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Penguins are pretty cute.

Hey guys I'm back with another blog post. Today I'll be sharing a look that is inspired by penguins. Also guys Thanksgiving is on Thursday!! I'm so excited. Every year my family makes a turkey, with mashed potatoes, bread, and some gravy. It literally tastes so good. The stuffing is the best part with gravy all over it, but anyways enough about food let's get into the look. 

I love tons of pink in an outfit so I'm wearing my pink pants, and my pink sunnies to tie in the pink. To make it have a little more of a girly vibe I added the penguin shirt, and my beloved white Danskos. This outfit would be good if you're going somewhere casual like for example the mall, or to  hang out with friends. Somewhere that's not too casual or not too dressy. 

By the way guys if you're wondering why you're seeing all these warmer weather looks in November it's because it has not gotten that cold where I live. It's not short sleeves weather but's also not …
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Styling Jewelry For The Fall

Hello everyone! Today I'm teaming up with AUrate to show you some ways that you can style jewelry for the fall. This is also not sponsored but they wanted me to be apart of their fall project and I was like yes!! But anyways It can sometimes be hard to style jewelry in the colder months because of all the layering that takes place, but you can still look cute if you style it right. I'll be sharing two looks I put together that keep me warm during the colder season, and look great styled with jewelry. 

The first look is a casual look that has a little bit of a fun element because of the tassel earrings, and the bird pattern on the top. It would be an outfit that you would wear on a day out running errands, or going out to eat with your friends. To tie in the jewelry I wore a rectangle necklace with my name engraved on it, I wore the tassel earrings which add a fun pop of color and texture to the outfit, and lastly I wore a simple bracelet to tie the whole look together.


The Glass Slipper

Hey guy's I'm back with another post. Today I'll be sharing a look that is inspired by Cinderella (hence the top), and yes I know it's November but shirt sleeve tops are always a must. So let's get into it!

This is an easy casual outfit that is pretty easy to throw on and be out the door. You know what's funny is when I was taking these pictures I was actually in a mall with my friends, and I saw a white wall, and I was like photo shoot time!! Like does anyone else appreciate a nice looking wall for Instagram photos or is that just me? There was also a couple people walking by who saw the photo shoot, and where I live there is no bloggers that I know of so people were probably like "why on earth is this girl posing up against a white wall". But the photos turned out good so hey!!

While writing this I have realized that I wear my Dansko shoes a lot. I feel like they are in every outfit post but they are just so cute, and comfy. So there is my excuse f…

A Morning Hike at Falls Lake

Happy Veterans day guys! I thought I would show you some pictures that I took at falls lake a couple weekends ago. Early November is the peak of the fall colors where I live so we wanted to visit falls lake because of the fall colors, and it looked so stunning. By the way if these photos are a little blurry on my face that's just because it was shady there.

We hiked down a trail that leads to a nice little lake spot. It's a really good place to visit if you live in NC because there is lots of hiking trails, fishing areas, and camping in some areas. My dog was really excited to visit falls lake, and she was so hyper when we took her there! But it was really fun. 

I really loved this photo because it really captures the lake well and it looks really cool. 

As you can see the fall colors just look incredible. This was a closeup shot of the woods, and I just love the tall pine trees mixed in with the beautiful colors. Also It's getting closer to Christmas so in the next coupl…

Instagram vs. Reality

Instagram. It all seems perfect when really it's not. Being a blogger you're almost expected to have a perfectly curated feed, and have all of your photos look high quality, but there can be a certain point where it's like this is not how my life actually looks. During the weekdays I spend most of my day in school with a messy bun, and some stylish outfit, but not as stylish as what people may see on my blog or Instagram. I don't always look super fantastic, and I have bad days every now and then, I mean we all do. But even on those bad days a lot of bloggers and influencers still act perfect on Instagram because we are expected to always be happy, and in a good mood. Me personally when I'm having a bad day I talk about it on my story, and I get so much support from everyone which always feels great. But I don't have bad days that much, but when I do everyone usually makes me feel better about it. To talk about big accounts, it's almost a thing that can be…

The Pink Dress

Hey guys welcome back to another post on the blog! Today I'll be sharing a look that I wore to my high school homecoming. I love the color pink, and in this look I am literally covered head to toe in pink. Me and Gabby also shot this look at a green way that is near my house, and the green way is really nice. Our town actually put in a new section of the green way, and the new section was where we shot these pictures. I think they turned out great for having it be late afternoon kind of lightning. 

I am just in love with this pink dress. It almost has polka dots on the dress but not polka dots at the same time. The little dots are circle/diamond shaped, but anyways I love how I tied in the silver on the dress with the pink, it creates a really stunning look. What dresses up this look a lot is the heels, and my sparkly bracelet. Speaking of the heels, it turns out that on the way to taking these pictures the straps of the heels fell off on our walk. Yes I said a walk, and yes I wa…

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! What is everyone doing for Halloween? I'm going trick or treating despite my age, I mean hey who does not love free candy?! So today I thought I would share my Halloween costume with everyone. So i decided to be a leopard because I like leopards, and it was just kind of a last minute thing. Also if you notice my face looking weird in these pictures it was because it was super bright outside and I had to squint. So excuse the weird looking face.

You know what was funny about this dress was that when it came in the mail my mom was like "are you sure this isn't a nightgown"? She thought it was a nightgown because of the material of it, and I was like nope it's a dress. But hey this could be a night gown if you wanted it to be but I feel like it would wrinkle easily because it's silky material. 

To talk about Halloween, I'm so excited for trick or treating because I love getting lots of candy! I would have to say Swedish fish, kit k…