're seeing all these warmer weather looks in November it's because it has not gotten that cold where I live. It's not short sleeves weather but's also not …